Friday Faves 1.27

Happy Friday! I have a ton of items to share yet again in this week's post. 


I started keeping a Moleskine journal back in March and I find it so therapeutic. Sure, it adds to my overall aesthetic when I'm writing in it at my favorite coffee shop, but I really love writing things down. Anything from blog ideas, quotes, doodles, lyrics, a memory, anything. I find it lets me dump out my thoughts on paper in a creative way. I keep other journals for business/school things, like this 'Making Things Happen' one from Marshall's (they have tons of cute ones for $3-$7!). And this marble one!? Strictly used for decor because I think it's so cute! 😅

R E B E C C A    M I N K O F F   M I N I    M A C 

I got this gem at the RM sample sale a few months back. I forgot about it for a while to be honest, then I finally pulled it out of the dust bag before I went home for winter break and since then I can't stop using it. I love how it's neutral but still makes a statement. I also love how it still surprisingly fits a ton despite it's size.

V A N S    H I - T O P   S K 8

I feel like my 7th grade skater/angsty phase self would absolutely love these. To be honest I got these because I saw a lot of bloggers sporting them, and I see them all the time on the streets of the city. No, I don't plan on buying a skateboard but I love the vibe these give an outfit. I especially love how these look with some 501 jeans and a tee.

H A I R   P R O D U C T S

My hair has been so fun to style lately. I really love the length of it and for some reason I've been really into styling it (usually I'd throw it up in a bun and be done with it). I started to use this oil serum I found in my room at home once I came here for break and I've been using this a ton. I use it on dry and wet hair - dry when it looks kind of dull or straw like, and when it's wet I use it to smooth it out. I don't see any dramatic change in my hair but this is lightweight and doesn't make my feel oily, so I'm a fan. As for Triple Sec, I love when my hair looks messy or 'dirty', like I just rolled out of bed, and this product makes that achievable. It gives it texture, volume, and smells amazing.

 B I T E    M U L T I - S T I C K    I N   C A S H E W

YOU GUYS. I've always preached about using beauty products for multiple uses, but I never really followed through with that for myself. Until now!!! I was watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and saw a guru use this as her blush. But this color caught my attention due to the fact it's what I use as eyeshadow and lip stick. It's the Bite multistick, which is meant to be used as blush, shadow, or lipstick. It has a cream texture when you first apply it, then it 'dries' matte/powder like. It isn't drying on your lips either, it feels like nothing is there. I'm a huge fan of this on my eyes simply because it takes 2 seconds to apply and blend out with my finger. 

G A R N I E R    M I C E L L A R   W A T E R

This product isn't completely out of this world, but I wanted to give it an honorable mention. I usually just use my makeup wipes to get my eye makeup off. But lately, I feel like I'm constantly rubbing and tugging at my eyes with them, which is a huge no-no (causes wrinkles!). I saw this travel size of the Garnier Micellar Water in Target and figured it was worth a shot. I like it because it gets everything off, without having to scrub and irritate my eye. I just douse a cotton ball with it and wipe it over my eye. It's also not greasy or irritating and leaves no residue - it doesn't even feel like I used it when I'm done!

What're you loving this week?

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  1. A few of my friends use that Garnier micellar water- def want to try it soon! Happy weekend :) Nicole //