Friday Faves 7.29

GUYS I haven't done a Friday Faves in almost two months???
This post is much overdue, so I'm including a bunch of products and items this week! It's mostly beauty products, since I started trying out some new things.

G L O S S I E R   R O S E   B A L M   D O T C O M

I finally decided to try some Glossier products, and this one changed my life. Okay, not really, but it inspired my new makeup routine. Backtracking to why I love this, it's not a glossy sheen of a balm. It just makes your lips look extremely moisturized, plump, and hydrated. It's similar to the Rosebud Salve, but it's not as shiny and glossy.
I was looking at videos from Glossier where people use the balm dot calm, and this is when I got inspired. I saw girls using it on their lips of course, but also along their brow bone and cheekbones for a little sheen. I don't necessarily do that, but it inspired me to do a more dewy, 'less is more' look. I focus on allowing my skin to peek through my BB cream, bushy, fuller, natural looking brows, and plump hydrated lips. It's a simple routine now, which is much faster and efficient. (Should I do a current makeup routine?)

S I M P L E   M O I S T U R I Z E R

I picked out this moisturizer because I wanted one I could use morning and night; so that means no SPF or thick evening creams. I'm LOVING this! It's so hydrating but lightweight. It also doesn't have any scent,  great for sensitive skin - well all products from Simple are. This also applies great under makeup, which is usually a deciding factor for me.

L O O K I N G   F O R   A L A S K A    B Y    J O H N   G R E E N

THIS. BOOK. I first read this my freshman year of high school, again before my freshman year of college, and again last week on my trip to the city (I read it all before I got there!). This book seriously changes the way you think about relationships with others and how your actions can influence people. It also has so many incredible life lessons in here - I'd say them now but I'd be spoiling the book if I told you. I love some of the quotes in here, I've written them down over the years and think of them as a life 'mantra'. Fun fact, this book had something to do with how Michael asked me to be his girlfriend :)

L A T I C O   L E A T H E R S   B A G

New favorite bag right here! I've used it everyday since I got it almost three weeks ago. It's such a quality bag, so well made, with great leather. I'm usually not much of a fringe gal, but this is the perfect amount of it. I love how vintage-y it looks and the color goes with everything! I used this as my carry-on bag when I traveled to the city and it fits so much.
I received this bag from Liv, a fellow CF gal, and Latico Leathers. 

C H L O E   E A U    D E    T O I L E T T E

With years on end of using Victoria's Secret body sprays, I've retired my youth for a big girl perfume. Last year, I thought I found what I thought was going to be my staple scent. The J.Crew 57 scent was unfortunately discontinued, literally a week or two after I bought it. So, here comes my newest scent. The Chloe perfume smells like a sophisticated Parisian woman, so I'm loving it. I get mine from Nordstrom Rack.

S E T T I N G   M I S T   W I T H  SPF  5 0

I went to Atlantic City about two weeks ago and this guy was my saving grace. I got the mini size to throw in my beach bag, but I'm thinking about getting the big one soon. It's a setting spray sunscreen, meaning you can spray it over your makeup or underneath. My mom always yells at me for not being more interested in SPF, but most lotions break me out - not this one. It has SPF 50 (!!) which is huge; most makeup only contains SPF 15, so the fact you can spray this over it is great protection. When you spray it it's so beyond refreshing and cooling, smells fabulous, and dries matte!! I swear this spray is defying all sunscreen odds; dries matte, doesn't break out my skin, not greasy, and easy to apply over makeup.

B O B B I   B R O W N   S H I M M E R   B R I C K   IN   B E I G E

I have raved about this for months now - to my friends, on Twitter, etc., and I'm finally getting around to talking about it on my blog. I use this as my everyday highlighting powder. I swirl my brush through all the colors and apply it to the high points of my face. I know what you're thinking, isn't that a little dark for a highlight? It's not so intensely pigmented where it looks like you're sweeping bronzer across your face. It gives a nice 'glow from within' look, which I'm obsessed with. It's not as intense as say, the Becca highlighter (I love that for more formal events or nights out!).

G L O S S I E R   B O Y   B R O W

I decided to try the Boy Brow to see the hype. This formula is wax based, which is different from most brow gels, and leaves your eyebrows still feeling like eyebrows - not crunchy and stiff. It also looks incredibly natural in your brows and gives them the slightest tint! The wand is smaller than what I'm used to, but I'm still loving it.

Hopefully I don't go another two months without doing a Friday Faves...
Until next week, xo.


  1. Ah Shelby, I LOVED this post. First- I'm glad there's someone else who loves Glossier as much as I do. I've been wanting to try the rose balm dotcom and I think now based on your review I have to do it. I'm also a huge boy brow fan, so I'm glad that you're liking it! I'm adopting a similar "less is more" makeup routine (or at least trying to, its a process), so I'd love to see a full post on yours.

    I'm definitely going to try out the setting mist. I'm burn so easily so I'm always looking for good SPF products and yours sounds like it fits the bill. Also, that Bobbi Brown highlighting powder looks amazing. I've been using Benefit's High Beam, which I like, but I like the idea of a powder instead of a liquid, it seems so much easier.

    Sorry I legit wrote a novel (speaking of which, I'm definitely going to read Looking for Alaska now- its been on my list for months!) XO, Nicole //

  2. That Simple moisturizer is also one of my favorites! I picked it up out of the blue after staring at the massive wall of facial moisturizers for way too long. So glad I did because it's affordable and works wonders!

  3. That leather bag is so pretty!
    xo, Syd