Must Haves for a Big Event

I love getting ready for a big night out. From makeup to my hair, to picking out a great outfit, I love the process.

In this case, I'm preparing for College Fashion Week with Her Campus! I'm attending the NYC show on October 1 beginning at 6 pm. Her Campus is partnering with StyleWatch for this year's College Fashion Week. The (incredible) sponsors from the show include Rebecca Minkoff, Vince Camuto, DrybarFitbit, Bertha Watches, and Perfumania. How killer is that list? I was so thrilled to hear about each of these companies taking part in the show (obviously for Rebecca). I'm also excited about Drybar since I see so many people use their line + get blowouts, but I've never tried any of  their products!
With all this being said, are you going? Buy tickets here!

Before I begin anything, I love to have a great playlist to get ready to. Of course it makes the process more enjoyable, but gets me pumped for the night ahead. Here's the one I recently made. Follow me on Spotify!

I first start with a fresh clean face, and apply my favorite face mask. This one is the Clear Improvement mask from Origins. I love this one because I see results pretty much immediately. My skin looks brighter, smoother, and overall healthier. Acne redness is reduced too! I like to do this so I have a nice base for my makeup to go on top.

After I rinse that off and before I begin my makeup for the night, I have to use a primer. Usually I use just my Nivea After Shave Balm, but I like to be fully prepared when I know I have a long night. I add some of my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. (I have the mini one because I'm cheap, but it's worth the price for the full size) This one is great because it controls your oils and keeps your foundation looking smooth - great for a night of photos!

To finish off my makeup, I need to add waterproof mascara. I have trouble with smudging on my lower lash line, so waterproof mascara is a must. I also use this product from NYX to make any of my regular mascaras waterproof.

Now time for hair. Even if I just washed my hair, I like to add dry shampoo to give it some texture and volume. Spray at the roots, wait a bit, and rub the remaining product into your scalp.

To finish off my entire routine, I opt for my favorite perfume. As of now it's Zara's Dark Emerald. It's musky and sophisticated; perfect for a night out. What's your current favorite perfume? I love hearing suggestions!

What are your must have products for your big night routine? Don't forget to get your tickets for College Fashion Week with Her Campus! Hope to see you there. xo.

This post is sponsored by Her Campus Media and its College Fashion Week brand partners. All opinions are my own.

Yankee Bomber

I've been a Yankee girl since I was little, I owe it to the fact we are a serious baseball family. My older brother played all through high school, then D1 in college. So to say this bomber has some sentimental value would be an understatement. I wanted to hop on the bomber trend but not with one everyone has, hence this one. Eventually I might get one like this, just because it matches more.

S H O P   S I M I L A R

Style Shop Fall Opening at FIT

I'm so excited for today's post because I'm recapping the Style Shop at FIT's Fall Opening that took place on Monday! The Style Shop is located in the Dubinsky Center on the FIT Campus and completely run by the students. 

"The Merchandising Society, FIT's largest student club, operates our successful on-campus boutique, the Style Shop. Offering students, faculty, and alumni the opportunity to sell original creations on a consignment basis, the Style Shop also gives members valuable experience in buying, product development, marketing, finance, customer relations, customer service, management, visual merchandising, and sales."

They carry a great selection of accessories, vintage clothing, home goods, and their own product development line. My roomie Desirae is the co-manager of the shop and I'm so proud of her for all her hard work!  In this post I wanted to share some snaps I took the day of the opening as well as show you some of the looks from their Fall Look Book, which features my other roomie Sydney!

Probably my favorite rack in the shop, all vintage pieces selected by the buying team!

How cute is the eyelashes mug... I'm obsessed.

I really love that the shop offers tons of cute accessories like these stickers. The store offers such a great selection of everything you could need to look glam for school.

So proud of Desirae! 💖

Now onto the looks I'm loving from their lookbook.
All photos courtesy of The Style Shop.

I'm particularly loving these silky shorts. Wear them to bed or dress them up as seen here! I'd pair them with a graphic tee and some sneakers for a casual everyday look.

Hi Sydney!

I'm loving their bombers (FYI: I have a post coming soon styling one of my own!). These ones from the shop are easy to wear with tons of different looks but still unique enough to make a statement. 

Be sure to check out the Style Shop whenever you're around 27th street to see these incredible items in person! Again, I am so proud of Desirae and beyond impressed with what the students came up with for the opening. Be sure to follow the Style Shop on Instagram, check out their Facebook for updates, and of course their website.


Button Down Skirt + Sparkly Socks

I am a huge fan of graphics tees, I have been for a while. I was walking home from class in this outfit and a girl literally yelled and walked over to me on the sidewalk "I love your shirt!!". I swear this band has been the reason I've been introduced to people, because of our mutual love.

Anyway, my favorite thing to do with graphic tees is dress them up instead of pairing them with jeans. I did so in today's post by adding a simple black button down skirt and some sneakers. I talked about sparkly socks in this recent post, and I didn't lie when I said I'd style them soon! I like them with sneakers (I felt super spunky) but I might try them out with some booties or heels soon, in a Man Repeller way.

S H O P   S I M I L A R

Friday Faves 9.16

I swear I say this every time, but it's been a minute since I've done a Friday Faves.
I guess the reason why is I really haven't been buying new products, just replenishing old ones.
This week's Friday Faves is mainly beauty products with a few fashion pieces.

S E P H O R A   B R O N Z E R   I N   L O S  C A B O S

I used to use this bronzer back in high school and I remember absolutely loving it. I was going through a bit of a bronzer 'crisis' at the end of summer - nothing blended well on me and more importantly the bronzer I was using was a bit too orangey for me. I remembered this gem when I was in Sephora and didn't hesitate to just buy it again. I think it's a great bronzer because it's a neutral tone and blends so nicely on the skin. It's also great for really pale gals like me!

J . C R E W   B U C K E T   B A G 

I got this gem super on sale at J.Crew this summer and to be honest, it sat in my room for a while before I started using it. Now that I have, it's the only one I use. It's so compact yet fits a ton, and super chic! It instantly adds a polished finish to any look. Unfortunately this one is sold out, but I know they come out with this variation of bag almost every year. In the meantime, I'm really loving these ones.

O U A I    W A V E   S P R A Y

My blogging friend Ruth sent me this lil' sample size of the Quai wave spray! I'm LOVING IT. I've worn my hair straight lately so you might think I'm being hypocritical, but when I wear my hair wavy, this is ideal. It enhances your natural waves and smells musky + perfume-y (MY FAVE). It also just adds a lot of texture to your hair. Huge fan, thank you Ruth!

C O T Y   A I R S P U N   L O O S E   P O W D E R

THIS STUFF. I was on an extensive hunt for this for like two weeks towards the end of summer. I went to two Walmarts, two Targets, Walgreens, etc. Eventually I gave up, and I was told it wasn't even that great. Reviews said it was chalky and ashy, so I figured it wasn't meant to be. Then recently after I was in Walgreens with my mom and I finally found it. It's in a really weird spot, every store puts it near the nail polish (?). As for why I love it, I use it to bake my face. It's SO heavy duty, so I don't let it sit on my skin very long or I look dead (HAHA). I still got it regardless of the 'chalky' reviews, since I am pretty pale I didn't think it would be an issue. If you leave it on long before you brush away the excess it can get that way. I love this so much for one reason, my makeup lasts ALL day. You don't need a lot and this container will last months.

O R I G I N S   O R I G I N A L   S K I N   S E R U M

I talked about this in my skincare routine and I told you I'd give you an update once I used it more. Well, I'm in love. I use it morning and night and I notice that my skin is more radiant and bright. I get acne scars but this clears them up within days. My skin in general looks so great without makeup because of this. I also think it's important to start finding a great serum for your skin at this age. I want to try the whole range of this from Origins, has anyone tried the mask or toner? Let me know!

L E V I   501 ' S

I don't think it'll shock anyone when I say I've been really into denim lately. I recently picked up another pair of 501 CT's from Levi's. I can't believe I haven't done a post with them yet, so I wanted to mention them. Of course, Levi is such a classic American brand so I'm all about supporting them. But the jeans really are incredible and affordable. These feel like I'm wearing sweatpants (too far?). To me they're kinda boyfriend fit, but slightly cropped. I love throwing these on with a simple t-shirt, sunnies and slides; it looks so effortless.

That's it for this week, xo.

September Playlist

For some reason I found a TON of new music this month. My first weekend back in the city I attended a pre-party for the VMAs with the lovely Gia where Tove Lo, Phantogram, and Bebe Rexha performed. I actually really fell in love with Phantogram and have been listening to them ever since (their new album comes out the first week of October too!). Still not over Kanye this month, Waves is my current favorite from him. Frank Ocean's new album, Blonde, is finally on Spotify. I threw on my favorites so far, being Ivy and White Ferrari. 

What are you listening to this month? Follow me on Spotify!


Blush Suede Dress

I'm a huge fan of layering, and this outfit is a perfect example of how I usually do it. I took a basic black tee (it's actually a graphic band tee) and threw on this cute tank swing dress. I love the contrast of the colors but I also love how it makes the outfit more casual. Sure, I'm wearing heels here, but you could wear this with sneakers or booties.

S H O P   S I M I L A R

Fashion Talking Points

I feel as though I don't truly show you the serious side of fashion on my blog, which is basically what I'm studying in school. I study Fashion Business Management at FIT and one day I'd love to be a buyer, a stylist, or work in sales for a company (kind of like my internship at Rebecca Minkoff). The industry is changing so much lately that I try to keep my options open career wise. I also do this because I swear each year I'm in school I find myself loving new aspects I could see myself doing.

Because I spend upwards of 5-7 hours a day in class talking about these topics, I guess I never thought to put them on my blog. I show you the frilly, fun side of fashion, which is great of course. I do that because most of my audience only understands certain aspects of fashion and I still want to be relatable. Basically, I don't dive into these conversation points because most of my readers aren't always interested in that side of fashion. But if you want to know more about the industry, this is the post for you.

I spent five hours on the bus back and forth surprising Michael last weekend and I had a lot of time to really think about things + my future. I also was catching up on Monocycle and Office Hours podcasts, which initially got me thinking of the industry side of things. There's a few sectors of the fashion world I want to talk about, basically just my thoughts, feelings and insights, so I'm going to go subject by subject. Call it a rant, call it informational, here's my take on the industry.

Photo via @InspoCafe


In this day and age, everyone is posting fashion on Instagram. If you're a blogger, working in the industry, or just simply love a good OOTD, it's on Instagram. For me, I love the fashion posts that are 'different'. I gravitate more towards users that make fashion interesting, not just a simple outfit I've seen again and again (I can blame myself for this and some of my outfits, for sure). I love innovation in fashion; seeing people doing things with their outfits that I never thought of. For example, I love this look; it's not everyday we gravitate towards a sweater/short combo, but it's effortless. I also think this is why I love Man Repeller. Leandra is so quirky and different, but we can all learn a thing or two from her for our own closets. My favorite tip from her is wearing statement socks with heels. I haven't quite done it yet, but I did purchase a pair I'm planning to style really soon.

My main takeaway about fashion on Instagram: Make your posts unique and unpredictable. There's so many users on the platform, why not stand out?

Photo Via @NYFW 


Ahhhhh yes. Probably the biggest issue in the industry right now. Fashion Week shows are held 6 months before the clothing comes out. Basically, Fall fashion weeks show the Spring collections for the next year. Spring fashion week shows what the Fall collections will be.
Now, in 2016, we are all about consuming. More clothes, more accessories, more EVERYTHING. This is why we love fast fashion brands such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara - they're constantly turning over clothing at an affordable price that allows us to keep consuming.
Back to what I mean about Fashion Week. We love the looks on the runway, but we have to wait 6 months to purchase them. It doesn't make sense anymore in the way we are purchasing fashion these days. In 6 months, we've already purchased the knock-off look from a fast fashion retailer. Why would we buy the designer name? Plus, we're already sick of that look in 6 months, we want something new already.

My main takeaway about fashion week: Of course this schedule has worked for years. But will brands be more successful if customers can buy right from the runway? I think so. Consumer attitudes have changed so much since the start of Fashion Week as we know it. It's hard to break change of something that's been so concrete for years, but from a business perspective it only seems right to do so.

Photo Via @SomethingNavy 


This is such a touchy subject for myself because obviously I do consider myself a blogger, but I feel like people get so offended with the nitty gritty of what bloggers do. Bloggers are essentially influencers; we drive our opinions on our platforms so other people are 'influenced'. Whether that be makeup we love, a new shirt from a brand not many people shop at, etc. We're showing our following what we love in hopes that they go out, try it, and love it too. In some cases, money or free product is involved for the blogger when they post about things. Now some people might think this is a bit unreal and dishonest. For myself, I never promote brands/items I do not truly love. I would never publicly say I enjoy a product if I make commission/get reciprocal just to talk about it. Most bloggers do the same, but of course there's always skeptics. That's where I can see people not liking bloggers. Bloggers get compensated for posts, but are required to state when the post is sponsored/paid for/etc. So I guess as long as you know if a post is sponsored or truly their own opinion, bloggers can be a very good source for product/clothing recommendations. I truly just enjoy reading blogs because of the inspiration I get. Like I said about instagram, I love seeing how people style items I already have but in new ways I haven't thought of. I also believe if you want to start a blog, keep in mind that there's so many. Why will yours be different? What do you preach to your following? What's your story, will people relate to it? So on and so forth.

My main takeaway about bloggers: Just know that some content is paid for. Generally bloggers won't put out something they don't truly love, they take pride in great content. To me, bloggers are an excellent source for outfit ideas and recommendations. They want to help you and talk to you about what they love in hopes you'd love it too.

What do you think will change about the industry in years to come? What are your thoughts on the fashion community? Let me know with a comment below, I'd love to get a conversation started!

Sleeveless Sweater

I remember sitting in the lobby of Rebecca Minkoff before my interview and saw a girl walk by in simple Levi's and a sleeveless sweater. I loved how effortlessly chic and put together she looked. I've seen sleeveless sweaters in the past and never thought anything of them simply cause I didn't know when or how I'd wear them. J.Crew recently came out with (reasonably priced!) one in a few colors and I gravitated towards this cream one. In their catalog it's styled with some cropped chinos, which might be my next purchase. I also plan to layer it under a jean jacket or blazer too! Depending on where you work, I think this would be a great look to wear. The heels make it more dressier of a look for just being jeans and a sweater.

S H O P   S I M I L A R