Summer Update

   You may have noticed, maybe you didn't because you're just as busy as I am, but I have had a lack of posts due to school. I wanted to give a little update on what's been going on and what I plan for this summer. As you read this, I'll be finished with my hardest final and on my way to visit Michael. I only have two more finals on Monday, a quick class on Tuesday, then THE 1975 AT BARCLAY'S!!, the most perfect end-of-the-semester treat. (I suggest adding me on snapchat @ShelbySHowell if you're a fan, if you're not a fan I apologize in advance)
   Anyway, after the concert I head to Upstate early the next morning to be home for the summer. My summer entails working two jobs, fun projects, summer classes, I'm now a social media intern for CollegeFashionista, interviews back here in the city for fall internships, AND of course visiting Michael. So yes, it will most certainly be a busy few months, but a fun busy. I'm excited to be home where there's a lot less commotion like there is here in the city, more free time, and I get to hang with my mom (!!!!!!!!).
   With all that, I plan to take tons of new outfit posts (my favorite ones to post). I have a ton of ideas in a list on my phone that I'm dying to shoot. My lack of posts has been really been bothering me and I hope to get back into the swing of things once I'm home. It's hard to create content in the city when I have to look for someone to take my photos, correlate schedules with friends + good daylight, and of course I'm busy with school. That being said, if you know any photographers in the Chelsea/ general NYC area I'd LOVE to contact them.
   If you're reading this I can assume you're a frequent reader of my site, so I'd love if you'd take my survey down below and give me some insight on your favorite posts to see! I have a lot of ideas in store for The Gold Dime and I can't wait to do them once I'm finally home and not juggling so much.

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Thanks again, readers! Looking forward to a fun, content filled summer 😛💃🏻✨🌞

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