Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving week! Unfortunately, I'm not heading home until late Wednesday afternoon (I'm flying for the first time... yes, you read that right, the first airplane I'll ever be on). I have so much to be thankful for this year -- my family's good health, my incredible internship, my friends, and just getting to go home is always a treat.

I did a post like this last year, and looking back, my style has changed SO MUCH. Anyway here's my take on some cute outfits appropriate for stuffing your face with turkey, but also catching up with your grandparents and maybe avoiding the topic of politics.

I know with my family we all end up wearing something really comfy and relaxed. Being the diva that I am, I still like to look nice, so I'll wear something like a nice top and some jeans. Like last year's post, I did a casual look, a more dressed up one, and a trendy yet comfortable look.


I love nothing more than a nice turtleneck + jeans combo.

 D R E S S Y

I really haven't gotten into the thigh-high boots trend, but I really loved them with this look. Wearing a shirt dress looks cute, but it's still comfy.

T R E N D Y  +  R E L A X E D

A peasant top hides your 'food baby' but still allows you to look dressed up.

I hope you eat lots of turkey this Thursday, xo.

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  1. Great outfit ideas! I'll definitely be wearing a turtleneck and some cute heels to dress it up!

    Rachel /