Haircare Routine

I mentioned in a recent post that I've been getting really into my haircare lately. I was never huge on 'taking care' of it, but once I found some great products I saw the difference it makes.

Some major changes I made in my routine was washing my hair every other day and blow drying it only when I have time. Washing it every other day is beneficial for so many reasons. First off, it allows you to keep your curls/straight hair a day longer without having to do it again. It's also just healthier not to strip your hair of it's natural oils everyday. Typically most nights that I wash my hair I don't blow dry it, but I find it makes my hair a lot smoother and more voluminous, so I try to do it when I have time.


I actually do things a bit backwards when I wash my hair. I condition, then shampoo. I find it makes my hair smoother and softer. (You don't need a gimmick shampoo/conditioner to do this, it works the same). I've used this particular duo for about two years now; it smells great and their perfect size to get me through a semester of school.

W E T   H A I R

After I'm out of the shower, I brush my hair with a Wet Brush (so worth the hype) and let it air dry for a bit. Then I'll go in with this Sachajuan product (I talk more about why I use it here) and I add a heat protectant lotion. If I'm going to blow dry my hair, I'll add a primer (this one is my favorite, unfortunately ran out of it before this post).

D R Y   H A I R

On days where I don't wash my hair, dry shampoo is my best friend. I just talked about how I love this one, but I have a few favorites like Batiste and I love Triple Sec for some added texture (also smells great!). Sometimes if my hair is a bit unruly or frizzy I add some more of the Sachajuan product. If I style my hair curly I'll add some Ouai wave spray to make them last longer. Once I'm done styling, I'll add some hairspray. I'm currently using this Aussie one, it's not my favorite (a little goes a very long way), but it gets the job done.

How I style my hair is a different post ;) Coming soon!

What's your favorite hair product?

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  1. Dry shampoo is bae! It really does help so much for haircare throughout the week if you don't want to wash it everyday!