Friday Faves 2.17

I feel like I haven't typed up a blog post in years. Last week was absolutely crazy for me, seeing as I had to work and go to school, but also attend fashion week and leave for the weekend. I survived, but didn't really have much time for the blog. So I figured a Friday Faves was necessary and they're probably one of my favorite posts to create.

R E B E C C A   M I N K O F F    R E A G A N   S A T C H E L 

If you follow me on Snap (see right side bar for my Snap code!), you saw that I got this GORGEOUS Reagan satchel sent to me from the Rebecca team I used to intern for. I'm obsessed with it mainly for the color, but also because I can use it for school since it's big enough. I love this color because it's subtle and neutral but more importantly, not black like all my other bags. I miss interning at RM so much.

 R E C E N T   A N T H R O   P U R C H A S E S

I got an Anthropologie gift card for Christmas and I've been meaning to spend it. I went to dinner with Bethany a couple days ago at Chelsea Market and we wandered into the Anthro there. It's no surprise I love their candles, so when I smelled these I had to have them. The Mokara one might be my new favorite of all time - it's so light and fresh. The best part of these candles is that they're really potent, and you can smell them all throughout my dorm.

How cute is this Paris dish? I saw it and decided I had to have it without even thinking about it. I've become quite the ring hoarder, so I opted to store them in this. 

I've seen some bloggers use these perfume oils, and I figured having a gift card was a good time to try it. I got the roller ball version, but the regular size is just as beautiful. To be honest, I love the dried flowers in the bottle (hello, Instagram opportunity). The scent is very faint, but fresh and sophisticated. I've also seen people use this as a body/hair oil.

P R O A C T I V   M O I S T U R I Z E R

I never thought I'd be a Proactiv user, but I am so pleasantly surprised by how much I adore this moisturizer. It's more of a gel consistency but it really hydrates your skin. I've been struggling with some dry patches due to the weather, and after I exfoliate and apply this, my skin glows. It also works great under makeup - which is a huge deciding factor on if I love a moisturizer or not. I was really skeptical how well it would work because it does contain salicylic acid, but it has never made me feel dry. I use this morning and night.

T A R G E T   B E A U T Y   B O X

My mom sent me this Target Beauty Box last week just because she figured I'd love everything (how great is she?). Well, she was right. I do love everything in the box, but there were some stand outs that I wanted to share. The W3ll People mascara is incredible - it's the perfect amount of 'dry' for a mascara where it doesn't smudge and it's easy to build up the volume of your lashes. I love that Soap and Glory is sold at Target now, I've always thought it was a cool brand with really cute packaging. This Vitamin C cleanser is gentle, despite the exfoliating beads in it. I don't see a huge difference in my skin from it, but I like that on days where I don't use my Clarisonic, I'm still getting a little exfoliation.

C F x  R E E B O K

You guys. I got asked to attend Who What Wear's first runway show last week for Fashion Week with College Fashionista and Reebok. The entire experience was a dream and I'm forever thankful for the opportunities I'm given. Sitting front row at this show just solidified how much I love this industry and how badly I want to do that for many more shows to come.
Read more about the night here.

 What posts are you hoping to see in the future?


February Playlist

I'm back with another playlist post for this month! Honorable mentions this month include HONNE; Treat You Right was on repeat for weeks on end for me. I'm also LOVING Maggie Rogers, she's SO great, Dog Years is my current fave.

What're you listening to this month?

PopSugar Must Have Unboxing

I've been sent Must Have boxes before from PopSugar, but I've never done a whole post devoted to the box. January's box was just so great that I decided to devote the whole post to showing you what was inside. Again, thank you to PopSugar for sending me this box of goodies to try!

The box came with so many exciting things this month:
Desk Calendar & Notecard from May Designs
Hair Wrap Towel from Daily Concepts
eQua Mat Towel in Playa from Manduka
Instant Happy Notes from Sourcebooks, INC
Peppermint Tea from Dean & Deluca

What I really love about the PopSugar Must Have boxes is that they always come with new, exciting products I wouldn't normally think to try. The calendar really jazzes up my desk space in my dorm, the peel makes my skin so smooth, and the tea is great mainly because peppermint is my favorite tea flavor! I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing and high-end the Glade candle smells. I wasn't expecting much, but I'm obsessed with the scent.

The box is valued at well over $100, so it's a great deal. I also love the fact you look forward to a really fun surprise each month and new goodies to try out.

PopSugar has a code, 'SHOP5', which gives you $5 off your first Must Have Box, and it also never expires!

College Fashionista Beauty Editor

I'm well aware of the fact I've been super MIA from The Gold Dime lately. I used to post three times a week, and sometimes I've struggled to even get two posts up. If you're wondering where I've been putting all my time these days, it's to College Fashionista. I've been chosen to be a contributing Beauty Editor this semester where I write articles every week! It's certainly a adding a lot more to my plate, seeing as I try to maintain my own blog and I'm also a Social Media intern for CF. Sure, it's a lot of work on top of my schoolwork, but it's so rewarding.

So for this post I basically just wanted to share my articles that I've been writing since starting as an editor! I've been getting SO excited about beauty lately, much more so than I have been. So here's my little reading guide to all things beauty.

via @oteris 

I asked a bunch of Style Gurus what their must-have products are during the harsh winter months!

I shared a few of my tips and tricks (and the products I use!) to achieve effortlessly beachy waves. When I curl my hair, this is what I do every time!

In honor of the New Year, I explained some simple ways to switch up your everyday look!

If you want to regularly check for new posts go to this link weekly and be sure to RAD my articles!