Friday Faves 5.27

Lots of aesthetically pleasing pictures in today's post.

N E W   B E D D I N G 
After I returned home for summer break, I felt my room needed a huge makeover. It's still in the process; I plan to paint the walls white and continue to declutter. I hopped on the 'minimal' trend and went with a white + neutral theme and started with this basic white comforter from Target. I got the accent pillow from TJMaxx. I wanted the redo to be super cheap since I'm really not home that much. To be honest, how clean and polished does white look? I'm LOVING it for taking photos, they come out so nice! I'm such a blogger, who else would say that about bedding?

As some of you might have seen on Snapchat, I received this custom made gold dime necklace for my birthday. HOW PERFECT IS IT. Some people love silver jewelry, but I've always been a sucker for gold. So I'm in love with it since it matches everything I wear, and for obvious reasons. I didn't even plan it, but people always end up asking me what it is and I have to explain, aka shameless self promotion.

H O W   T O   B E   P A R I S I A N 
Monday's post title had a little something to do with this favorite. I've been reading this book for a few weeks now and really falling in love with the culture of Parisian women. I'm not wishing to book a trip to France, it's more like I admire the personality and attitude that comes with being a Parisian woman. I love the simple yet classic looks, the messy hair, minimal makeup, and absolute carefree attitude. Even if you're not into the whole vibe, it's an entertaining book to read.

B A T I S T E   D R Y   S H A M P O O
This isn't necessarily a new favorite seeing as I've been using it for a while. I had this stashed away in the back of my drawer at school and was using up another dry shampoo I had at the time. Once I started using it again I remembered how great it was. I swear this one is the most effective dry shampoo I've used. This one is even better since it's tinted and doesn't leave the white/grayish look to your hair. I also highly recommend this one from Dove, it's what I used before this one but I appreciate the tint so I stuck with Batiste. 

How sad is it that my two go-to pairs of shoes for summer are black? I've been loving these black slide on sandals from Old Navy (so inexpensive!!). Michael got me these Supergas for my birthday which I mentioned briefly previously. I wear these in place of my Converse, simply because I've had them since 7th grade and it was time for a new pair of sneakers. They're so comfy; I wore these to The 1975 concert last week.

What are you loving this week?

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