DIY Gallery Wall

I've been addicted to Pinterest lately and came across so many cute gallery walls. I've also been really loving black & white photography because of the mood it gives off and how easy it is to decorate with. So I put two and two together and I thought hey I can make that.


I scoured the internet, specifically Pinterest and Tumblr, for my favorite graphics. Even if I found a graphic I liked that was in color, it's simple to switch it to black & white, which makes this particular gallery wall so simple to achieve.

Once I found them, I uploaded them to in the dimensions of my picture frames. I purchased the frames after I made the sizes of my photos, but I suggest buying the frames first so you know the exact dimensions to make your pictures. I added a thin border around mine to make cutting easier!


Simple as that, just cut out your graphics after you print them out. I'm not jazzy and I just used printer paper, but I think glossy photo paper would be awesome. When I went to put a few in the frame, I had to snip some of the sides still so don't get nervous if they're too big. It's also easy to keep trimming the sides if you picked prints that are mostly white, like mine. Again, this is what makes this DIY so easy.


I couldn't decide how I wanted to layout my frames, and this part was a bit difficult since I didn't have an even amount of frames. Once you get it how you like it, snap a pic on your phone to reference while you're hanging them!


Every time I've seen posts just like this one, I see that people 'map' out where the frames will go. I wasn't going to do this because #lazy, but I figured it would make visualizing where to put the frames easier and more precise. I used the pieces of paper that came with the frame, but if you use those in the back of your photos for a background, use Post-Its or cut out similar pieces.


After that, being the college student that I am, I opted for command strips. I trimmed them down a bit so I could still pull them off at the end of the year while still being pretty much unnoticeable. I actually lifted up the pieces of paper I used to map out my design and stuck the frame right where the paper ended on the wall, so I still had it for reference and didn't have to completely remove the map (which would make it worthless). 


You now have your own customized gallery wall! For mine I included a dark photo of the moon, 44 because it's my aunt's lucky number, the grid map of Manhattan, some jazzy ferns, and of course, my favorite photo of Matty Healy. The best part about this is that if I'm sick of the pictures, I can easily swap them out. I also might add some more frames, since it's so easy to do.

I hope you loved this DIY post! I absolutely love how it turned out. If you try this please tweet me or tag me in a photo!

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