Social Media Guilt

This post pretty much doesn't correlate with fashion or beauty at all, but because of the social media obsessed world we are in, I thought I'd share what I've been thinking about lately. I'm addressing the addiction I have to social media and it's effects on my everyday life (I'm sure none of you find that hard to believešŸ˜‰). This past weekend I had not one plan. My friends were busy, some were away for the weekend, some people didn't text me back, I didn't feel like going to a club, etc. Some of you might be thinking, why is that so wrong?

Well to me, I feel this pressure that I constantly have to be doing something at all times, and even more so because I live in such an incredible city. If I don't post something to my Snapchat story ... am I even doing anything? I feel this odd 'guilt' that if I'm not doing something worthy enough to put on my story, then I'm boring. That pressure is even worse when combined with the fact it's almost impossible to be sitting around doing nothing in such a busy, chaotic city. That, combined with the fact I do consider myself a blogger, where I feel I need to be showing my outfit, the latest products I'm loving, things like that.

I find myself making my life look more exciting than it actually might be simply for the sake of a quick Snap. Of course I'm incredibly thankful for this city and all the fun stuff I do get to do. But the days where I'm just laying in bed all day watching Netflix or the nights where I don't go out, I feel like I'm missing out, consider it FOMO even.

Social media is great, if used correctly and when you understand that it's not real life. I always tell myself that Instagram only shows the highlights of people's everyday lives. You don't see them at their worst when you're scrolling through your timeline; that's why it's said that social media causes depression. It makes you think everyone has this perfect life, when in reality you're only seeing bits and pieces of it.

So to conclude this post, I can't say I'm going to change my social media habits per se (hello, I love a great photo op), but I won't feel the same way I've been feeling. I think due to the amount that I do post online, I've developed that 'guilt' I was talking about. If you feel the same as me just know you're not the only one staying in on a Saturday night. You're not boring because you're not snapping fun brunch pics with your gals. Social media should be a fun outlet, not stressful and harmful to your thoughts.

What are your thoughts on social media consumption?

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  1. Loved this post, Shelby!! I totally feel that way sometimes, and while Philadelphia is certainly no New York, there is still always something going on and you're right- there is a FOMO type of mindset associated with not going out/ not posting on social. Definitely going to try to get away from that mindset. XO, Nicole //