Friday Faves 7.29

GUYS I haven't done a Friday Faves in almost two months???
This post is much overdue, so I'm including a bunch of products and items this week! It's mostly beauty products, since I started trying out some new things.

G L O S S I E R   R O S E   B A L M   D O T C O M

I finally decided to try some Glossier products, and this one changed my life. Okay, not really, but it inspired my new makeup routine. Backtracking to why I love this, it's not a glossy sheen of a balm. It just makes your lips look extremely moisturized, plump, and hydrated. It's similar to the Rosebud Salve, but it's not as shiny and glossy.
I was looking at videos from Glossier where people use the balm dot calm, and this is when I got inspired. I saw girls using it on their lips of course, but also along their brow bone and cheekbones for a little sheen. I don't necessarily do that, but it inspired me to do a more dewy, 'less is more' look. I focus on allowing my skin to peek through my BB cream, bushy, fuller, natural looking brows, and plump hydrated lips. It's a simple routine now, which is much faster and efficient. (Should I do a current makeup routine?)

S I M P L E   M O I S T U R I Z E R

I picked out this moisturizer because I wanted one I could use morning and night; so that means no SPF or thick evening creams. I'm LOVING this! It's so hydrating but lightweight. It also doesn't have any scent,  great for sensitive skin - well all products from Simple are. This also applies great under makeup, which is usually a deciding factor for me.

L O O K I N G   F O R   A L A S K A    B Y    J O H N   G R E E N

THIS. BOOK. I first read this my freshman year of high school, again before my freshman year of college, and again last week on my trip to the city (I read it all before I got there!). This book seriously changes the way you think about relationships with others and how your actions can influence people. It also has so many incredible life lessons in here - I'd say them now but I'd be spoiling the book if I told you. I love some of the quotes in here, I've written them down over the years and think of them as a life 'mantra'. Fun fact, this book had something to do with how Michael asked me to be his girlfriend :)

L A T I C O   L E A T H E R S   B A G

New favorite bag right here! I've used it everyday since I got it almost three weeks ago. It's such a quality bag, so well made, with great leather. I'm usually not much of a fringe gal, but this is the perfect amount of it. I love how vintage-y it looks and the color goes with everything! I used this as my carry-on bag when I traveled to the city and it fits so much.
I received this bag from Liv, a fellow CF gal, and Latico Leathers. 

C H L O E   E A U    D E    T O I L E T T E

With years on end of using Victoria's Secret body sprays, I've retired my youth for a big girl perfume. Last year, I thought I found what I thought was going to be my staple scent. The J.Crew 57 scent was unfortunately discontinued, literally a week or two after I bought it. So, here comes my newest scent. The Chloe perfume smells like a sophisticated Parisian woman, so I'm loving it. I get mine from Nordstrom Rack.

S E T T I N G   M I S T   W I T H  SPF  5 0

I went to Atlantic City about two weeks ago and this guy was my saving grace. I got the mini size to throw in my beach bag, but I'm thinking about getting the big one soon. It's a setting spray sunscreen, meaning you can spray it over your makeup or underneath. My mom always yells at me for not being more interested in SPF, but most lotions break me out - not this one. It has SPF 50 (!!) which is huge; most makeup only contains SPF 15, so the fact you can spray this over it is great protection. When you spray it it's so beyond refreshing and cooling, smells fabulous, and dries matte!! I swear this spray is defying all sunscreen odds; dries matte, doesn't break out my skin, not greasy, and easy to apply over makeup.

B O B B I   B R O W N   S H I M M E R   B R I C K   IN   B E I G E

I have raved about this for months now - to my friends, on Twitter, etc., and I'm finally getting around to talking about it on my blog. I use this as my everyday highlighting powder. I swirl my brush through all the colors and apply it to the high points of my face. I know what you're thinking, isn't that a little dark for a highlight? It's not so intensely pigmented where it looks like you're sweeping bronzer across your face. It gives a nice 'glow from within' look, which I'm obsessed with. It's not as intense as say, the Becca highlighter (I love that for more formal events or nights out!).

G L O S S I E R   B O Y   B R O W

I decided to try the Boy Brow to see the hype. This formula is wax based, which is different from most brow gels, and leaves your eyebrows still feeling like eyebrows - not crunchy and stiff. It also looks incredibly natural in your brows and gives them the slightest tint! The wand is smaller than what I'm used to, but I'm still loving it.

Hopefully I don't go another two months without doing a Friday Faves...
Until next week, xo.

Warby Parker X Field Series

Yesterday, Warby Parker launched their new line of sunglasses, the Field Series. 

"Introducing six limited-edition shades, crafted from premium 
cellulose acetate and Japanese titanium in new multilayered construction."

They reached out to me to create a post featuring the new styles! I love how unique they are; they don't necessarily resemble a different brand's style which I find in most sunglass lines lately. 
In today's post I'm showing you how I'd style the new sunnies!

G R A D Y in Whiskey Tortoise
I'm in LOVE with these (I mean look at my picture to the right). I love pairing bright primary colors together, like I did here with the blue tint lenses and the yellow off the shoulder top.

R E E D in Jet Black
Going full on edgy with this look. I'm loving the Reed shades because of the extra brow bar on top of them, I think it's so flattering.

R E E D in Green Spruce
I think this look is perfect for a day in Central Park or going to a concert. The green shade of these is so eye-catching and different.
B O N N I E in Grapefruit Soda
How cute would this look be for getting brunch? This Bonnie pair is so feminine and girly, but still trendy.

G R A D Y in Crystal Aqua
I like this pair because they have a blue tint (making them more interesting than a simple black pair for example) but they're still extremely wearable.

B O N N I E in Walnut Tortoise
I'm getting serious vintage vibes with the tortoise Bonnie shades! I wanted them to be the focus of this look.

So, so glad Warby Parker reached out to me to create this post. What's so great about WP is that you can do at home try-ons of all their styles, sunnies or prescription!

What's in my travel makeup bag? VIDEO

Hi everyone! Today's post is another beauty focused one featuring what I bring in my travel makeup bag. This particular trip I brought quite a bit - of course, what I bring changes on where I'm going and what I plan to do when I'm there. Check out the video but be sure to refer back to this post for links to products!


R E M O V E A B L E    P O U C H E S

Coconut Oil Lotion | Cera Ve - morning face wash | Dove Body Wash | Shampoo + Conditioner are from a bed and breakfast I stayed at 

M A K E U P    S T O R A G E

Hope you enjoyed!

Current Mood Board

I love Pinterest for creating mood boards. I find myself attracted to a certain type of aesthetic every few months or so and I search the Pinterest world to create the perfect board. Sometimes I'm feeling super Parisian, other times I want to be extra trendy, and sometimes I'm loving grungy vibes. Mood boards are the best for getting inspired too, which is why I recommend creating one that aligns with your current thoughts and ideas in relation to fashion, beauty, or blog posts.

This mood board is my latest one that I wanted to share. I'm really feeling bushy eyebrows, simple makeup, great denim, and minimal color. I'll let you see for yourself!

In addition to this board, I'm really close to purchasing this jacket and I desperately need a new one of these.

What's your current 'aesthetic'?

Best Drugstore Makeup

I'm a huge fan of finding great products for less. I use a fair share of higher end makeup, but I really enjoy having inexpensive items I really love. 
For example, last summer I was on vacation in New Hampshire where there was no Sephora. I traumatically ran out of my Anastasia brow pencil and had to find something at the town's Walmart to replace it. Fortunately I knew of one i liked, and the trip wasn't completely ruined by a lack of great eyebrows. So that's a great example of having some drugstore items in the back of your mind that you know works and won't break the bank.
I also did a mini Snapchat haul a few weeks ago (👻: shelbyshowell, I plan to do some more fun things like that on snap!) of some recent items I purchased. I saw a few screenshots on some of the products, so I figured I'd do this post!
Please keep in mind that these prices are averages!


MAYBELLINE MASTERFIX LOOSE POWDER: This stuff is gold for baking your face. It's super finely milled, making your face look airbrushed. It really keeps my makeup in place all day and doesn't add any extra coverage to my face which can make it look cakey.

L'OREAL INFALLIBLE PRO-MATTE FOUNDATION: I can honestly say this is my holy grail foundation. I've used it for over a year now and have had no problems or complaints. The color matches my skin perfectly (which I have yellow/neutral tones) and it blends seamlessly. I've applied it with both my Beauty Blender and a foundation brush and it looks great both ways. It's a 'semi-matte' finish, meaning it doesn't fully flatten out your face and look dry; it looks like skin. I'd say it's a medium-full coverage foundation. For reference, I'm shade 102 Shell Beige!

MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER: From what I've heard, this concealer has been known to be a dupe for the NARS creamy concealer. I can't confirm that since I haven't used it, but that's probably because I love this one so much. It's lightweight, yet full coverage. I've used it under my eyes but I primarily use it for any blemishes/redness that peak through my foundation.

RIMMEL STAY MATTE POWDER: This is another product I've used for years. I get this powder in the shade of my foundation and use it in spots I may need a little extra coverage. I love it because it's smooth and applies nicely, but also because it doesn't make you look cakey - which some powders can do.

GARNIER BB EYE CONCEALER: This little guy was stashed away in my makeup collection for a while until I ran out of my Fit Me concealer. It has a metal rolling ball applicator, which is great if you have puffy eyes. What really sold me on this concealer is the fact it's 'BB' meaning it's not going to be heavy or super opaque. I don't necessarily get bad under eye circles, so I think that's why I love the product. It's 'dewy' for your under eyes, but in the sense that it looks like skin. Side note, sometimes I find this at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for $3.99.. keep your eyes peeled!

NIVEA MEN'S SHAVE BALM: AHHHH. My favorite product out of this whole list probably. I know what you're thinking, "but it's a men's product?". I get that. But it has a great amount of glycerin and it's super moisturizing, making it the perfect base for your makeup. Foundation goes on so smooth and evenly. Keep in mind I have oily skin and this still works great for me. I haven't used anything since I got this (last August I think) and it's also lasted almost a year - I just recently picked up a new one since I'm getting low.  I learned this trick primarily through NikkieTutorials, but Niykee Heaton uses it too!


MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: I just started using this a few weeks ago but it's become a recent obsession. It makes your lashes really flared and volumized, which I love. My only disclaimer for this is that it doesn't layer well with other mascaras; but alone it's fabulous.

L'OREAL SMOLDERING EYE KOHL: I don't always wear eyeliner, but when I do it's usually this guy. I like to smudge my eyeliner to make it less harsh so a kohl pencil is perfect for this. Not much to say other than I love the pigmentation and it's easy to smudge but will still stay in place.

MAYBELLINE BROW DRAMA GEL: Typically I go high end in relation to my brows, but like my example in New Hampshire, I like to have drugstore alternatives. This little guy makes your eyebrows look 'real' and full. It also doesn't make your brows 'crispy' like some do; they're not crunchy and hard throughout the day. 

MAYBELLINE BROW DEFINE + FILL DUO: This pencil is great for travel in my opinion, due to the double end. I talked about this in my Friday Faves video, but I start with the pencil side and sometimes I'll use the powder side to blend or add more color. This isn't my favorite pencil, but for the price I still get great brow results.


NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREME: These are my FAVE. I wear Athens borderline everyday. It's a great color for a fancy event, going to work or class. They go on super creamy and smooth (but I do suggest exfoliating before) and they dry to a matte finish. I like these better than a really drying liquid lipstick because they're still somewhat moisturizing yet give the liquid lip look.

NYX BUTTER GLOSS: These give you a perfect glossy pout while moisturizing your lips and smelling like cupcakes. My favorite shade is Eclair since it's a neutral, but I think my next purchase will be this one.

JORDANA EASY LINER: I'm not a huge lip liner person, only because I don't do it very often, so I'm all about inexpensive ones. These are surprisingly SO great for the price. They're not drying, they glide on so easily, and stay put. I love wearing Tawny on its own, it's a perfect 'your lips but better' shade.

ELF LIP EXFOLIATOR: I had to mention this because I think exfoliation is super important when trying to achieve a great lip. This one doesn't necessarily look appealing, but it smells great and really does a great job because it's so gritty. I also love this because it's in stick form and you can avoid sticking your fingers into a jar and getting it all over you.

PALMER'S FLIPBALM: I love these guys!!! Not only cause they're cute but because they actually work. They moisturize your lips for hours and the flip action makes them fun to apply. My favorite is the watermelon one.

Feel free to ask questions about any of the products in the comments below! Remember to hover over these images and pin them to your beauty boards on Pinterest! Let me know if you try any of these out and end up loving them as much as I did. xo.

Blue Jeans

I can't seem to break the habit of throwing on a pair of denim shorts or jeans and gravitating to a simple white tee. I love the simplicity of it because it's so easy to accessorize. Dressed up or down, you really can't go wrong with the classics.

I'm usually a skinny jean gal but I've been really broadening my horizons and loving more of a flare jean like these. White tees are so underrated in my opinion. You can get them super cheap or opt for some higher quality, but either way it's a staple. 

As for accessories, I've been loving simple details like dainty necklaces layered, accent earrings, and some cute yet colorful bracelets. I'm using my scarves differently lately - adding them to my basic bags! It makes them look way more expensive (I mean this bag is from Old Navy, who would think?). My grandma got this silk scarf when she was traveling in Paris; it's a great little addition to my recent love of Parisian style.


From the Archives

I've noticed a lot of new readers on my site and I thought it'd be a good idea to show some of my past posts. I've certainly changed a lot style wise over the year, but I still want to show some outfits from last summer. I also have a few videos I've done in the past, and tons of lifestyle posts. For my loyal readers, maybe you missed a post here and there. Here's your chance to get caught up!

F  A  S  H  I  O  N

I love this white skirt, especially paired with a simple graphic tee.
Shift dresses are perfect for summer, here's how I styled one.
I still love this tulle skirt.
White jeans are a staple.
I recently posted an outfit with this tunic, here's what I did with it last year!

B  E  A  U  T  Y

I shared some of my essentials for getting a perfect lipstick application!
MAC, Colourpop, and NYX were all in my Friday Faves this week.
You need these items for a summer vacation trip.

In a long distance relationship or will be? Read my advice.
My first City Perspectives post with Emily Harris!
My first month in the city.. oh how naive I was.
It's trendy to be organic, right?
A few tips to start your own blog.

V  I  D  E  O  S
How I Style: Bandanas
NYC Trip before I was a student here!
A semi recent Friday Faves
Vacation Vlog

STORE HIGHLIGHT: & Other Stories

Today starts a new segment on my blog, store highlights! I love sharing deals, sales, and my favorite pieces from stores and I figured this is a great way to do so. In these posts I'll share when to shop, special deals, and some of my favorite items from the store.
For my first post I'm focusing on & Other Stories. It's explained that the store "offers clothing, shoes accessories, etc. to allow women to create their personal style, or story." I discovered this shop within the first few days of moving to the city (I frequent the one by Bryant Park!) I really love the vibe of the stores, it's reasonably priced, and they have a killer shoe selection. The stores have a clean aesthetic like light wood and industrial metal details, and cute succulents and polaroids all over the store. I really enjoy the 'clean' editing and easily navigable website, kinda looks like my blog's theme right?! When I think of & Other Stories I think of dainty jewelry, classic basic pieces, and gorgeous bralettes.


Of course, always! I say this because most items are reasonable and affordable, like basics, socks, jewelry and lingerie. As for sales, they offer a good selection online. Most things are 20-40 dollars off (some even half off!) making it easy to score something you were hesitant to buy in previous months.


  • Sign up for their newsletter for 10% off your order.
  • Free shipping on orders over $150



  • & Other Stories is owned by the H&M Group, but they're their pretty much non-dependent on the parent group. They use H&M for business logistics and support, but the store designs everything independently.
  • They do a ton of great collabs; in the past they have partnered with Nike, Lykke Li, and recently Rodarte.

What other store highlights would you like to see?


My Car Playlist

So last week I acquired my brother's old car, making it my new + first car. In my life path I never truly needed my own but since he's moving into the city, he can't keep his, which is where I come in. So YAY very exciting.
I've always driven my parents' car when necessary so I've always played my Spotify playlists in the car. With my new found 'freedom' of my own car, I decided it was a nice time to create a fun playlist perfect for driving. It has a little bit of everything, making it perfect for any commute or road trip. 

Enjoy, xo.
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Silk Cami

This style trend is ALL the rage in NYC and I've been looking for the perfect tank + tee to recreate it. I'm not going to lie, this look is so easy but I find it so appealing. You look like a natural born street style phenomenon. It's a perfect look for class, hanging out, doing errands, etc.
This tank is another thrift store find, these jeans are rolled up matchsticks from J.Crew and honestly this white tee is just a Hanes one I've had for years. See how easy? I'd also love wearing my Steve Madden booties (on sale!), throwing on a jean jacket or bomber with it, or accessorizing more; it's so versatile.