Simple Chic

Never underestimate the power of a statement piece - like this tulle skirt. I've been loving the midi-skirt trend, but I wanted to tone down the effect of the tulle skirt with a simple black turtleneck. 

S E E   I T   A G A I N

S H O P   S I M I L A R

Friday Faves 11.25

Happy Black Friday! I'm currently working an 9 hour shift at J.Crew, because where else would I be other than the mall when I'm home for break? I don't have much to show for this week's Friday Faves but I still wanted to get a post up for this week.

F R E A K S  &  G E E K S 

Last week I was incredibly bored and had a lull in my schoolwork so I had no obligations for the week. I was over watching The Office reruns, so I happened to find Freaks & Geeks and I gave it a shot. Ok, I'm obsessed. It's essentially the life of high school teens in the 80's. It has Jason Segel, James Franco, and Seth Rogen in it. The series only has one season because it didn't do well when it came out in the 90's, but it took off after it was cancelled. I have one more episode left and I'm putting it off because I never want it to end.

R E C E N T   G L O S S I E R   P U R C H A S E S

Last week I happened to check my Glossier credit and saw I had a decent amount and wanted to ~treat myself~. I haven't purchased any skincare from Glossier until I tried this mask, and I'm obsessed. It makes my skin look bright and refreshed after and it just feels like moisturizer on your skin, rather than tight, uncomfortable masks. As for the stretch concealer, I'm so pleasantly surprised. You don't need a lot because it's so pigmented, so you never need to cake it on. I get asked a lot if Glossier is worth the hype, and yes, yes it is. Next I want to try the serums once they're fully back in stock! Use my promo code here for 20% off your first purchase.


After strolling into the Rockefeller store, I've been really loving the vibe of Anthropologie lately. It's whimsical, trendy, and perfectly antiqued. I wish I had an apartment to fill with all the elegant velvet sofas and fun decor. As for the jewelry, I love the mystical, astrology pieces. (I guess I have a thing for outer space lately). I haven't purchased anything from Anthropologie recently, but I find myself pinning so many of their pieces to my 'wants' board on Pinterest and getting super inspired by the aesthetic.

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S E E   M O R E
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What're you loving lately? What sales are you shopping this Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving week! Unfortunately, I'm not heading home until late Wednesday afternoon (I'm flying for the first time... yes, you read that right, the first airplane I'll ever be on). I have so much to be thankful for this year -- my family's good health, my incredible internship, my friends, and just getting to go home is always a treat.

I did a post like this last year, and looking back, my style has changed SO MUCH. Anyway here's my take on some cute outfits appropriate for stuffing your face with turkey, but also catching up with your grandparents and maybe avoiding the topic of politics.

I know with my family we all end up wearing something really comfy and relaxed. Being the diva that I am, I still like to look nice, so I'll wear something like a nice top and some jeans. Like last year's post, I did a casual look, a more dressed up one, and a trendy yet comfortable look.


I love nothing more than a nice turtleneck + jeans combo.

 D R E S S Y

I really haven't gotten into the thigh-high boots trend, but I really loved them with this look. Wearing a shirt dress looks cute, but it's still comfy.

T R E N D Y  +  R E L A X E D

A peasant top hides your 'food baby' but still allows you to look dressed up.

I hope you eat lots of turkey this Thursday, xo.

What's In My Bag?

I thought it'd be fun to show you all the ~things~ I keep in my bag day to day. I'm always curious to see what other's keep in their bag, so I like to do posts like this when I get a new bag. I got this particular one at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, which I spoke a bit about a few weeks ago.


I love this one because it's perfect for holding all your cards and allows you to easily show your school ID when necessary.

To get rid of coffee breath, of course.

Obsessed with the smell and how long it lasts on my lips.

My hands get so dry when it's cold out and it's great for your cuticles too. Doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy either!

I cannot live without these. They're such a great investment. You have to listen to Spotify somehow.

My go-to shades are Athens and Stockholm. Favorite lip color formula of all time.

I stock up on these, 5 for $6, at Bath & Body.

Seriously, read up on Cora. Such an incredible mission and I love what they stand for. I of course love that these are organic cotton, but also they give back to such an incredible cause. I love Cora and believe you will too! Use my code 'SHELBYTWENTY4416' for 20% off your purchase through December 6th.

Raw sugar is the only kind I use in my coffee, so I hoard them just in case.
The business card is from the Christmas Village in Bryant Park, where I went last weekend with Gia.
Change, cause where else does it go other than the bottom of your bag.
I love keeping the strap that comes with this bag in the bag at all times - just in case I want to change it up.

What's the most random thing in your bag?



Graphic Tee + Turtleneck

Today's post is another example of how I love to layer. It's no surprise I'm obsessed with turtlenecks, but adding a simple tee or tank over top makes the look just a little more interesting. And can we talk about this tee? I found it when I was shopping with Mike in the men's section of Target (they have so many band tees for cheap!). I thought it was a great addition to my graphic tee collection. 😎

 S H O P

Haircare Routine

I mentioned in a recent post that I've been getting really into my haircare lately. I was never huge on 'taking care' of it, but once I found some great products I saw the difference it makes.

Some major changes I made in my routine was washing my hair every other day and blow drying it only when I have time. Washing it every other day is beneficial for so many reasons. First off, it allows you to keep your curls/straight hair a day longer without having to do it again. It's also just healthier not to strip your hair of it's natural oils everyday. Typically most nights that I wash my hair I don't blow dry it, but I find it makes my hair a lot smoother and more voluminous, so I try to do it when I have time.


I actually do things a bit backwards when I wash my hair. I condition, then shampoo. I find it makes my hair smoother and softer. (You don't need a gimmick shampoo/conditioner to do this, it works the same). I've used this particular duo for about two years now; it smells great and their perfect size to get me through a semester of school.

W E T   H A I R

After I'm out of the shower, I brush my hair with a Wet Brush (so worth the hype) and let it air dry for a bit. Then I'll go in with this Sachajuan product (I talk more about why I use it here) and I add a heat protectant lotion. If I'm going to blow dry my hair, I'll add a primer (this one is my favorite, unfortunately ran out of it before this post).

D R Y   H A I R

On days where I don't wash my hair, dry shampoo is my best friend. I just talked about how I love this one, but I have a few favorites like Batiste and I love Triple Sec for some added texture (also smells great!). Sometimes if my hair is a bit unruly or frizzy I add some more of the Sachajuan product. If I style my hair curly I'll add some Ouai wave spray to make them last longer. Once I'm done styling, I'll add some hairspray. I'm currently using this Aussie one, it's not my favorite (a little goes a very long way), but it gets the job done.

How I style my hair is a different post ;) Coming soon!

What's your favorite hair product?

Blacked Out

In this post I want to focus on layers and their effect on your outfit. This one for example, instead of being a stereotypical city girl in all black, I added this thin silk cami (on sale!) for a touch of color. It's still subdued but gives the look an extra element. 

What I'm Wearing
J.Crew Jeans Similar, Topshop Leather Jacket, Thrifted Mock Neck Top Similar, J.Crew Silk Cami, Rebecca Minkoff Evil Eye Necklace in Silver, Rebecca Minkoff Safety Pin Earrings

Two Years

When Mike asked me to be his girlfriend in my favorite coffee shop in Oneonta, I never, ever thought I would be saying today that he's put up with me for two whole years. I truly do not know how or why he has been so great to me. If you're a long time reader, Mike and I met at Oneonta (my old school) and starting dating freshman year. He liked me before we even got to Oneonta, but I wasn't about it. His persistence made me realize he was worth it, and here we are.

A year ago we weren't fully long distance yet. Now, I don't even remember what it's like to walk a minute and be at his dorm room. We've made the absolute most of being far apart and I cherish every time I get to see him more and more. We surprise each other, send letters, and FaceTime, all the typical things long distance people do, but I truly think this change in our relationship was really great for us. I know what you're thinking, who would ever want to be apart from their significant other? What I mean is he is so involved on campus since I left; he joined a bunch of clubs, got his grades up, and does a ton of extracurriculars. For me, I get to pursue my fashion degree at my dream school in my favorite city. I'm thriving, he's thriving, and it's been great. Of course I miss being with him (basically) every moment of the day, but knowing we're both doing better than ever and working on ourselves is really rewarding.

What I want people to take away from this is that long distance is work, but it is possible. I never imagined my relationship would be like this and knowing Mike still puts up with me even when we're far apart makes it so worth it.

M O R E    O F   M I K E

Luv u Mike.

Friday Faves 11.4

It's definitely been a minute since I've sat down to write a blog post - not gonna lie. The past two weeks have been absolute madness for me. The beginning of last week I had two presentations, tons of errands, then I left Wednesday afternoon to head to Oneonta for Halloween weekend/Mike's birthday. I was there until Sunday afternoon, headed home, and studied for the three midterms I had this week. So to say I've been running around non-stop is an understatement. The next few weeks aren't too busy for me until I fly home for Thanksgiving - so expect regular blog posts (at least until finals week ;-) )

A U S S I E   7 N 1   D R Y    S H A M P O O

I was sent this dry shampoo for free on behalf of Influenster and in all honesty, I didn't have high hopes for it. It sat in my closet with other products I get sent and I kinda just forgot about it. I love Aussie products, I use their hairspray and I've used their 3 Minute Miracle, but they're just kinda eh, not exactly life changing. But then I tried this! (I posted this on Snap too; shelbyshowell) First off - NO WHITE RESIDUE! I couldn't believe my eyes when I sprayed it and saw no chalky, powdery residue that most dry shampoos leave. I had so much texture and body in my hair after using this. I suggest using it at night, on days when you don't wash your hair, and sleeping with it in. It creates so much volume! So, so impressed.

S T E V E   M A D D E N  ' V A N I T Y '  B O O T I E S

Oh my goodness. These booties changed my life. I had black booties before, but I needed a new pair desperately because I was honestly embarrassed by how awful my old ones looked. I walked into Steve Madden, saw these, tried one shoe on, and bought them before I could put on the other one. I love the look of the pointed toe, they click when you walk (deal breaker for me), and they go with everything I wear day to day. I already know I'm going to wear these down until they fall apart because I love them so much. Highly recommend these!

N Y X   S O F T   M A T T E   L I P  C R E A M

I've certainly mentioned these before, but I can't get enough of them. I'm not a huge lipstick wearer day to day, simply because I hate having to touch it up and worry if it smudges. These are the easiest way to get lip color in my opinion. I just swipe it on and don't have to worry about it. My go-to colors are Stockholm and Athens.

R E B E C C A  M I N K O F F   B A G

I got this beauty at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale a few weeks ago and haven't stopped carrying it around since. I love it because you can hold it simply in your hand or you have the option to attach the strap and use it as a crossbody. I have so many 'big' bags, I typically carry totes, so this is the perfect mini option. It also has zippers on the side that make it expand. It's so versatile.

H E R I T A G E   S T O R E   C A S T O R   O I L

It's been my goal for a few months now to really grow out and shape my eyebrows. I've always known that castor oil is really great for helping your brows, eyelashes, hair, and nails grow, so when I saw this in Whole Foods I had to pick it up. It's 'stickier' and thicker than coconut oil (which I use as well) but I love this because you barely need a drop to coat your lashes, nails, and eyebrows. As for the growth, I certainly see a huge difference in my brows... like they're almost too bushy and overgrown! If you're wanting to grow out your hair I suggest using this as a mask; brush it through your hair and let it sit before you jump in the shower. 

What are you loving this week?


Midi Skirt + Leather

There's nothing I love more than mixing edgy and feminine. I love the look and contrast of mixing two different styles. Here, I paired this iconic tulle midi skirt with some black booties (I shot this look the week before I got rid of these, they were so old! I got these ones and I'm obsessed.) and a leather jacket. This is also a perfect example of wearing a 'monochromatic' look if you take off the jacket. The two nude toned pieces work due to the contrasting textures. Don't be afraid to experiment with these types of looks!

S E E    I T   A G A I N

S H O P    S I M I L A R