Memorial Day Look

This look is definitely a go-to outfit for the summer. A simple, neutral look where I throw on a bandana and some dainty jewelry.


Friday Faves 5.27

Lots of aesthetically pleasing pictures in today's post.

N E W   B E D D I N G 
After I returned home for summer break, I felt my room needed a huge makeover. It's still in the process; I plan to paint the walls white and continue to declutter. I hopped on the 'minimal' trend and went with a white + neutral theme and started with this basic white comforter from Target. I got the accent pillow from TJMaxx. I wanted the redo to be super cheap since I'm really not home that much. To be honest, how clean and polished does white look? I'm LOVING it for taking photos, they come out so nice! I'm such a blogger, who else would say that about bedding?

As some of you might have seen on Snapchat, I received this custom made gold dime necklace for my birthday. HOW PERFECT IS IT. Some people love silver jewelry, but I've always been a sucker for gold. So I'm in love with it since it matches everything I wear, and for obvious reasons. I didn't even plan it, but people always end up asking me what it is and I have to explain, aka shameless self promotion.

H O W   T O   B E   P A R I S I A N 
Monday's post title had a little something to do with this favorite. I've been reading this book for a few weeks now and really falling in love with the culture of Parisian women. I'm not wishing to book a trip to France, it's more like I admire the personality and attitude that comes with being a Parisian woman. I love the simple yet classic looks, the messy hair, minimal makeup, and absolute carefree attitude. Even if you're not into the whole vibe, it's an entertaining book to read.

B A T I S T E   D R Y   S H A M P O O
This isn't necessarily a new favorite seeing as I've been using it for a while. I had this stashed away in the back of my drawer at school and was using up another dry shampoo I had at the time. Once I started using it again I remembered how great it was. I swear this one is the most effective dry shampoo I've used. This one is even better since it's tinted and doesn't leave the white/grayish look to your hair. I also highly recommend this one from Dove, it's what I used before this one but I appreciate the tint so I stuck with Batiste. 

How sad is it that my two go-to pairs of shoes for summer are black? I've been loving these black slide on sandals from Old Navy (so inexpensive!!). Michael got me these Supergas for my birthday which I mentioned briefly previously. I wear these in place of my Converse, simply because I've had them since 7th grade and it was time for a new pair of sneakers. They're so comfy; I wore these to The 1975 concert last week.

What are you loving this week?


I've recently been introduced to the site, and I can't help but browse it for hours. It contains so many jazzy items that I'm lusting over. The site reminds me of Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie because of it's wide selection and range of extra goods like homeware and accessories. So if you're into those brands, you'll love SPRING. I wanted to curate a list of some fun accessories I saw on the site that would be absolutely perfect for adding to your summer wardrobe or simply as graduation + birthday gifts!

SPRING carries tons of brands like Frye, Marc Jacobs, and Opening Ceremony. If you're looking for a special gift, you'll be amazed by all the options. Definitely check out next time you're online shopping!

Parisian Vibes

These are the Billie jeans I talked about in my last Friday Faves; how great are they? They're perfectly cropped, which I love. I really dig pairing them with my Supergas, my birthday gift from Michael. To keep it simple but put together I added this striped sequin top and a vibrant lipstick.


Friday Faves 5.20

Finally getting around to another Friday Faves! Today includes lots of face products + a few other items I've been loving the past few weeks.

R O S E W A T E R  + G L Y C E R I N   S P R A Y
I've been reading about rosewater and how it's great for your skin, and then I found this one at Whole Foods. I've been using it in place of my usual moisturizer because it's quicker + easier. I also think it can replace my MAC Fix+ because the glycerin is great for setting makeup. This also smells amazing, is really refreshing, and hydrating.

F I S H   O I L
Now, disclaimer, I'm not saying to take this supplement, it just happens to be what I'm loving lately. I started taking fish oil a few weeks ago since it's so great for you and I've been loving the results. My hair and nails have grown so long, so fast and I see an improvement in my mood from taking it. I'm not as anxious or irritable. I got mine from Target but you can get them almost anywhere.

M A Y B E L L I N E   L O O S E   P O W D E R
So I hopped on the 'baking' trend. It's where you put translucent setting powder in spots on your face you want to stay in place/not get as oily throughout the day with a damp or dry sponge. I use my mini Beauty Blender, but any makeup sponge works just fine. It makes my makeup last all day; I can really tell a difference!

O R I G I N S   F A C E   M A S K
I got the baby version of this Origin's clear improvement face mask and I'm loving it. I've been super stressed and also not eating very well and I'm paying for it with breakouts. This little guy has calmed them down. I like this one because it dries really tight, you can't move your face much while it's on, and I love that because I feel it's really working.

J . C R E W   B I L L I E   J E A N
I LOVE THESE. I was in the J.Crew at Columbus Circle and they have a petite section, where I saw these beauties. I tried them on and fell in love. They remind me of Levi's, which I also want a pair of. They're high waisted but super flattering and sliming. Thanks again, J.Crew. Outfit post with these coming next week!

What're you loving lately? Hope you have the best weekend (it's my birthday weekend!) Follow me on Snapchat for some BTS snaps of what I'm doing to celebrate (nothing fancy, just lots of good food).

Weekend Wear

I spent this past weekend on Long Island with Michael. When I go, I never usually bring tons of outfits, but instead I bring versatile items that can be interchanged with each other. I styled this shirt with this button up skirt for one day, then swapped out the skirt for jeans for more casual outings. I love this outfit because it's cute + comfy, but I still look put together.
Behind the scenes insight:
The ocean was SO choppy while we were taking these, so much so that we got splashed a few times. This is my go to spot on the island when I ask Mike to take pictures for me, look familiar? A storm was coming, hence the crazy wind + my outrageous hair.

Not all items are exact links, but similar

Summer Update

   You may have noticed, maybe you didn't because you're just as busy as I am, but I have had a lack of posts due to school. I wanted to give a little update on what's been going on and what I plan for this summer. As you read this, I'll be finished with my hardest final and on my way to visit Michael. I only have two more finals on Monday, a quick class on Tuesday, then THE 1975 AT BARCLAY'S!!, the most perfect end-of-the-semester treat. (I suggest adding me on snapchat @ShelbySHowell if you're a fan, if you're not a fan I apologize in advance)
   Anyway, after the concert I head to Upstate early the next morning to be home for the summer. My summer entails working two jobs, fun projects, summer classes, I'm now a social media intern for CollegeFashionista, interviews back here in the city for fall internships, AND of course visiting Michael. So yes, it will most certainly be a busy few months, but a fun busy. I'm excited to be home where there's a lot less commotion like there is here in the city, more free time, and I get to hang with my mom (!!!!!!!!).
   With all that, I plan to take tons of new outfit posts (my favorite ones to post). I have a ton of ideas in a list on my phone that I'm dying to shoot. My lack of posts has been really been bothering me and I hope to get back into the swing of things once I'm home. It's hard to create content in the city when I have to look for someone to take my photos, correlate schedules with friends + good daylight, and of course I'm busy with school. That being said, if you know any photographers in the Chelsea/ general NYC area I'd LOVE to contact them.
   If you're reading this I can assume you're a frequent reader of my site, so I'd love if you'd take my survey down below and give me some insight on your favorite posts to see! I have a lot of ideas in store for The Gold Dime and I can't wait to do them once I'm finally home and not juggling so much.

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Thanks again, readers! Looking forward to a fun, content filled summer 😛💃🏻✨🌞

Tulle Skirt

I did a post with this lovely skirt a while back, but I recently found it again in my closet just in time for the Spring months.

I love this particular tulle skirt because it's not structured and still 'everyday wearable' because of it's color. Nothing wrong with having a little fun picking out an outfit each morning, right? 

Shirt: J.Crew Skirt: Poshmark Heels: Nine West also love these

Shoe Wishlist + How I'd Style

I have never been the typical girl who's been obsessed with shoes... until I moved to Manhattan. Here I see so many different styles, different ways to wear things I already have, and I see new items I never knew existed. It's a beautiful yet dangerous thing. I've become OBSESSED with shoes, all kinds too. Of course, after meeting Steve Madden I have even more appreciation for that brand. To put it simply, I've developed a list of shoes I'm lusting over and how I'd style them.

1. Golden Goose Sneakers

In all honesty, these simply remind me of the effortless style of Leandra. I see these occasionally on campus or on the street and I think of her instantly. I love the fact they come pre-'disheveled' and they have a grungy carefree look.

2. Jeffrey Campbell 'Bitsie' in Taupe Patent

I saw a girl walking in the halls of FIT back in January sporting a similar shoe but in a suede finish. I've been obsessed with kitten heels ever since! I think they'd be perfect for everyday and polish off any look - even jeans.

3. Superga 'Cotropew' Espadrille Platform Sneaker in White

Okay, these are reasonably priced but I can't justify getting these until there's sunshine everyday instead of rain. I want these because personally I don't have a white shoe for the warmer months. I think these are SO fun and so statement for an outfit but still subdued.

4. Comme des Garçons low-top Converse

These are classics but I love the Comme des Garçons edition so they're not so plain; gives them personality you know?

What items are currently on your wishlist?

Flapper Fringe


I honestly bought the skirt as workwear for potential internships. I feel as though being in the fashion industry this is a perfect way to mix office wear and add a bit of personality. I can pair it with a white tee, a chambray shirt, a white button down, even a turtleneck. 

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