Go-To Fall Outfit

Variations of this outfit is what I've been gravitating towards lately when I want to look 'dressy' but still comfy. I've been wearing this skirt so much lately, it goes with anything & everything!

S E E    I T   A G A I N

S H O P    S I M I L A R

October Playlist

It's time for a new playlist! I've been doing one (almost) every month for a year now. I love looking back to old ones and remembering memories from that time; that's basically why I do it, I get to share what I'm listening to with you all and I also get to look back to see. 
Anyway, this month's playlist has a ton of ODESZA because I recently discovered the 'radio' feature on Spotify and their station is really great.

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M O R E    M U S I C
My Car Playlist

Cozy Layers

My favorite part of the cooler months is bundling up and adding a bunch of layers to my look. Today I show you how I layer for Fall featuring some ripped Levi denim and my go-to black tank.

I also think a cute striped tee would be great with this look, or with the colder weather coming, a fun turtleneck!
If you haven't seen this look yet, check out the Levi's x CF feature here.

S H O P   S I M I L A R

Friday Faves 10.14

This post is extensively long, I apologize in advance if you're not into that. Covering all aspects, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in this week's Friday Faves!

J E N N A    L Y O N S

It's honestly no surprise that I adore Jenna Lyons, Creative Director and President of J.Crew. She's inspired me in more ways than one, continues to kill it with her outfits, and has an incredible down to Earth personality given her status. I love her iconic glasses and the way she cuffs her sleeves (specific, but if you know her you know what I mean.) I don't think people really understand why I love her and this company so much. Especially because I don't dress 'preppy' like most people think when they think J.Crew. First off, it's how you style the clothing that really matters. I wear outfits that are full head to toe 'crew, but the vibe is still grungy/street style. Secondly, this company was the reason I sparked an interest in fashion. I was intrigued how they styled models in the catalog; mixing two totally different prints and making it work, etc. In high school I was known for loving J.Crew and getting so excited about buying a new item. J.Crew has a certain 'personality' that makes me love it so much. Enough rambling, I love this video because I feel it truly emulates why I love Jenna and this brand. I'm getting comfortable with the fact I may work elsewhere when I'm out of college, but I will always have a special place for J.Crew.

C L A R I S O N I C    M I A  2

I'm so ecstatic to share that I was sent this new Mia 2 Clarisonic! I've used one previously, but this one has a different brush head specifically designed to help unclog pores. In edition to the brush + head, it came with a face mask and the pore clearing cleanser. I'm obsessed with the cleanser - it smells incredible. I use this cleanser when I really want a deep clean or I'm breaking out. In all honestly, I don't see a huge difference from using the face mask, but I do really love the fact they included this in the set.

I first remove my makeup with a makeup remover wipe or coconut oil, then I wet the Clarisonic brush and I put my cleanser directly on the brush. While using I make sure to get the spots on my face that usually get congested, like my t-zone, and focus there or wherever I'm breaking out. I also make an effort to go under my chin and bit down my neck just to make sure I've completely gotten any left over makeup or dirt off my face. The brush turns off after a set amount of time (about a minute) then I rinse.

As for the brush itself, my skin feels incredibly soft, smooth, and clean after using it! The brush head is deep cleansing but very gentle on my sensitive skin. I use the Clarisonic once every other day so I don't overdo it. Like I said previously, I've used the Mia 2 in the past, but this one definitely holds a charge longer (yay!). With the holidays coming up I think the Clarisonic is a great gift idea. Most people I know are hesitant to invest in it, but I can assure you it's so worth it for your skin! Use the code 'HERCAMPUS' for 15% off your order to Clarisonic - act fast, this code is only good until 10/31.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own!

B A N D   T E E

It's official, I don't wear anything except band tees and jeans. I love the effortless vibe it gives off (even if I don't know any songs by Guns n Roses) and it's so comfy obviously. I love it with jeans, under a flannel, a simple skirt, or layer them under tank tops or dresses.

V I N C E    C A M U T O    P E R F U M E    I N    'C A P R I'

First off, how cute is this bottle? I was gifted this perfume when I went to the HerCampus College Fashion Week event a few weeks ago. I'm usually into musky, 'manly' scents, but this one is light and fresh - perfect for everyday and any occasion.

S K I N C A R E    S A M P L E S

I went to a Bloomingdale's x Allure event a few weeks ago where they gave us huge goodie bags filled with tons of beauty samples. The two in particular that I'm absolutely loving (and totally buying when these babies are used up) are the Estee Lauder Shape + Fill Expert Serum and the Clinque Moisture Surge moisturizer. I used this moisturizer in high school and I remember loving it because it's more of a 'gel' consistency. I know I made it clear that I loved the Origins serum, which I do, but this one is really incredible. When I first started using it I noticed my skin essentially peeled, but in a good, renewing way (serums are supposed to activate cell turnover and improve texture so I wasn't worried). My skin was radiant and tight when I would wake up in the morning. I saw Mike last weekend and he told me it was the best he's ever seen my skin before in our (almost) two years of dating. I'd say that's a decent excuse to go buy the full size :)

S A C H A J U A N   H A I R    I N    T H E    S U N

I've been getting really into my haircare routine lately after basically years of ignoring it. I've used hair products in the past, thinking that I had a routine, but now I tend to blow out my hair myself or I take more time to style it, things like that. This product here came in a sponsored box I got a few months ago but I found myself using it everyday now. It's meant to protect your hair from UV rays (perfect for those who color their hair) but I use it to add texture and smooth out fly aways. I use it on wet and/or dry hair. Oh, and it smells really fruity, I love it.

That was an extra chatty post. What're you loving this week?


Favorite Places in Chelsea

I want to start doing more NYC posts this semester, I've been lacking since I got back for school. As I've stated many times before, I'm located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, essentially just the west side of Midtown. To me, Chelsea is by far not my favorite neighborhood of the city, but I make the most of it. It's pretty residential, so there's not many fun attractions like other parts. Today I wanted to make a post of what I do love about my little neighborhood, and maybe you will too next time you're in the city.

Pushcart Coffee

I'm a sucker for a great coffee shop, especially one with a lot of seating and outlets. I basically camp out here on my days off and get all of my homework done. The coffee isn't necessarily my favorite, I think I just like the scenery and vibes of this place, I spend hours here sometimes. They have a lavender flavor that you can put into any drink and it's beyond good. I suggest it with an iced latte (yum).

Brooklyn Bagel

THIS. PLACE. I still remember the first time I went here with my friend Quinn last semester, I was amazed. It's your typical NY bagel shop, but they have so much to offer. Tons of cream cheeses (including a different 'cream cheese of the week'), so many bagel options, and I'm not gonna lie, their coffee is some of my favorite, I'd go just for that. You can find me here any Sunday morning, where the line goes out the door, but I'll still wait.


I haven't been to brunch this semester because I've been so busy, but my go-to recommendation is Friedman's on 31st. It's small inside, but worth the wait. I love their avocado toast, french toast, or gluten free pancakes. I brought my parents here when they came to visit and I thought it would be too trendy for them, but they adored it. My mom's already asking to go back! They have a few locations as well, like down at Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market

I'm not always down this far, but I do love Chelsea Market. It's fun to go with some friends and just stroll through it and get some coffee, even though most of it is restaurants. I love the Artists & Fleas shop, they have so many cute things! I always stop in Anthropologie too!

The High Line

The High Line is always a fun spot to go with friends or just to get some exercise honestly. It used to be an old railroad track, where they still kept some of the rails on it to look at when you walk by. It also features murals and art sculptures. It's a perfect photo op environment, since every angle is a great backdrop!

Leather + Pink

I'm so in love with the pink trend for Fall, so I had to get these distressed boyfriend chinos from J.Crew. I wore these on my first day of Rebecca Minkoff with some simple black heels and a structured top. I'm also so, so, SO excited for turtleneck season! I got this one from J.Crew Factory a few years ago; I love it because it's not exactly structured, it's more mock-neck.


College Fashion Week NYC Recap

I had the opportunity to attend College Fashion Week with Her Campus as a VIP Correspondent last Saturday in the city. I absolutely loved the venue at 404 (very aesthetic), the sponsors were incredible, and I loved meeting other bloggers and influencers at the event. It was a night filled with fashion, yummy treats, and photo ops. 

As VIP Correspondents we were able to get into the venue early, find our seats, and check out the sponsor tables.

I loved the sponsor tables because of all the fun treats! They had Sparkling Ice, Insomnia Cookies, and a full on candy table where we could pick out our favorites. 

 I was so excited to see my seat!

I absolutely loved what I wore. I got this gorgeous velvet dress from Zara (I got it in black too!), booties are last year Steve Madden, and I borrowed my roomie's bag from Aldo. 


I enjoyed the fashion shows for a few reasons. I love that they are supporting small designers who got to style the looks for each show with their pieces. I also loved seeing Rebecca Minkoff pieces in each show! They had her bags, jeans, and a few shirts, so that was really exciting (proud intern). I also have a new love for Vince Camuto shoes! The models wore them and I fell in love with some of the booties and sneakers.

Photo courtesy of HerCampus on Twitter.

The models also did an incredible job walking the runway in such a full house. (Can you spot my legs to the left?!)
I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to attend the show. I met so many great, kind people who share my love for blogging and social media. There's nothing better than being around people who share your passions and understand the power of a great OOTD pic and the work that goes in to creating content.

Now onto the amazing goodie bags I received courtesy of HerCampus and the sponsors of the show!

The sponsors of the show included Rebecca Minkoff, Fitbit, DryBar, Vince Camuto, Bertha Watches, and Perfumania

Rebecca Minkoff provided her iconic bags for the show, along with a few clothing items. In my bag I received this adorable orange makeup bag that I plan to keep in my bag for day to day touch ups!
Fitbit had a giveaway for the new Fitbit Flex 2 at the event. I was lucky enough to have this one gifted to me, so thank you SO much to Fitbit! Can't wait to get it set up!
I'm particularly loving fragrances lately, and I was so excited to see this Capri perfume from Vince Camuto. It's such a fresh, clean, scent. 
As for the rest of the bag it includes some coupons, a free blowout at Drybar, and yummy snacks.

I'm so thankful I got to be apart of this experience, I can't wait for next year! Thank you to Megan at HerCampus and the rest of the HerCampus community, and of course the sponsors of the show.

This post is sponsored in partnership with Her Campus Media and its College Fashion Week brand partners. All words and opinions are my own.