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I feel as though I don't truly show you the serious side of fashion on my blog, which is basically what I'm studying in school. I study Fashion Business Management at FIT and one day I'd love to be a buyer, a stylist, or work in sales for a company (kind of like my internship at Rebecca Minkoff). The industry is changing so much lately that I try to keep my options open career wise. I also do this because I swear each year I'm in school I find myself loving new aspects I could see myself doing.

Because I spend upwards of 5-7 hours a day in class talking about these topics, I guess I never thought to put them on my blog. I show you the frilly, fun side of fashion, which is great of course. I do that because most of my audience only understands certain aspects of fashion and I still want to be relatable. Basically, I don't dive into these conversation points because most of my readers aren't always interested in that side of fashion. But if you want to know more about the industry, this is the post for you.

I spent five hours on the bus back and forth surprising Michael last weekend and I had a lot of time to really think about things + my future. I also was catching up on Monocycle and Office Hours podcasts, which initially got me thinking of the industry side of things. There's a few sectors of the fashion world I want to talk about, basically just my thoughts, feelings and insights, so I'm going to go subject by subject. Call it a rant, call it informational, here's my take on the industry.

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In this day and age, everyone is posting fashion on Instagram. If you're a blogger, working in the industry, or just simply love a good OOTD, it's on Instagram. For me, I love the fashion posts that are 'different'. I gravitate more towards users that make fashion interesting, not just a simple outfit I've seen again and again (I can blame myself for this and some of my outfits, for sure). I love innovation in fashion; seeing people doing things with their outfits that I never thought of. For example, I love this look; it's not everyday we gravitate towards a sweater/short combo, but it's effortless. I also think this is why I love Man Repeller. Leandra is so quirky and different, but we can all learn a thing or two from her for our own closets. My favorite tip from her is wearing statement socks with heels. I haven't quite done it yet, but I did purchase a pair I'm planning to style really soon.

My main takeaway about fashion on Instagram: Make your posts unique and unpredictable. There's so many users on the platform, why not stand out?

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Ahhhhh yes. Probably the biggest issue in the industry right now. Fashion Week shows are held 6 months before the clothing comes out. Basically, Fall fashion weeks show the Spring collections for the next year. Spring fashion week shows what the Fall collections will be.
Now, in 2016, we are all about consuming. More clothes, more accessories, more EVERYTHING. This is why we love fast fashion brands such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara - they're constantly turning over clothing at an affordable price that allows us to keep consuming.
Back to what I mean about Fashion Week. We love the looks on the runway, but we have to wait 6 months to purchase them. It doesn't make sense anymore in the way we are purchasing fashion these days. In 6 months, we've already purchased the knock-off look from a fast fashion retailer. Why would we buy the designer name? Plus, we're already sick of that look in 6 months, we want something new already.

My main takeaway about fashion week: Of course this schedule has worked for years. But will brands be more successful if customers can buy right from the runway? I think so. Consumer attitudes have changed so much since the start of Fashion Week as we know it. It's hard to break change of something that's been so concrete for years, but from a business perspective it only seems right to do so.

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This is such a touchy subject for myself because obviously I do consider myself a blogger, but I feel like people get so offended with the nitty gritty of what bloggers do. Bloggers are essentially influencers; we drive our opinions on our platforms so other people are 'influenced'. Whether that be makeup we love, a new shirt from a brand not many people shop at, etc. We're showing our following what we love in hopes that they go out, try it, and love it too. In some cases, money or free product is involved for the blogger when they post about things. Now some people might think this is a bit unreal and dishonest. For myself, I never promote brands/items I do not truly love. I would never publicly say I enjoy a product if I make commission/get reciprocal just to talk about it. Most bloggers do the same, but of course there's always skeptics. That's where I can see people not liking bloggers. Bloggers get compensated for posts, but are required to state when the post is sponsored/paid for/etc. So I guess as long as you know if a post is sponsored or truly their own opinion, bloggers can be a very good source for product/clothing recommendations. I truly just enjoy reading blogs because of the inspiration I get. Like I said about instagram, I love seeing how people style items I already have but in new ways I haven't thought of. I also believe if you want to start a blog, keep in mind that there's so many. Why will yours be different? What do you preach to your following? What's your story, will people relate to it? So on and so forth.

My main takeaway about bloggers: Just know that some content is paid for. Generally bloggers won't put out something they don't truly love, they take pride in great content. To me, bloggers are an excellent source for outfit ideas and recommendations. They want to help you and talk to you about what they love in hopes you'd love it too.

What do you think will change about the industry in years to come? What are your thoughts on the fashion community? Let me know with a comment below, I'd love to get a conversation started!


  1. I totally agree with you about fashion week. From a business standpoint it just makes sense for the looks to be shoppable from the runway.

    1. Thanks Jannine! It's weird to break so many years of tradition, but consumer interest has totally changed since they started fashion week!

  2. I totally agree with you about fashion week. From a business standpoint it just makes sense for the looks to be shoppable from the runway.