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I'm well aware of the fact I've been super MIA from The Gold Dime lately. I used to post three times a week, and sometimes I've struggled to even get two posts up. If you're wondering where I've been putting all my time these days, it's to College Fashionista. I've been chosen to be a contributing Beauty Editor this semester where I write articles every week! It's certainly a adding a lot more to my plate, seeing as I try to maintain my own blog and I'm also a Social Media intern for CF. Sure, it's a lot of work on top of my schoolwork, but it's so rewarding.

So for this post I basically just wanted to share my articles that I've been writing since starting as an editor! I've been getting SO excited about beauty lately, much more so than I have been. So here's my little reading guide to all things beauty.

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I asked a bunch of Style Gurus what their must-have products are during the harsh winter months!

I shared a few of my tips and tricks (and the products I use!) to achieve effortlessly beachy waves. When I curl my hair, this is what I do every time!

In honor of the New Year, I explained some simple ways to switch up your everyday look!

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