Friday Faves 1.6

Happy 2017! It's my first Friday Faves/ blog post of the year. I truly thought I would have gotten a lot more posts up while I'm home for Christmas break, but life has been pretty crazy since the moment I got home (to put it lightly). I have a lot to talk about in this favorites post since it's been so long since the last time I did one & because of the new things I got for Christmas.


Over the past few months I've been really into exploring perfumes to pick out my signature scent. I've always loved this Chloe perfume, but was so hesitant because of the price tag. Luckily, my mom got it for me for Christmas (probably because she was so sick of me talking about it since summer!). It's so light, fresh and feminine and how cute is the bottle? Ironically the day after I got Chloe, I found a sample of this Versace fragrance in my room and immediately fell in love with it. I purchased it right away and I'm so glad I did. It's a cologne, but I love how musky and earthy it is. I'm obsessed with musky/woodsy scents, even with candles, and if you are too you'd love this.


I've been meaning to talk about my favorite candles on the blog for a while, but of course, I just never got around to it. I'm obsessed with candles; I light them while I do homework, when I'm watching Netflix, etc. I truly think there's nothing better than the vibe of having a ton of candles lit. Anyway, my favorite affordable candles are from DW Home, which I get at TJMaxx/Marshall's. They're potent and have so many great scent options for cheap. For Christmas, I got these candles that not only smell great, but have gorgeous jars. Anthropologie has this candle (in 'Fireside') that smells like summer nights filled with bonfires and this New York candle smells really light and fresh.

G L O S S I E R   B L A C K   T I E   S E T 

Glossier has done it yet again, with their Black Tie Set. This set has limited edition products, but I'm truly hoping the brand makes these products permanent. It comes with an eyeliner, lip gloss, Haloscope highlighter, and Glossier Pink nail polish. The eyeliner is the perfect amount of smudgey, and it's not jet black, which makes it suitable for anyone and not very harsh. The nail polish not only dries very quickly, it doesn't chip nearly as much as other polishes I've used in the past. I'm still learning the best way to apply the Haloscope but until then I'll simply just be obsessed with the color. It's a blue irredescent and unlike anything else in my makeup collection. Now the best for last, the lip gloss. I cannot get over how hydrating and gorgeous this looks on my lips. It gives you such a healthy looking pout, and the best part? It's not sticky! If you want to try out Glossier, (this set will sell out soon!) use my code here for 20% off your first order.

V E L V E T    P I E C E S

Velvet has been a trend for a few months now, but I haven't gotten many velvet pieces in a while. For Christmas I got this gorgeous velvet peplum cami and this slightly oversized velvet blazer. I'm obsessed with them both and they're so easy to style, which is a plus. I hope velvet never goes 'out of style' (does anything really go out of style anymore?) anytime soon!

C F   N EW   Y E A R   V I D E O

In case you missed my social posts on it, I'm featured in College Fashionista's New Years video! I'd absolutely love it if you watched it, it was so fun to make!

G R A P H I C   T E E S

It's zero surprise that I'm obsessed with graphic tees, but I wanted to share my two new favorites. I got this Ramones tee (styled here) & Elvis mugshot shirt for Christmas and I've been wearing them to death. I just love the effortless vibe of throwing them on with a great pair of jeans.

R A Y - B A N   R O U N D   M E T A L   F  R A M E S

I've wanted these sunglasses FOREVER but never thought I could pull them off. I said enough is enough, and got them regardless if they looked silly on me. I wish I could tell you I've worn these everyday since I got them, but of course it's rained each day. If you haven't invested in a nice pair of Ray-Bans I highly suggest it; you can feel the quality difference in them and it's is so worth it.

What're you currently loving? What posts would you like to see from me in 2017? Let me know in the comments below! XO

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