Esqido Lashes Review

I was kindly gifted some mink eyelashes and lash glue from Esqido to review. I was initially excited to try them because I've always wanted to get lash extensions, but just too afraid to ruin my natural ones and they're certainly not cheap. So when I got to pick some from Esqido, I opted for a natural looking pair that could mimic the look I wanted with extensions - and still get to maintain my natural lashes. 

Keep in mind, I haven't worn false eyelashes since my high school senior ball. I'm not the best at applying them, it takes some time, and I'm honestly shocked I got them to cooperate for this post. This review will simply share my experience with them and how I thought they looked on me. I'm in no way shape or form saying I'm an expert on lashes! 

The pair I chose are called 'Starlet', which are described as:
"Get that glamorous starlet look with this pair of clustered and wispy mink lashes. Short yet voluminous, this lash is designed to provide enough volume at a shorter length to accentuate your eyes without looking too long. Suitable even for smaller eyes. The ends are also winged out to give a beautiful “lifted” effect to your eyes."

B  E  F  O  R  E

The description is spot on in regards to being the perfect length but still voluminous. For my eye shape I ended up trimming the edges on each side so they fit better. 
I was SO pleasantly surprised with the eyelash glue, this part is usually my downfall in applying them. It was so easy to apply, not sticky or goopy like other ones I've used. I also felt it dried really quickly which is great for anyone who uses lashes everyday. 

I didn't apply any eyeshadow or liner when I applied the lashes because I wanted to see the full effect of them (and I typically don't wear any day to day). What I wasn't expecting was to see just how thick and bold the lash band was - which is great for some drama but like I said I don't wear eyeliner everyday for that reason. The band was thick and stiff too, I tried bending it and working around with it but maybe it'll relax with more uses. 

After they were all situated on my eye, they felt super heavy and uncomfortable, but I think that's cause I'm just not used to having false eyelashes. But upon looking at them in the mirror, they looked so natural and gave me the perfect amount of length! I applied a little bit of mascara just to blend my natural lashes with the false ones. 

A  F  T  E  R

My overall verdict was that the lashes were really great quality, sturdy, and suitable to get a lot of use out of them. I absolutely loved how easy and efficient the lash glue was, I highly recommend it. For someone like me, I don't take that extra time everyday to apply lashes, so I wasn't used to the feeling of them. I wish this particular lash band wasn't so thick and visible, but for days when I do chose to wear eyeliner it'll make it a lot easier to achieve that dramatic look. 

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