Favorite Places in Chelsea

I want to start doing more NYC posts this semester, I've been lacking since I got back for school. As I've stated many times before, I'm located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, essentially just the west side of Midtown. To me, Chelsea is by far not my favorite neighborhood of the city, but I make the most of it. It's pretty residential, so there's not many fun attractions like other parts. Today I wanted to make a post of what I do love about my little neighborhood, and maybe you will too next time you're in the city.

Pushcart Coffee

I'm a sucker for a great coffee shop, especially one with a lot of seating and outlets. I basically camp out here on my days off and get all of my homework done. The coffee isn't necessarily my favorite, I think I just like the scenery and vibes of this place, I spend hours here sometimes. They have a lavender flavor that you can put into any drink and it's beyond good. I suggest it with an iced latte (yum).

Brooklyn Bagel

THIS. PLACE. I still remember the first time I went here with my friend Quinn last semester, I was amazed. It's your typical NY bagel shop, but they have so much to offer. Tons of cream cheeses (including a different 'cream cheese of the week'), so many bagel options, and I'm not gonna lie, their coffee is some of my favorite, I'd go just for that. You can find me here any Sunday morning, where the line goes out the door, but I'll still wait.


I haven't been to brunch this semester because I've been so busy, but my go-to recommendation is Friedman's on 31st. It's small inside, but worth the wait. I love their avocado toast, french toast, or gluten free pancakes. I brought my parents here when they came to visit and I thought it would be too trendy for them, but they adored it. My mom's already asking to go back! They have a few locations as well, like down at Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market

I'm not always down this far, but I do love Chelsea Market. It's fun to go with some friends and just stroll through it and get some coffee, even though most of it is restaurants. I love the Artists & Fleas shop, they have so many cute things! I always stop in Anthropologie too!

The High Line

The High Line is always a fun spot to go with friends or just to get some exercise honestly. It used to be an old railroad track, where they still kept some of the rails on it to look at when you walk by. It also features murals and art sculptures. It's a perfect photo op environment, since every angle is a great backdrop!

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