Sneaker Collection

If I was asked 'heels or flats?' I'd end up saying sneakers. Certainly, heels are great for certain occasions (I'd still probably opt for a cute kitten heel), but day-to-day I love throwing on some sneakers. Grocery shopping? Sneaks. Going to work? Sneakers. Meeting friends for brunch? Yep.
Okay so clearly I made my point, but today I wanted to share my go-to kicks and why I love them.

These got huge on Instagram (now I'm eyeing the red ones!) where I first saw them and decided they were a must. The next reason I got them was because I can wear them to work, which is a huge deal.
Personally, I had to endure breaking these in. I got many blisters, but suffered through and now these are the comfiest things. I love these because you can just slip them on (obviously) and they complete the simplest looks. I often wear these with a plain tank, jeans/shorts, and I'm good to go.  

I have wanted these since Summer 2016. I honestly kept putting off buying them, and just never ended up getting them. I of course forgot about them come winter, then saw them again on the Superga instagram back in May and re-fell-in-love. 
These were hard to adjust to just in terms of the larger heel (and being 5'4, I really tell a difference in the height). I wore these to Belmont and my feet did end up hurting (we were there all day so I expected it) but usually these don't hurt. They also don't need to be broken in!
See how I styled them here.

These bad boys have been with me through everything. These are the sneakers that started my love for them. Ever since I read that Leandra Medine did a collab with Superga, I had to have a pair. Michael got these for my 20th birthday, and even he started to say I wear them too much. I love how European these make me feel and they get comfier the more you wear them. They look great with any kind of jean - skinny, bootleg, etc. and even look great in skirts. I sized a half size down.

I went through a 'skater'/'emo'/'only wear black' phase in the Winter. I chopped my hair, got bangs, and dyed my hair. I bought only graphic tees and jeans. I was going through a bit of a tomboy phase (I still am if we're being honest) and these sneaks completed the look during that time. I love these with a more boyfriend fit or cropped denim. I call these my 'Winter sneakers' literally because my ankles don't get chilly and snow/slush doesn't seep into them. These didn't have to be broken in, but I do recommend sizing a half size down.
See how I style them here and here.

I'm going to be completely honest about my Stan Smith's. I only got them because everyone at FIT had them, and I felt left out. I got them, wore them a bit, and sort of forgot about them; but every so often I remember them and pull them back out. These are great sneakers to wear with dresses and skirts because of how flattering their cut is on your ankle. For me, these did give me blisters when I first got them, but only for the first few wears. I recommend sizing a whole size down.. I had to keep exchanging mine because I was told they were true to size (not really the case).
See how I styled them here.

Thanks for everyone on Snapchat (@shelbyshowell) who thought I was creating a sneaker line with the post, it was a great compliment ;-)

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