How I Find Style Inspo

Ever have something in your closet that you love, but you never wear? Typically if I keep something in my closet it's because I like it and just don't know ways to style it, if not you'll find it on Poshmark. I hate when I'm in a rut and can't seem to find style inspiration for what I have in my closet; I end up wearing black jeans and a jean jacket or I tell myself I'm in need of a shopping trip (never really the case, I like to pretend though.) I'm also someone who needs to pick out their outfit the night before, so that's when I struggle and turn to these inspo places. So if you're in a rut like me, here are my favorite ways to get inspired.


When I have something really specific like gray jeans or a simple sweater that I'm not sure what to wear with I'll directly search that into Pinterest. Pinterest is filled with blogger images, the way brands will style the item on their website, and Polyvore sets that people have styled. I usually end up finding exactly what I want to wear on there, and of course, pin it!


I follow tons of instagram 'inspo' accounts. Some of my favorites at the moment include ootdsubmitstreetstyleinspirations, vr.journal, and my all time is inspocafe. I'll usually screenshot them and refer back to the outfits when needed. I love these accounts specifically because they usually contain outfits with neutral/common pieces that everyone has in their closet.


Of course as a blogger there's other bloggers I'm obsessed with. As per usual, I love Rach Parcell, Blair Eadie, and for classic pieces I go to Sydney Carver. I feel as though those are the top three gals I look to most for inspo. Honorable mentions include Danielle Bernstein, Shalice Noel, and Mary Seng (her instagram is incredible).


People wonder why I upload to Facebook so frequently, but I like to look back at old pictures this way instead of hoarding them on my phone/laptop. Which leads me to my next inspo, old photos. Ever worn an outfit and loved it at the time? Scroll through your old photos and find some old outfits you love. Best part is you know you'll still have all the pieces to recreate it!
"A repeat outfit is just a well-earned encore." -J.Crew


When in doubt, usually you can find how the company the piece is from styled it. For the life of me I still don't know how else to style this skirt, but I checked the Madewell website and it gives me a better idea what to do with it. If it's a sold out item, type 'brand name, item' in Pinterest, chances are it's on there! 

I hope this helped for the next time you're in a rut! Style on!

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  1. Love these tips!! Always looking for new style inspiration. XO, Nicole