Friday Faves 2.17

I feel like I haven't typed up a blog post in years. Last week was absolutely crazy for me, seeing as I had to work and go to school, but also attend fashion week and leave for the weekend. I survived, but didn't really have much time for the blog. So I figured a Friday Faves was necessary and they're probably one of my favorite posts to create.

R E B E C C A   M I N K O F F    R E A G A N   S A T C H E L 

If you follow me on Snap (see right side bar for my Snap code!), you saw that I got this GORGEOUS Reagan satchel sent to me from the Rebecca team I used to intern for. I'm obsessed with it mainly for the color, but also because I can use it for school since it's big enough. I love this color because it's subtle and neutral but more importantly, not black like all my other bags. I miss interning at RM so much.

 R E C E N T   A N T H R O   P U R C H A S E S

I got an Anthropologie gift card for Christmas and I've been meaning to spend it. I went to dinner with Bethany a couple days ago at Chelsea Market and we wandered into the Anthro there. It's no surprise I love their candles, so when I smelled these I had to have them. The Mokara one might be my new favorite of all time - it's so light and fresh. The best part of these candles is that they're really potent, and you can smell them all throughout my dorm.

How cute is this Paris dish? I saw it and decided I had to have it without even thinking about it. I've become quite the ring hoarder, so I opted to store them in this. 

I've seen some bloggers use these perfume oils, and I figured having a gift card was a good time to try it. I got the roller ball version, but the regular size is just as beautiful. To be honest, I love the dried flowers in the bottle (hello, Instagram opportunity). The scent is very faint, but fresh and sophisticated. I've also seen people use this as a body/hair oil.

P R O A C T I V   M O I S T U R I Z E R

I never thought I'd be a Proactiv user, but I am so pleasantly surprised by how much I adore this moisturizer. It's more of a gel consistency but it really hydrates your skin. I've been struggling with some dry patches due to the weather, and after I exfoliate and apply this, my skin glows. It also works great under makeup - which is a huge deciding factor on if I love a moisturizer or not. I was really skeptical how well it would work because it does contain salicylic acid, but it has never made me feel dry. I use this morning and night.

T A R G E T   B E A U T Y   B O X

My mom sent me this Target Beauty Box last week just because she figured I'd love everything (how great is she?). Well, she was right. I do love everything in the box, but there were some stand outs that I wanted to share. The W3ll People mascara is incredible - it's the perfect amount of 'dry' for a mascara where it doesn't smudge and it's easy to build up the volume of your lashes. I love that Soap and Glory is sold at Target now, I've always thought it was a cool brand with really cute packaging. This Vitamin C cleanser is gentle, despite the exfoliating beads in it. I don't see a huge difference in my skin from it, but I like that on days where I don't use my Clarisonic, I'm still getting a little exfoliation.

C F x  R E E B O K

You guys. I got asked to attend Who What Wear's first runway show last week for Fashion Week with College Fashionista and Reebok. The entire experience was a dream and I'm forever thankful for the opportunities I'm given. Sitting front row at this show just solidified how much I love this industry and how badly I want to do that for many more shows to come.
Read more about the night here.

 What posts are you hoping to see in the future?


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