Friday Faves 5.20

Finally getting around to another Friday Faves! Today includes lots of face products + a few other items I've been loving the past few weeks.

R O S E W A T E R  + G L Y C E R I N   S P R A Y
I've been reading about rosewater and how it's great for your skin, and then I found this one at Whole Foods. I've been using it in place of my usual moisturizer because it's quicker + easier. I also think it can replace my MAC Fix+ because the glycerin is great for setting makeup. This also smells amazing, is really refreshing, and hydrating.

F I S H   O I L
Now, disclaimer, I'm not saying to take this supplement, it just happens to be what I'm loving lately. I started taking fish oil a few weeks ago since it's so great for you and I've been loving the results. My hair and nails have grown so long, so fast and I see an improvement in my mood from taking it. I'm not as anxious or irritable. I got mine from Target but you can get them almost anywhere.

M A Y B E L L I N E   L O O S E   P O W D E R
So I hopped on the 'baking' trend. It's where you put translucent setting powder in spots on your face you want to stay in place/not get as oily throughout the day with a damp or dry sponge. I use my mini Beauty Blender, but any makeup sponge works just fine. It makes my makeup last all day; I can really tell a difference!

O R I G I N S   F A C E   M A S K
I got the baby version of this Origin's clear improvement face mask and I'm loving it. I've been super stressed and also not eating very well and I'm paying for it with breakouts. This little guy has calmed them down. I like this one because it dries really tight, you can't move your face much while it's on, and I love that because I feel it's really working.

J . C R E W   B I L L I E   J E A N
I LOVE THESE. I was in the J.Crew at Columbus Circle and they have a petite section, where I saw these beauties. I tried them on and fell in love. They remind me of Levi's, which I also want a pair of. They're high waisted but super flattering and sliming. Thanks again, J.Crew. Outfit post with these coming next week!

What're you loving lately? Hope you have the best weekend (it's my birthday weekend!) Follow me on Snapchat for some BTS snaps of what I'm doing to celebrate (nothing fancy, just lots of good food).

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