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You wanted it, I listened! I did a poll on Twitter if I should do this kind of post, and I was really excited people wanted to hear about FIT. I wanted to make this post because I feel like when I was just accepted to FIT, I didn't know what I was going into. A fashion school can cause a lot of stereotypes in someone's brain, and especially when it's one of the top fashion schools in the country. Of course, I want incoming freshmen or transfers to learn from this post, but I know a lot of people who never plan to go to FIT are curious to what it's like! I always get questions like:

"Are people super dressed up for class?" 

"What are the classes like?" 

"What do you plan to do with that degree?"

"Do they even have dorms?"

I'm here to answer those 💃🏻

B A C K G R O U N D   O N   M E

I'm currently a junior studying Fashion Business Management. I transferred to FIT my sophomore year of college from Oneonta State. 

D O R M   L I F E   +  M A K I N G   F R I E N D S

I lived in Kaufman Hall last semester and will be this year as well. It's the newest dorm, and also the only one off campus. Shared with my roommate, I have my own bathroom and kitchen which is an absolute dream. In Kaufman you can have one roommate, triple, or a quad with an RA (which is what I'll be in this year!). I have a ten minute walk to campus but I really love the fact that I'm away from the hustle and bustle of 27th street.
As for the other dorms, which are all on campus, Nagler and Coed are traditional style dorms meaning you and one other roommate with no bathroom or kitchen. Alumni Hall has all quad style rooms with your own kitchen and bathroom.
Whether you're on campus or off, you have pros and cons. If you're on 27th street, you have access to tons of chain restuarants and coffee shops on 7th Avenue. You're also just closer to downtown by 10 minutes and are a few steps away from a subway station. In Kaufman, I love the fact I'm closer to Penn Station for travel and where Kaufman is I'm not on a hectic, busy street. Kaufman also has it's own gym and computer lab, which the others do not!

If you're a partier, don't expect to find Frat parties and 'house' parties around FIT. If you really want that I suggest making friends with NYU or Marymount students. Most FIT students go to clubs, typically with club promoters.

As for making friends, I've noticed if you're in the apartment style situation making friends can be kind of tough. The doors close automatically so no one has their room open to go say hi. No one generally hangs out in the hall way either. That was a huge adjustment for me coming from a school where everyone's door was open, everyone would walk by and say hi, etc. I made most of my friends through classes to be honest. Whether it was who I sat next to, or who I worked with in group projects. I also reached out to girls who also did College Fashionista and asked to meet up and have coffee. Additionally I had a lot of friends who went to other schools in the city so half the time I asn't with FIT students. The thing about students at FIT is everyone has a very different, busy schedule and most people are very independent.
My advice for making friends is to seriously go out of your way to hang out with people. Like I stated before, ask someone to get coffee. Work on homework with someone from class at a coffee shop. (I know I keep saying coffee but I feel thats what everyone does in the city when they want to chat or hangout!) When it's warm go hang out in Central Park or go shopping in Soho. You'd be amazed at how many people are in your situation though, people in the city actually get very lonely, so don't hesititate to ask!

My view leaving Kaufman Hall.

O N   C A M P U S

Our campus is SO safe. Each building, including dorms, that you walk into you are required to show your student ID to one of the security guards that are always patrolling. Coming back from a night out at 3am? They're there. Sometimes it's hard for even myself, a student, to get in, so I'm very lucky we have such a high security campus. Also, you can take a shuttle from campus to Kaufman any time of day for free. If you're in the library late studying or sometimes classes go until 9pm and you don't feel safe, it's a great option.

I'm not much help about the dining plan either since I'm in an apartment style room I do all of my own cooking. Our actual dining hall is actually a great place to hang out, which may sound weird to some. We have a Starbucks in there and you can find people sitting with their friends just hanging out. I like to go there to get Starbs and get some work done between classes too.

I always get asked, 'what do people dress like?'. I was shocked to see how many people simply wear leggings and sneakers, while others walk into class wearing stilettos. It doesn't matter what you wear honestly. People are really not judging at all. Why would someone make a comment on your amazing outfit at a fashion school? I usually just wore jeans most days but I dabbled in wearing heels, dresses, and this skirt. I love the fact you can wear whatever you want. At my old school you couldn't, so I'm incredibly happy about that.

The library is a great resource, but I usually find myself there to either print something or pick up a book I need for a class quick. It's a few floors, but it's pretty small. It fills up quickly and to be honest, it's usually pretty loud in there for a library. But if you're a design major they have plenty of workspace for you and tons of computers. If you're looking for some workspace there's rooms in Dubinsky, the business building lobby, a huge computer room in Feldman, and each dorm has a workroom in either the lobby or basement.

This little excerpt will be my favorite because I used these resources SO MUCH as a transfer student. I'm obsessed with academic advisement. I LOVE my counselor because I always have so many questions and she answers them all and reassures me I have my life on track. You can always pop in for a meeting or make an appointment way in advance. Don't be nervous to go either, it's literally an entire office of advisors there to help you! They help with classes, graduation, etc. I usually go around the time of picking classes but since I'm a transfer a lot of my credits got messed up so she helps me figure that all out. Highly, highly recommend.
I'm also obsessed with my internship counselor. At my old school, internships were unheard of. No one got one because the town didn't have much to offer. Wanted to do CollegeFashionista for school credit? They said no and it wasn't a 'great learning opportunity'. If you can't tell by the tone of my writing, that was a key factor on why I left. This is never the case at FIT. Sure they might say an internship wont be fulfilling, but they allow you to explore internships and will do everything they can to get you one. All summer I was in constant contact with my counselor about finding an internship for Fall. I would let her know what companies I was interested in and she would find out if they take interns and give me the contact info to send my resume. She was so beyond helpful and I'm so lucky to have an entire office dedicated to getting me some of the greatest internships in the fashion industry. This is another resource I highly suggest taking advantage of.

So I can't speak much about the clubs on campus since I never got invloved with any (oops). But even though I'm not invloved, I can tell you there's a bunch of clubs you can join. We also have a boutique on campus, The Style Shop, that our merchandising society runs. You can work in the shop for a couple hours a week and help pick out what goes in the store. My roomie is the manager (😍), so if you have any questions I could redirect you to her!

Just some other quick tips about campus. If you have early morning classes (mainly only 8ams or 9ams) keep in mind that no one takes these classes so no one is ever on campus. Want Starbucks? There's never a line at that time. We also have The New York Times for free on campus so get that while they're still there in the morning. You also get to walk around with the newspaper in your hand like a true scholar.
FIT's buildings all connect as well. You can walk from Dubinsky all the way to the library without ever coming back outside. I also have a tough time writing about the actual building names because we never call them that. Students and staff refer to the buildings as a letter "A-D". So for example,

Dubinsky is the A building.
Business is the B building.
Feldman is C.
Pomerantz is D.
The library is technically E, but we do actually say library.

I had trouble adjusting to this one, but once classes were in full swing I got the hang of it since thats how they tell you where they are on your schedule.


I LOVE MY PROFESSORS. This was also a huge factor for me when I transferred. I wanted teachers who actually get excited about the material and love this industry. I hit the jackpot with FIT. It's been said that professors must have at least 7 years experience in the industry before they can teach. I love that because of course they're prepared, but they also tell great stories about working. This is also a huge networking resource. Be friends with your teachers!!! I had a professor that worked at J.Crew Corporate (MY ABSOLUTE DREAM) and I'd literally ask her questions about it everyday. They usually ask in the beginning of the semester what you want to do one day, and they'll usually remember that. If they have any sort of connection they will tell you and help you out.

Classes themselves are 3 hours, but it's actually a blessing. I know what you're thinking, WHY. You only have them once a week! You have a week to do homework which is huge. You also can do two or three a day and have the rest of the week off. Typically students do that so they can work or intern, but I had a day off last semester that I used to explore the city. This semester I scheduled my classes to be Monday-Wednesday so I intern Thursday and Friday. It allows you to have more free time to do other things and I honestly love it. The time goes by quickly, at least if it's an interesting class. Most of the time you get let out 20-30 minutes early anyway. Certain classes like my yoga one are only 2 hours.

Adding to the flexibility aspect, FIT also offers online classes. I took some over the summer which was such a breeze, but I'm also taking one during my upcoming fall semester. I had to in order to have a packed schedule but still be able to do an internship. It just allows you to work when you can without having to sit in a classroom for another three hours. I love the fact that we offer it!

So that about wraps up the main points I wanted to make about FIT. I wish I knew most of this stuff going in, which is why I wanted to share! If you're an incoming freshman or transfer and have more questions, don't hesitate to ask, I certainly wish I had someone to bug about what to expect. If you're just reading because you were curious, I hope you learned something new and I broke a few stereotypes of fashion school!

While I finish typing this, I'm so excited to get back on campus! Eeeeee! If you're not already following me on Instagram definitely do to see a lot of 'hey i'm back in the city let me post tons of pics'.


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