Friday Faves 6.23

It has been a MINUTE since I've done a Friday Faves, so I assume you think there's a lot to talk about, but not really the case. I'm trying some new products this week and want to test them out a bit more before I claim to love them, so look out for those next week :-)

O U A I   M I N I   P R O D U C T S

I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday and wanted to use it to try a bunch of new goodies, so basically I just got a few of the little kits you can find in the checkout line. This set caught my eye because of the rose hair + body oil (which is relatively new) and I've been using argan oil in my hair recently so I wanted to try it. I'm not disappointed in it at all, but my bottle keeps leaking! Other than that, I love rose scented anything and this is really subtle and fresh. I use one pump, rub it in my hands then through the ends of my hair, and whatever is left I'll rub into my hands and elbows. 
As for the finishing creme, it's amazing for after straightening my hair. It tames my fly aways and really keeps it looking smooth. Now the dry shampoo foam was my most highly anticipated item in the set, simply because how on Earth could that be a thing? I was expecting my hair to be crunchy after using it, but I looked like I just got a blow out instead. I'm someone who likes to use dry shampoo at night in order to get my hair texturized and create volume by morning, but with this it's better to use right before you head out the door.

S U P  E R    G L O W   S E R U M

If you watched my Friday Faves video back in April, I spoke about the Super Pure serum from Glossier. I liked it, but wanted to try another one when it ran out. I decided on the Super Glow because I have lots of scarring and wanted to brighten my skin. I am SO much more impressed with this serum - I noticed radiance in my skin the day after first using it (I only use it at night!). I only need one drop and it covers my whole face, but I mainly focus on my problem spots. I've also been doing a different method of applying it - I put the drop in my hand, rub it to warm it up, then press it into my skin, not rub! I find it absorbs better and I also learned that's the correct way to apply it, who knew?
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P A D D Y W A X   L A V E N D E R +  T H Y M E

Not much to say about this since you can't smell it, but just wanted to mention this candle I got as a birthday gift from Jess. This was the first I heard of Paddywax candles, and I'm so impressed by how potent it is! Also how cute is the jar, definitely reusing it once it's completely burned.

M A D E W E L L   D E N I M 

Madewell jeans!!! I cannot believe how oblivious I was to their denim. It's no surprise I was a J.Crew junkie for a while (literally all my denim is from Crew if it's not Levi's). I'm not sure if I mentioned it anywhere on social media, but I am working at Madewell this summer while I'm in the city :-) So of course, I had to get a few pairs of their denim, which they are known for. You've seen the Perfect Summer Jeans here and here, but I just got a new pair of black skinnies as well. What I love about their denim is they are SO flattering and also really comfortable. The black skinny jeans are also created not to fade as quickly as other black jeans, so I figured they were a great addition to my closet.

Usually I don't like mentioning products that are unavailable, but how great is this old J.Crew canvas tote? These were some of the first items I got from J.Crew (back in ninth grade!) and I just found this one while I was moving into my summer room. I love how simplistic it is, but also the pop of color in the stitching. Here is the closest tote I could find that I know will be the same quality.

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