Hi readers! Today's post is another edition of City Perspectives, posts including interviews from other students living in New York City. There's so much city, so little time, so I like to show different outlooks of the city instead of just the Chelsea area where I am. Feel free to read my last post where I interviewed Emily Harris here.
Im so excited for this post because I interviewed one of my great friends, Gia! We know each other from mutual friends at Oneonta (Hi Sydni + Sarah!). She's a student at NYU, has an awesome job at Universal Music Group, and by far one of the kindest people I've ever met. Naturally, the first time we hung out was when we froze in line at The 1975 pop up shop.

Gia at The Whitney Museum in Chelsea

Introduce yourself!
Hello! My name is Giovanna and I'm currently finishing up my sophomore year at NYU. I'm originally from Long Island and spent most of my time hanging out in the city while growing up, so moving to the city and going to school here has been an absolute dream. Some of my hobbies include collecting records, hanging out with friends, working out, exploring the city, and watching New Girl on Netflix.

What’s your major? What do you hope to be one day?
Currently, I am studying Media, Culture and Communications, with a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology (BEMT for short). I also work as a college and lifestyle marketing representative at Universal Music Group. One day, I hope to work in the music industry in live music or as a publicist.

Hangin' at the Universal Music Group offices

Favorite part of being a student in the city?
One of the greatest things about living and being a student in the city is having the world at your fingertips. Nothing is better than rolling out of bed and knowing there's an entire city for you to explore. Some of the best memories I have involve getting lost in parts of the city I've never been to and feeling like I'm in another world. I never thought my college experience would involve me going to class in the morning, Central Park in the afternoon, and then Brooklyn for a concert at night. Also, the city is home to some of the most unique shops and stores I've ever shopped at (thrifting in the city is a dream).
Lower East Side

Least favorite part?
Although the city is an incredible place to live, it could become extremely tiring and sometimes lonely. I find myself looking forward to going home certain weekends to escape the craziness and non-stop energy of the city, and even though you’re surrounded by tons of people, it's easy to feel alone at times.
Street art in Soho

Favorite neighborhood in the city & why?
If I could spend the rest of my life living in the East Village/Greenwich Village, I SO would. It is by far my favorite place to live because everything I need is right there. Across the street is Irving Plaza, and around the block is Webster Hall, and all of this is a short 15 minute walk from campus and a 6 minute subway ride from Williamsburg. Aside from the east village, I love spending afternoons roaming around Soho and Chelsea, and I could spend hours walking around Williamsburg and hanging out in Rough Trade (coolest record shop in NYC, by far).

Selfie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Coolest event you’ve attended in the city so far?
I've got to attend so many concerts and events ever since moving to NYC, but my favorite by far has got to be seeing The 1975 at Terminal 5 last December. I get to go to shows quite a lot for work, but seeing my favorite band live was an experience I'll never forget, especially since they performed 20 minutes away from my dorm. Everyone should see them perform at least once in their life, truly a spiritual experience.

(I can agree that it really is a spiritual experience. It's so worth seeing them; big fan or not.)

In the city for one day, what view do I need to see?
Hop on the L train and get off at Bedford Avenue and walk west until you can't anymore. It's an awesome view and so cool to be on the outside of it all. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Sunset in Williamsburg

Best coffee shop/brunch place?
You can find me hanging out at Spreadhouse coffee on the Lower East Side at least three times a week. The vibes are amazing and the environment is like no other. Also, can't go wrong with a frozen Mona Lisa with almond milk from The Bean. The COOLEST brunch spot is definitely The Pavilion in Union Square. It’s open seasonally and the perfect place to eat on a nice day. Also, if you’re in the city around the holidays, grab some drinks at Rolfs.

Drinks at Rolfs
What’s a typical Saturday morning/night like for you?
I usually wake up fairly early and work out for an hour or so, then after having breakfast and getting ready for the day, I'll spend some time doing work and studying for classes. I dedicate my Saturday’s to getting school work done and for hanging posters/sending emails for work. Usually I spend some time running errands as well in the afternoon. Saturday nights are either spent at a show, at dinner with friends, or at a friend’s apartment, (sometimes you might find me going out on the town) but I’m always down for chill nights in my room with my favorite sweatshirt and movies. No matter what, the night always ends at Joe’s Pizza.

Out with friends

Isn't she the cutest? Huge thank you to Gia for wanting to be featured.
I hope you enjoyed another segment of this type of post; I will definitely be doing more when I'm back to school in August!

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How I Find Style Inspo

Ever have something in your closet that you love, but you never wear? Typically if I keep something in my closet it's because I like it and just don't know ways to style it, if not you'll find it on Poshmark. I hate when I'm in a rut and can't seem to find style inspiration for what I have in my closet; I end up wearing black jeans and a jean jacket or I tell myself I'm in need of a shopping trip (never really the case, I like to pretend though.) I'm also someone who needs to pick out their outfit the night before, so that's when I struggle and turn to these inspo places. So if you're in a rut like me, here are my favorite ways to get inspired.


When I have something really specific like gray jeans or a simple sweater that I'm not sure what to wear with I'll directly search that into Pinterest. Pinterest is filled with blogger images, the way brands will style the item on their website, and Polyvore sets that people have styled. I usually end up finding exactly what I want to wear on there, and of course, pin it!


I follow tons of instagram 'inspo' accounts. Some of my favorites at the moment include ootdsubmitstreetstyleinspirations, vr.journal, and my all time is inspocafe. I'll usually screenshot them and refer back to the outfits when needed. I love these accounts specifically because they usually contain outfits with neutral/common pieces that everyone has in their closet.


Of course as a blogger there's other bloggers I'm obsessed with. As per usual, I love Rach Parcell, Blair Eadie, and for classic pieces I go to Sydney Carver. I feel as though those are the top three gals I look to most for inspo. Honorable mentions include Danielle Bernstein, Shalice Noel, and Mary Seng (her instagram is incredible).


People wonder why I upload to Facebook so frequently, but I like to look back at old pictures this way instead of hoarding them on my phone/laptop. Which leads me to my next inspo, old photos. Ever worn an outfit and loved it at the time? Scroll through your old photos and find some old outfits you love. Best part is you know you'll still have all the pieces to recreate it!
"A repeat outfit is just a well-earned encore." -J.Crew


When in doubt, usually you can find how the company the piece is from styled it. For the life of me I still don't know how else to style this skirt, but I checked the Madewell website and it gives me a better idea what to do with it. If it's a sold out item, type 'brand name, item' in Pinterest, chances are it's on there! 

I hope this helped for the next time you're in a rut! Style on!

Denim Skirt

Frayed, unfinished denim has been a huge trend lately and in addition, denim skirts are coming back in style (who knew?). This skirt combines both those trends, as well as being perfect for summer because of the white denim. I really wanted to wear these statement shoes with the look so I kept the rest of the look monochromatic. I threw on my jean vest, which used to be a full on jean jacket, before I cut it. It's prefect for breaking up the look and slimming down the silhouette - white can sometimes make you look wider.


Wide Leg Pants + Graphic Tee

I was really hesitant to hop on the wide leg pant trend. Tons of girls at school wear them, with some Stan Smiths or cute flats, and I never thought I could pull them off. I stumbled upon these fancy J.Crew pants in my mother's closet, and had to try them on. Let me just say, 1. They are so flattering because of where they sit on your hips, and 2. They're a perfect pant for summer, since they're linen, comfy and flowy.
The only con about them is that because they're linen, they wrinkle easy, hence the back of them in some pictures aren't perfectly pressed since I was sitting in the car; oh well, life happens.
I like pairing a statement clothing item with a subdued piece which is why I wore this cute graphic tee from J.Crew. Fun fact, I wore this tee on my first day working at J.Crew :) It's from a few years ago so I linked some current ones below.



I was sooo excited I was able to go to the Belmont Stakes with Mike and our friend John this past weekend. It's such a fun experience to see the fashion, experience the excitement, and just relax and hang out for the day. I recommend getting general admission over buying a seat; you have more freedom to do things throughout the day.You were able to hang out in the park outside in front of the venue, we could get up close to the horses, and of course we had to bet on some races. Overall, we had so much fun roaming around the venue and watching the many races throughout the day.

Obviously, I loved seeing what people wore. It was mostly a lot of Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, recognizable prints from J.Crew, and guys in full-on seersucker suits. I knew it would be a preppy dream, but I opted to wear something a little more my style, but still worthy of the horse races. This silky, lightweight, chiffon maxi dress was perfect for the 85 degree weather. I bought these espadrille shoes the day before in the city, which were the perfect amount of heel for the occasion. 
We decided after we left to make Belmont a yearly trip - it was too fun not to go again!

Similar Dress // Shoes // Similar Scarf // Bracelet // Sunnies // Similar Necklace // Bag - also love this one

Blue Tunic + Cutoffs

I swear I've been living in this tunic since I rediscovered it in my closet. So flowy, yet so flattering! These denim cutoffs fit even better than last year, which makes me a happy gal. I've also been to lazy to do my hair lately, so I've been loving throwing it into a low messy bun.

Unfortunately everything (except my accessories) is from last year at Forever 21, and you all know how impossible it is to find something from so long ago at that store - it's there a total of two weeks then you're out of luck. I got tons of Snapchats + texts asking about my shirt, and I feel awful not providing the exact link! 😣 

On the plus side, use 'GOLDDIME10' for 10% off Pura Vida Bracelets like the one I'm wearing!


Packing for a Long Weekend

I'm really lucky that I can go on weekend trips to Long Island to see Mike. Of course I get to see Mike, but I love the fact that I can treat it like a mini vacation. This weekend is special in particular because I have a lot planned. I left yesterday to get to the Island, and as you're reading this I'll be on my way to meet a bunch of Style Gurus in NYC! I'm so excited to get brunch, explore, and take fun pics, as us Style Gurus do. After that, I'm meeting Michael on Wall Street at his internship and heading back to the Island. Tomorrow, Mike, our friend John, and I are going to the Belmont races. I hope to do a fashion post with what I wear! Anyway, on to this post, where I'm showing you how I pack as well as sharing some helpful tips!

P L A N   A H E A D

First things first, I always make a to-do list of what I need to accomplish before I leave. This time I had a ton of homework I wanted to get done so I didn't stress while I'm there, I needed to charge my camera, and paint my nails (very important, right?). I traveled a lot in high school to watch my brother play baseball all over the East coast and I used to pack 5+ outfits for two days, absolutely no reason to do so. I'd like to think I've gotten wiser, since now I plan outfits for my trips. I assess what I'm doing while I'm there, think of what outfit would be easiest to pack + acceptable to wear, and I only pack that for that day/event. Typically I'll wear something on my way down that I can wear more than once or I'll pack two shirts that go with the same pair of pants.

L A Y   I T   A L L   O U T

After going through my entire closet, finally deciding what I'm going to wear, I lay it out to visualize. This is when I'll accessorize my outfits, change my mind, and see if I'm packing too much. (This is also prime Instagram photo op time)

T O I L E T R I E S + M A K E U P 

As I mentioned previously, my family always used to travel a few years back. My mom would always pack the tiniest sample sizes of products and I used to think she was ridiculous. In my mind, I thought I'd magically run out of the product over two days, so I'd bring full size items (hairspray, shampoo, luckily we didn't fly most places). BIG NO. I didn't think I'd save that much space with mini items, but you really do. Condense, condense, condense. Only bring the necessities. Be realistic.

As for makeup, I try to bring products that are multi-use. Bronzer that can double as eyeshadow, face lotion as primer, things like that. I'm usually pretty particular about what I use, so that step is hard for me. Another tip for makeup is to pack your makeup bag the night before you leave. So in the morning, while getting ready, work with what's in your bag. That way if you forget something you will realize while you're getting ready! Do you know how many times I almost forgot my brushes? Just remember to only work from the bag (and put everything back into the bag after using it!) so you don't accidentally put things away and forget them.

R O L L   U P   Y O U R   C L O T H E S

I recently started doing this last summer when I packed to go back to college. I heard it saves space, and I'm a firm believer that it does. I even roll my clothes in my drawers! I feel like sometimes it makes my clothes less wrinkly too. 

A lot of these tips may be obvious for some, but I hope you learned a trick or two for your next trip. 
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Gingham shirt // Similar White Skirt 
 Similar Cuffed Shorts + Frayed Shorts 
Similar Style Tunic Top // White Tee - absolute favorite

Summer Blazer

Today's outfit includes this neckerchief I found thrifting and scored for $1; Another honorable mention about this post, these are the heels I bought at the Steve Madden event a few months ago. I love them because they're jazzier than your typical nude heel. They're chunky so they're easy to walk in too!

Tee // Blazer // Jeans // Similar Neckerchief // Heels // Sunglasses

June Playlist

I was in a slump for a while music wise. Nothing really seemed to really be worthy being put on replay over and over again. Contrary to popular belief, I didn't think Drake's new album wasn't all it was hyped up to be. I'm still in the process of listening to Chance the Rapper's new album but I did include one song I loved right away. But I did find some other songs I'm really digging lately. Most repeated songs on here for me are Say It + Tiny Cities by Flume and Tokyo Narita Freestyle by Halsey.

Happy listening. XO.

Friday Faves VIDEO! 6.3

For this week's Friday Faves I wanted to do a video rather than a lengthy blog post! Watch the video below + be sure to check back to this blog post for special links.

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Similar Nail Polish
Similar Neck Scarf
Similar H&M Bag

Lipstick: NYX Athens + ColoupopBeeper 
Sweater: J.Crew

Hope you enjoyed! xo.