Summer in Photos: June

This summer I allotted time for myself to be more creative, spend more time creating content, and exploring the city while working and taking some classes. June was certainly still packed with school work for me, but as the month is dwindling down I'm finding a lot more time for my blog.
I've wanted to create posts like this for a while, but of course, time gets away from me and I barely have time to look at the world through a creative/inspirational lens. I want these posts to be some of my favorite snapshots from the month - fashion and just plain 'artsy' photos. Most I take on my Snapchat/Instagram, but there are always a few I take on my camera that never make the cut. I am by no means claiming to be a photographer, just some pics filling up my camera roll.

Pink sunset after a thunderstorm.

Drafting a soon to be blog post in my journal.

Outtake from one of my fashion posts this month.

Particularly obsessed with my little window sill this summer due to all my plants (and I can't deny my love for a good sunset).

I was in love with my Belmont look. Dress was vintage, or I'd link it!

All my paychecks go towards happy hour. This was Seamore's on 18th.

Mike was convincing me that he's a good photographer (and I didn't want to admit he was right).

New places I love:

230 5th Rooftop - To get your NYC rooftop bar fix, crowded even during the week but still fun.
Variety Coffee Roasters in Chelsea - Almond milk isn't extra, everything is marble, and great for doing homework (if you can find a seat!)
Fonda - Was not a margarita lover until I went here.
Seamore's - Best sweet potato fries I've had in NYC.

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