June Playlist

HAPPY MONDAY. I swear all I ever have time for lately is a quick playlist post, and for that I apologize, because I know not everyone looks forward to these posts. This past week I finished up a summer class (in two weeks rather than five, so yes I was incredibly busy), so I finally have some more time to breathe and focus on The Gold Dime - aka more than just playlist posts! I have lots of ideas I want to share, most city related, since I am here for the summer. 

Anyway, onto what this post is really about - music I've been obsessed with all month. This month's 'theme' is certainly a lot of less main stream artists (give or take). I recently rediscovered my love for Glass Animals and I'm not gonna lie some songs I actually Shazamed while watching Shameless (I just finished season 6!). 

What're you listening to this month? Excited for any new releases?

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  1. I actually really appreciate posts like these because I always love finding out what other people are listening to and discovering new artists. :)

    Glad to see Imagine Dragons made your playlist - they're very creative!

    Tendril Wild