Two Years

When Mike asked me to be his girlfriend in my favorite coffee shop in Oneonta, I never, ever thought I would be saying today that he's put up with me for two whole years. I truly do not know how or why he has been so great to me. If you're a long time reader, Mike and I met at Oneonta (my old school) and starting dating freshman year. He liked me before we even got to Oneonta, but I wasn't about it. His persistence made me realize he was worth it, and here we are.

A year ago we weren't fully long distance yet. Now, I don't even remember what it's like to walk a minute and be at his dorm room. We've made the absolute most of being far apart and I cherish every time I get to see him more and more. We surprise each other, send letters, and FaceTime, all the typical things long distance people do, but I truly think this change in our relationship was really great for us. I know what you're thinking, who would ever want to be apart from their significant other? What I mean is he is so involved on campus since I left; he joined a bunch of clubs, got his grades up, and does a ton of extracurriculars. For me, I get to pursue my fashion degree at my dream school in my favorite city. I'm thriving, he's thriving, and it's been great. Of course I miss being with him (basically) every moment of the day, but knowing we're both doing better than ever and working on ourselves is really rewarding.

What I want people to take away from this is that long distance is work, but it is possible. I never imagined my relationship would be like this and knowing Mike still puts up with me even when we're far apart makes it so worth it.

M O R E    O F   M I K E

Luv u Mike.


  1. OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!! Cheers to two years!!!

    Rachel /