Daily Makeup Routine

When's the last time I shared some makeup on the blog? I find I only feel the need to share new products, rather than what I actually use day in and day out. Today I'm sharing the products I've used for months/years and I constantly grab when I have to quickly put on a face - class, work, etc. These are the items I use because I know they'll work and last all day.


I always start my routine with my Nivea Shave Balm - I know it's a men's product, but the amount of glycerin in it makes it an excellent primer. After that I use my Beauty Blender to blend in my favorite drugstore foundation, L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte (I'm shade 102 for reference).

After blending in my foundation I assess my skin and if I need more coverage, I'll use Glossier's Stretch concealer in Medium. I use a concealer brush initially, then blend it with my Beauty Blender.

I set my face with Airspun powder from Coty, then go in with my Sephora Bronzer in Los Cabos to bring more color into my face (I've used this since high school!). I've been obsessed with the Tarte blush in Party (came in the Sephora birthday gift this year) so I use that on the apples of my cheeks. After all this, I use a clean fluffy brush and blend it all in to make sure there's no harsh lines. Depending on the occasion, I'll then go in with Becca highlight in Champagne Pop. I put this on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, brow bone, and cupid's bow.
After finishing my face, I spritz any setting spray I have (currently using the Rosewater + Glycerin spray).


I start with my eyebrows buy brushing them with a spooly brush and using the Anastasia Brow Definer in Medium Brown. I like this pencil because it's really thick but tapered, and I don't necessarily need a ton of filling in, so this makes it super fast and easy. I blend the product through my brows then go in with Anastasia Clear Brow gel. If I don't even want to fill in my brows, I use the Glossier Boy Brow in Brown for some definition and color.

Day to day I typically don't apply eyeshadow or eyeliner, unless I truly have enough time and want to make the extra effort. But everyday I use two mascaras - one voluminous and one waterproof. My favorite mascara currently is the Lash Paradise by L'Oreal (amazing dupe for the Better Than Sex one by Too Faced). For waterproof mascara, I don't have a preference, I just use whatever I have. This one is the Maybelline Falsies. I use waterproof over top of my normal mascara because I usually get a bad case of panda eyes by the end of the day if I don't.


Everyday I always use a chapstick if I have time or not, because having hydrated lips is a must. This Blistex chapstick is my favorite and lasts a long time (I have one in pretty much every bag I use). For some added jazz, I'll wear the Glam Glow lip plumper. To look less washed out, I like to add a lip liner to define my lips, then I blend it in to make it look natural. I love this Chanel one in 34 Natural, and my mom just handed-me-down this M.A.C. Spice one, but if liner is too much work I dab a little of this Revlon lipstick in Fig Jam and blend it in with my finger. I find adding just a touch of natural color makes me look less dead :-)

What're your favorite everyday makeup products? 

What's On My Vanity?

Hi friends! Not going to address my blog absence - school consumed me. Now I'm home for the holidays (six whole weeks!) with much more free time along with a lot more vanity space. When I'm home I love to display all my products (inspo from #ITGTopShelfie) and I found that my Shelfie blog post is one of my most viewed posts in the history of The Gold Dime, so here we are today. I also get sooooo many questions on The Ordinary products, so this is a great way to address all your concerns. (Also have some other posts on them here and here, I suggest reading them for more info on the company and my other suggestions.)

First things first, don't let this array of makeup brushes fool you. I don't necessarily use all of them - this is where I keep my excess ones while I'm at school, but when I'm home I just stick the ones I use day to day in here as well. The container they are in is from Target and is actually meant for toothbrushes and I just flipped it around.
Also keep in mind I brought quite literally everything I own skincare wise home since I'm home for so long - if it was a weekend trip I'd bring like two products that address however my skin is that day.

The products you see are a mix from skincare, hair products, lotions, etc. Starting from left to right, I have them in no particular order other than just being able to see everything. If you're interested in any products, click the headings to learn more, as I simply just give you a mini review of each one.

I love using this after I style my hair on the ends if they're looking a little dry. It easily absorbs and doesn't make your hands/hair too greasy.

I'm obsessed with this for making my hair look extra tousled and beachy. After straightening my hair I add this and really mess it all up for the perfect bedhead look. 

I got this lil' baby as a 100 point perk at Sephora. I'm a huge fan of the Moisture Surge lotion so that's why I tried this. It doesn't have a scent and really makes you feel hydrated. Great for when you don't have a ton of time to do your skincare routine - spray this and go.

If you've been following me for a while you know this is my holy grail. I use it after I do face masks, before I apply moisturizer, under my makeup, over my makeup to set it. It's just perfect and has the slightest hint of rose scent.

One of my most used Ordinary products along with the Salicylic Acid. I apply this before moisturizer when my skin feels a bit dehydrated.

I use this pretty much everyday if I'm breaking out or not. I find that my skin has been so much easier to maintain breakout wise while I use this in my routine. 

Sleepless nights cannot be detected when I use this. I use the dropper to basically massage the product into my under eyes and browbone. It doesn't have immediate results, but it diminishes the look of dark circle, puffiness and tired eyes. And it feels super relaxing and energizing when you apply it.

Dear God I don't know how I lived without this before. I don't use it everyday, simply because I get too tired/lazy sometimes. When I do use this, I use it when I know my skin is extra dry and flakey or I just want my skin to look a bit more radiant. I either use two drops of it alone as moisturizer or I mix it in with my other moisturizers. I used this once under my makeup and my foundation glided on and looked incredible - bye bye cake face.

Okay so this product actually really freaks me out, but when I do use it I'm obsessed with the results. This isn't a product I recommend to everyone, just because it's incredibly harsh if you've never done face peels and your skin might not love it. I've gotten facials before and I used to use this Goldfaden one pretty regularly so when I heard about this Ordinary one I figured my skin would be tough enough for it. The first time I tried it it stung so beyond badly that I had to wash it off after a minute (it says to do ten!). Even with one minute, I noticed my skin was super smooth and supple, so I kept the product in hopes I'd learn to like it. I trained my skin and eventually I did it for two minutes, three minutes, etc. I'm only up to doing five minutes now, but I really love the results. I do this peel about once every two weeks just to resurface and get rid of dead skin cells.

If you read my other posts about the Ordinary you know that this product initially dried me out a lot. Now I use it when I'm not breaking out and simply have some hyper pigmentation in my skin (aka acne scarring). I use it one to two times a week just to brighten up my skin. I make sure to hydrate a ton too!

My aunt Kimmy used this and I fell in love with it. Little did I know it's basically $60 if you don't have a Proactiv membership (thanks a lot Kimmy!). I love this because it has a little bit of salicylic acid in it, so I use this moisturizer when I'm really breaking out and need all the help I can get.

This is my day to day moisturizer that I use under makeup and sometimes at night. It's really light weight, makes your skin glowy, dewy, and smooth. When I don't wear makeup I still wear this because of how great it makes your natural skin look. (Use my Glossier code here.)

Korean Skincare Samples from It's Skin
I stocked up on Tony Moly masks in Koreatown a few weeks ago and was given some samples. Not much to say about these (because most of it is in a different language/haven't used some yet), but I'm really enjoying the collagen one. I feel it makes my skin tone even and hydrated. 

I've been loving keeping my nails long lately, I find my tiny hands look better that way lol. To make sure they don't break off and to maintain their length I use this guy before and after my colored polish and day to day if I remember to.

My current favorite color and what's been on my nails the past few weeks.

I love this lil' guy when I have a giant pimple. I use it at night (unfortunately it kinda smells like nail polish remover?) and by morning the blemish has significantly decreased or it's gone.

My all time favorite hydrating mask! I use this primarily at night - after I've done the peel I mentioned earlier or I do any other harsh treatments. Sometimes I wash it off or I just leave it on as if it was a thick moisturizer.

My current lotion in rotation. Smells like margaritas.

If I have a ton of fly aways this is what I use to smooth it all out, or just to add more texture to my hair.

I brought this for size purposes for travel, it's not my favorite, but the foam is a cool concept. I find it doesn't soak up my oils as much as other dry shampoos. But it certainly gives a TON of volume to your roots.

I like to keep some things hidden behind here or just items I don't need at an easy reach.

Giant Hand Sanitizer
I've always had one on my desk since I started wearing makeup!

I use this to get rid of any left over stubborn eye makeup that may not have come off from washing my face. Gets the job done, nothing more to say.

Old Spice Deodorant
Men's because it's stronger. And cheaper.

This is my favorite dry shampoo simply because it's really inexpensive compared to other dry shampoos and gets the job done without spraying half the can. The smell is way too strong though, but they have an unscented version (it's just really hard to find in stores!). I feel like I just washed my hair with this.

Redken Wax Blast
I use this as my 'hairspray' if you will. It smells like a hot man and gives your hair some oomph and texture (if you can't tell by now I love the look of extra messy, essentially dirty looking hair)

This is great when my hair is looking really flat or if I've done waves in my hair. It provides a ton of volume and texture without feeling like you have a ton of product in your hair.

Gotta see somehow. I use dailies.

Various sheet masks from Tony Moly and KNC Beauty
These are some of the most effective sheet masks I've used! I have a bunch of different ones here but I love the Tony Moly skin purifying and radiance one. My super sweet roommate Cynthia got me the lip mask for Christmas and I'm excited so to try it.

I get majority of my makeup brushes from E.L.F., Real Techniques, and Coastal Scents. I recommend the Coastal Scents set for anyone who wants quality brushes for cheap.


Feel free to ask me any questions about the products!xoxo.