Packing for a Long Weekend

I'm really lucky that I can go on weekend trips to Long Island to see Mike. Of course I get to see Mike, but I love the fact that I can treat it like a mini vacation. This weekend is special in particular because I have a lot planned. I left yesterday to get to the Island, and as you're reading this I'll be on my way to meet a bunch of Style Gurus in NYC! I'm so excited to get brunch, explore, and take fun pics, as us Style Gurus do. After that, I'm meeting Michael on Wall Street at his internship and heading back to the Island. Tomorrow, Mike, our friend John, and I are going to the Belmont races. I hope to do a fashion post with what I wear! Anyway, on to this post, where I'm showing you how I pack as well as sharing some helpful tips!

P L A N   A H E A D

First things first, I always make a to-do list of what I need to accomplish before I leave. This time I had a ton of homework I wanted to get done so I didn't stress while I'm there, I needed to charge my camera, and paint my nails (very important, right?). I traveled a lot in high school to watch my brother play baseball all over the East coast and I used to pack 5+ outfits for two days, absolutely no reason to do so. I'd like to think I've gotten wiser, since now I plan outfits for my trips. I assess what I'm doing while I'm there, think of what outfit would be easiest to pack + acceptable to wear, and I only pack that for that day/event. Typically I'll wear something on my way down that I can wear more than once or I'll pack two shirts that go with the same pair of pants.

L A Y   I T   A L L   O U T

After going through my entire closet, finally deciding what I'm going to wear, I lay it out to visualize. This is when I'll accessorize my outfits, change my mind, and see if I'm packing too much. (This is also prime Instagram photo op time)

T O I L E T R I E S + M A K E U P 

As I mentioned previously, my family always used to travel a few years back. My mom would always pack the tiniest sample sizes of products and I used to think she was ridiculous. In my mind, I thought I'd magically run out of the product over two days, so I'd bring full size items (hairspray, shampoo, luckily we didn't fly most places). BIG NO. I didn't think I'd save that much space with mini items, but you really do. Condense, condense, condense. Only bring the necessities. Be realistic.

As for makeup, I try to bring products that are multi-use. Bronzer that can double as eyeshadow, face lotion as primer, things like that. I'm usually pretty particular about what I use, so that step is hard for me. Another tip for makeup is to pack your makeup bag the night before you leave. So in the morning, while getting ready, work with what's in your bag. That way if you forget something you will realize while you're getting ready! Do you know how many times I almost forgot my brushes? Just remember to only work from the bag (and put everything back into the bag after using it!) so you don't accidentally put things away and forget them.

R O L L   U P   Y O U R   C L O T H E S

I recently started doing this last summer when I packed to go back to college. I heard it saves space, and I'm a firm believer that it does. I even roll my clothes in my drawers! I feel like sometimes it makes my clothes less wrinkly too. 

A lot of these tips may be obvious for some, but I hope you learned a trick or two for your next trip. 
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Gingham shirt // Similar White Skirt 
 Similar Cuffed Shorts + Frayed Shorts 
Similar Style Tunic Top // White Tee - absolute favorite

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