Friday Faves // College Edition

In today's Friday Faves I'm doing things a little differently. I started packing for school this week and thought I should do a college related post on the blog, so here we are! It's a pretty lengthy list; some are obvious some maybe not so obvious to bring. There are some products that I just can't live without at school and if it's your first time going away I hope this is helpful for you! For the upperclassmen rookies like me, maybe you'll find something you didn't know you needed 😼


To every college girl, this might seem like one of those obvious things to decorate your room. My freshman year I didn't bring any simply because I didn't want to be like everyone else (such an angsty teen). I brought some for my suite the beginning of sophomore year at Oneonta and fell in love with them. They're just a nice lil' ambiance booster and great for reading in bed at night without completely blinding your roommate. I got these lantern ones at Target for over my bed and recently got these cute twinkle lights at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that I want to put around my desk area!


This semester I'm bring some faux flowers to add to my desk. I've gotten flowers for my dorm before, but they end up dying and making a mess on my desk. I plan to just stick these into my mason jar that I use for pens + pencils. It's just a simple, inexpensive way to make your room feel more home-y.


I can't stress enough how much you need a really great water bottle in college. Take it to class, to work out, to hang out at a friend's dorm, heck even bring it to the dining hall and fill it up with your fave drink (Mike and his friends do this all the time). For some reason I didn't bring glasses for drinks in my apartment style dorm last semester (???) so I relied on my water bottle a ton. The more you have it with you the more likely you'll be drinking enough water each day as well. Hate drinking water? Add some fruit like lemon or berries!


Another obvious item, well if you're a coffee addict like myself. I have the mini one, which takes a bit longer than the regular larger Keurigs but it gets the job done. If you have access to ice in your room, I love brewing coffee over a ton of ice to get my iced coffee fix (it's a little watered down, but much cheaper than a drink at Starbucks). If you're not into coffee, they make tons of K-Cup flavors of tea, hot chocolate, etc.


To be honest, I actually just got a yoga mat this summer because I'm taking a yoga class back in the city. My suitemates / roommates, almost every year had a yoga mat. It's perfect for doing an ab workout in the comfort of your own room and of course it's great for bringing to the gym so you don't have to sit on the public mats. It's also great if you're all hanging out watching a movie or something and you're the one who ends up on the floor instead of the futon.


Whether you're in a normal traditional dorm, or an apartment style/suite, you're going to need some of these. In my regular dorm, I used these to wipe down my desk, my Keurig, clean up any dust, so on and so forth. Of course in a kitchen or bathroom these are great for quick cleaning. In general, they're just extra handy and convenient.


Every single semester I stock up new toiletries and save them in my storage bins. At Oneonta, it was a pain to get to the store in town and lug everything I got back to campus. In the city, toiletries are much more expensive. To save time and money I've just always stocked up on things I know I'll need.

This includes but varies:
- Skincare products
- Makeup like powder, concealer, mascara
- Body wash
- Makeup wipes
- Razors + Shaving cream
- Toothpaste + extra toothbrushes (change them when you're sick or
 if you drop it in the shared bathrooms, yucky)


Another item you might be thinking, 'duh?'. My freshman year rug was about a foot long and didn't do much for our large cinderblock + tile room, but my sophomore year I got a huge one that went under both our beds and essentially covered the entire room. I highly suggest getting a big rug for your room because it's another element that makes the cold, white box of a room feel more like home. It's also a great background for flat lay photos 😎


I just wanted to share some of my favorite snacks I think are always great to have on hand. I generally don't buy junk food just because then I'm not tempted to eat it. I always keep granola bars (Cliff + Larabars are my fave), raw unsalted almonds, Craisins, popcorn, and if I do buy chips they're like whole grain tortilla ones from Trader Joes. I want to point out, especially if you're an incoming freshman, don't buy a ton of junk! If you don't see it, generally you won't crave it. Save your big calories for the dining hall. When I went to FIT I didn't have a meal plan and noticed how much weight I really gained from having unhealthy snacks at Oneonta + unlimited meals in the dining hall. But of course, late night pizza every once in a while is always encouraged.

Hope you all have an incredible semester, xoxo.


  1. Loved this, Shelby!! Never would have thought to bring a yoga mat but such a good idea. Especially since I did tell myself I would try and come up with some sort of workout schedule for school. XO, Nicole //

    1. Right?! If you only have time for a quick 15 minute ab workout, it's perfect! Thank you Nicole!

  2. I have a Keurig even though I don't like coffee! I love that they have different teas & hot chocolate is my fave!!
    xo, Syd

    1. I love the versatility! I even brew just hot water and add lemon! :) Thanks Sydney!

  3. YES! A water bottle 100000%, I took mine everywhere!! And string lights make every room so much better!

  4. Great post! Yes and amen to the string of lights! I didn't have more for my first few months of living on campus, because I didn't want to be like everyone else, just like you... lol! But then I got over it;) haha!