My Skincare Routine

Let me get this out of the way, I'm obsessed with skincare. I could talk about it all day long. If I wasn't in the fashion industry, I'd drop everything and become a dermatologist. That obsessed. I love trying new washes, and masks, and treatments, but I know that can actually do more harm than good. And yes, I love makeup and it's fun for me, but I love being comfortable in my own skin too. So today I'm showing you the routine that I feel has dramatically improved my skin and consistently works.

S K I N   B A C K G R O U N D

Just to give you a little insight on my skin (and why these products work for me but might not for you). I like to mention this so people understand I know what having awful acne is like and being unhappy with my skin. I've never been someone who can sleep in their makeup, avoid skincare products, eat a poor diet without getting some sort of flare up. Basically, my skin has always taken a bit of 'work' to keep it nice. So if you're the same way, you're not alone!

Back in high school I had terrible acne. It was cystic, impossible to hide, and most obviously everywhere. I hated leaving the house, didn't make eye contact with people, and tried every possible acne product and regime. I feared new products because I thought it would make things worse than they were already. I even tried natural things, like drinking water with apple cider vinegar, which did help but not enough. My dermatologist had given me topical treatments, different face washes, and eventually prescription pills. The pills didn't do much, just gave me awful migraines. Towards the end of my senior year, I had had enough. That's when my dermatologist had mentioned Accutane for the first time, but my mom quickly dismissed it since it's so harsh. After having a complete mental breakdown in the mirror (to keep it simple) my parents decided it was time for Accutane. I was on it for the first 5 months of my freshman year of college (talk about changes). If you have any more in depth questions about Accutane, definitely feel free to reach out and ask! This post would be extra lengthy if I covered the whole process of it. It was tough, but I'd do it again for the skin I have today.

Today, I have combination/oily skin. I have some dry spots around my cheeks, but for the most part I'm oily. I still see a dermatologist but for 'maintenance' like fixing hormonal flare ups and just keeping oil/acne at bay.

What I find most important to any skin care, especially if you have acne prone or oily skin, is to get a facial. I got one for the first time at the beginning of summer (it was part of my birthday present, lol) and I swear thats why my routine has been working so well. With clean pores, your products can sink into your skin better. Even if your skin appears smooth, there can still be a lot of built up 'gunk' underneath your skin. If you can afford to get facials every few months, I HIGHLY suggest it.

M O R N I N G   R O U T I N E

1. I wash my face with the Cera Ve Foaming Cleanser with a silicone exfoliator. This really makes my skin feel fresh and clean while lightly exfoliating, but not tight and dried out.

2. After I pat my skin dry, I spray some Rosewater & Glycerin spray to calm the redness from cleansing and for my first layer of moisture. It's also really refreshing and smells amazing. I get mine from an organic goods store, but Urban Outfitters actually carries it too.

3. I let that settle in then I usually pat it in if I'm impatient. I apply my Aczone gel, my acne treatment from the dermatologist.

4. Once the Aczone dries I will go in with my Origins Original Skin serum. I just started using this last week, so I'm not claiming this is a holy grail product like the other ones are; Although I do see a great improvement in my skin's texture. I'll keep you updated on this one!

5. Finally I apply my favorite moisturizer, Simple Replenishing, all over. I'm all about hydrating my skin even though it's oily. Keeping your skin moisturized tricks your skin into producing less oil.

Ready for makeup!

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N I G H T   R O U T I N E

1. On dry skin, I take some coconut oil and rub it all over my skin. This gets rid of everything; waterproof mascara, lip stick, eyebrows. You look a little crazy after doing so, but it's so effective. I rinse this off afterwards.

2. This next step might seem a little excessive to some, but this is what I do to ensure all my makeup is off. I first go back in with my Cera Ve cleanser on my Clarisonic Mia 2. This really gets any leftover makeup off my skin. I rinse, then with just a little more cleanser and no Clarisonic, I wash my face again. Crazy? Maybe. But I hate sleeping unless my skin is squeaky clean.

3. I pat my skin dry and if I'm going to do a face mask I will do it now (read about my favorite ones at the end of this post).

3a. If I'm not doing one, I will go in with my Rosewater again, apply my Aczone, Origins Serum, and my Simple Moisturizer. 

If you haven't noticed I keep my products fairly simple and I repeat them morning and night. I found that with a more 'simple', consistent routine that doesn't involve a ton of steps or harsh products, my skin is happier. Sometimes less is way more.


  • You're probably wondering why I don't have an SPF product in my routine. I use this little guy! I talked about it more in last week's Friday Faves.
  • My favorite sheet masks come from TJMaxx/Marshalls, but I just found out they're at Target too. Each color has a different 'need' it's fulfilling (anti-aging, brightening, etc.), but all of them are extremely hydrating.
  • Origins is my favorite skincare line lately. This mask is great for acne. My tip would be to wear it much longer than you normally would; at least 30 mins to an hour makes the acne vanish as soon as you wash it off.
  • Que Bella is my favorite inexpensive brand for masks. They have all different kinds, each packet being around $1!
  • Fish Oil not only helps your skin, but your hair and nails, and is overall great for your body.
  • Niacinamide was recommended by my dermatologist for keeping acne at bay. I take one a day.
  • I follow this step by step process no matter what my routine is.
  • This is the primer I use for makeup, it additionally moisturizes while keeping makeup in place. You only need a little bit - this jar has lasted me almost an entire year.
  • This video covers tons of other skincare habits you should be doing.
  • Keep in mind that healthy eating and drinking a lot of water helps too!
  • Always, always, always wash off your makeup each night. You risk getting premature wrinkles, eye infection, and pesky acne if not!

Hope you found a new product to test out! Remember to be consistent and patient with new products,  sometimes it takes almost a month for progress to show. Also please, please, PLEASE reach out if you have any questions. Like I said, I love talking about skincare! Email me :)


  1. Loved this post Shelby. I always love hearing about new beauty and skincare products- I'm definitely going to try some of those sheet masks soon. I've been dying to try some! XO, Nicole //

  2. A cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are a must in any skincare routine! I have not tried the Rosewater spray yet, but I'm dying to try the Mario Badescu one!

    Rachel /