Hi readers! Today's post is another edition of City Perspectives, posts including interviews from other students living in New York City. There's so much city, so little time, so I like to show different outlooks of the city instead of just the Chelsea area where I am. Feel free to read my last post where I interviewed Emily Harris here.
Im so excited for this post because I interviewed one of my great friends, Gia! We know each other from mutual friends at Oneonta (Hi Sydni + Sarah!). She's a student at NYU, has an awesome job at Universal Music Group, and by far one of the kindest people I've ever met. Naturally, the first time we hung out was when we froze in line at The 1975 pop up shop.

Gia at The Whitney Museum in Chelsea

Introduce yourself!
Hello! My name is Giovanna and I'm currently finishing up my sophomore year at NYU. I'm originally from Long Island and spent most of my time hanging out in the city while growing up, so moving to the city and going to school here has been an absolute dream. Some of my hobbies include collecting records, hanging out with friends, working out, exploring the city, and watching New Girl on Netflix.

What’s your major? What do you hope to be one day?
Currently, I am studying Media, Culture and Communications, with a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology (BEMT for short). I also work as a college and lifestyle marketing representative at Universal Music Group. One day, I hope to work in the music industry in live music or as a publicist.

Hangin' at the Universal Music Group offices

Favorite part of being a student in the city?
One of the greatest things about living and being a student in the city is having the world at your fingertips. Nothing is better than rolling out of bed and knowing there's an entire city for you to explore. Some of the best memories I have involve getting lost in parts of the city I've never been to and feeling like I'm in another world. I never thought my college experience would involve me going to class in the morning, Central Park in the afternoon, and then Brooklyn for a concert at night. Also, the city is home to some of the most unique shops and stores I've ever shopped at (thrifting in the city is a dream).
Lower East Side

Least favorite part?
Although the city is an incredible place to live, it could become extremely tiring and sometimes lonely. I find myself looking forward to going home certain weekends to escape the craziness and non-stop energy of the city, and even though you’re surrounded by tons of people, it's easy to feel alone at times.
Street art in Soho

Favorite neighborhood in the city & why?
If I could spend the rest of my life living in the East Village/Greenwich Village, I SO would. It is by far my favorite place to live because everything I need is right there. Across the street is Irving Plaza, and around the block is Webster Hall, and all of this is a short 15 minute walk from campus and a 6 minute subway ride from Williamsburg. Aside from the east village, I love spending afternoons roaming around Soho and Chelsea, and I could spend hours walking around Williamsburg and hanging out in Rough Trade (coolest record shop in NYC, by far).

Selfie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Coolest event you’ve attended in the city so far?
I've got to attend so many concerts and events ever since moving to NYC, but my favorite by far has got to be seeing The 1975 at Terminal 5 last December. I get to go to shows quite a lot for work, but seeing my favorite band live was an experience I'll never forget, especially since they performed 20 minutes away from my dorm. Everyone should see them perform at least once in their life, truly a spiritual experience.

(I can agree that it really is a spiritual experience. It's so worth seeing them; big fan or not.)

In the city for one day, what view do I need to see?
Hop on the L train and get off at Bedford Avenue and walk west until you can't anymore. It's an awesome view and so cool to be on the outside of it all. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Sunset in Williamsburg

Best coffee shop/brunch place?
You can find me hanging out at Spreadhouse coffee on the Lower East Side at least three times a week. The vibes are amazing and the environment is like no other. Also, can't go wrong with a frozen Mona Lisa with almond milk from The Bean. The COOLEST brunch spot is definitely The Pavilion in Union Square. It’s open seasonally and the perfect place to eat on a nice day. Also, if you’re in the city around the holidays, grab some drinks at Rolfs.

Drinks at Rolfs
What’s a typical Saturday morning/night like for you?
I usually wake up fairly early and work out for an hour or so, then after having breakfast and getting ready for the day, I'll spend some time doing work and studying for classes. I dedicate my Saturday’s to getting school work done and for hanging posters/sending emails for work. Usually I spend some time running errands as well in the afternoon. Saturday nights are either spent at a show, at dinner with friends, or at a friend’s apartment, (sometimes you might find me going out on the town) but I’m always down for chill nights in my room with my favorite sweatshirt and movies. No matter what, the night always ends at Joe’s Pizza.

Out with friends

Isn't she the cutest? Huge thank you to Gia for wanting to be featured.
I hope you enjoyed another segment of this type of post; I will definitely be doing more when I'm back to school in August!

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