My Tattoo + Life Update

I try to keep my personal life out of my blog, give or take some personal experiences I turn into posts, since I see this as a platform to show my outfits and my love of fashion and beauty. In all honesty, I have been so far disconnected from my site and I'm using this as a way to describe why. I still adore my blog, the opportunities it has given me, and more importantly the support and love I get from those who read it. The Gold Dime isn't going anywhere. I didn't necessarily mean to put it on the back burner, but it is, seeing as I really haven't had any valuable content since January. 

The day after I got home for Christmas break, my aunt passed away from cancer. That alone is really tragic, but she was my best friend, my second mother, and the cool aunt. I slept at her house more than my own when I go home. When she rescued a dog last summer, she was considered my dog too (the pup that's always on my Snapchat!). I tell her all the things my mother would probably punish me for, and she would laugh and compare similar things from when she was my age. She handed me my diploma at my high school graduation, went on my class trip to Montreal, and chaperoned my senior ball simply because she wanted to "make beautiful memories" with me. That's just how she was. The conversations I had with her about life not only changed my entire outlook on the world, but it changed how I experience life on a day to day basis. She traveled and lived around the world on her own, left to seek more, and fulfilled all her wildest dreams before settling down and starting a family around the age of 40. Most importantly, seeing the relationship between her, my mother, and my grandmother has always made me so beyond thankful to have such amazing women in my life. When she was first diagnosed I never once saw anyone so positive about such a gloomy situation. Not a day went by where she didn't think she'd beat it. Yet the day I came home, I was at her bed side wondering how this could happen to someone who lived such a full life. To say I was absolutely devastated when she passed, is an understatement. I'm still grieving as if I just lost her, and I don't think I'll ever really grasp the fact I have to go through life without her.

So breaking off that, I've been so distant from everything my life was before she passed. I found myself getting mad at everyone around me and turning down plans. I had more motivation, more interest, etc. I'm not the kind of person to play pity party, but I feel a lot of weight lifting off my shoulders writing this post and explaining where I've been.

Moving on to my tattoo, it is my aunt Kimmy's signature that I cut out of one of her photo albums from when she lived in Paris. She signed all of her travel photo albums with a quote relating to wherever she was in the world (see what I mean? She was just the coolest). She lived life to the absolute fullest, even when she was battling cancer, and I aspire to pack as much experience into my life as she did. Even if someone told her no, she still persisted and had the drive to do more. Having her signature in clear sight everyday reminds me to do so too.

For the whereabouts, I got my tattoo at West 4 Tattoo in the Lower West Side of Manhattan. I was originally always a fan of West 4, because I love how simple and delicate each artist's tattoo style is. I also was attracted to West 4 because of JonBoy, he pretty much tattoos all the celebs. For my tattoo I obviously wanted my aunt's signature, but I wanted it to be really petite and thin. West 4 specializes in fine line tattooing, so it was a perfect fit, among other things. I was tattooed by JK, the apprentice of Evan. I absolutely loved her and I appreciated how patient and friendly she was especially because I have never walked into a tattoo shop before that day. She didn't rush me into it either; I was very particular on how big I wanted the signature and I kept making her realign it so it looked straight. Everyone seems to ask me about the pain, especially since it was on my forearm. I can describe the pain as stinging, but tolerable. She did one pass which didn't hurt at all, then she went for a second pass and that is when the stinging started to begin. All in all, it was very tolerable and only took about 10 minutes in the chair. JK was so sweet and I love how she posts each 'story' of the tattoos she does on her Instagram. I HIGHLY recommend West 4 if you're in the city or visiting; it was so clean, everyone was so friendly, and obviously their work is really highly sought out. As for the appointment, I made mine at the beginning of March (they only do appointments over email) and my appointment ended up being March 27. If you're in the city, plan ahead if you want an appointment with any of the artists. They have walk-ins, but they fill up.

So on top of losing my aunt, I'm gearing up for my senior year of college; which for me, is actually going to be cramming a two year degree into one year (I'm dedicated to graduating on time). Knowing that I will have to take summer classes and 7 classes each semester, I've pretty much opted to enjoy every minute of free time I have until I don't have it anymore. I certainly love school, but the workload is clearly pretty hefty. Basically I'm just trying to enjoy my schedule this semester before I pretty much have zero time to breathe next Fall.

So after explaining that, I feel like I can get past ignoring my blog responsibilities. Everyday I push myself to be a bit more productive and motivated than the day before, but each day is a step. Summer is coming fast and I'm not exactly sure yet if I'll be spending it back home or continuing to stay in the city for school and/or interning. Regardless, I plan to get my blog back to the status it used to be. I appreciate everyone who still takes a peek at my posts, and comments on what I have to preach about on here. Thank you for stickin' around. 

If you have any questions regarding my tattoo process... don't hesitate to ask!

F O L L O W   M E

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