Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how I make the best of being apart from my boyfriend, Michael. Maybe you're single, maybe you're not in a long distance relationship, but who knows someday you might be. Quick background about my situation:
When I applied to transfer, a lot was at stake. I knew that if I got accepted, Mike and I would be a fully long distance relationship. At the time we had been dating for just about a year, but it's still a lot to ask someone to do for you. Of course when I got the news I was accepted we were more sad than happy, honestly. He knew I was doing what was best for me but he also knew what would happen once I left.

I've mentioned it before, but he lives on Long Island and I'm from Upstate New York - aka 5 hour distance. Now, being at separate schools, we're 4 and a half hours apart. So that's why we're fully long distance. If you're boyfriend/girlfriend is from your same hometown, consider yourself blessed; I'd love to be in your position.
We most certainly make the most of our time together and try not to complain about being apart for 3+ weeks. I'm sure most people think we are absolutely crazy for wanting to continue our relationship this way, but at the same time I hear a lot of people say how much they respect us for doing so. It's not easy and it most certainly takes a lot of commitment.

Let's get on to it.

P L E N T Y  OF   T R I P S
Bus rides, train rides, and the LIRR have become my best friend since the distance. Typically Mike and I plan to see each other every 2-3 weeks and we take turns on who goes where. If the thought of having to spend money on tickets or spending hours to see your significant other is a bother or a pain to you, then that's a very obvious reason that you aren't with the right person. Mike will pick up extra shifts at work in order to make a round trip to see me, which I appreciate more than anything.

Our first picture together freshman year of college!

This is a pretty broad category but I'll explain what I mean. Surprises to me can be anything from an unexpected FaceTime, to quite literally Mike showing up at my door. On my last birthday he took a midnight bus the night before and got there in time to wake me up and surprise me for my big day. Sure, doing big things like that isn't realistic all the time. On a smaller spectrum leaving a Post-It note somewhere you know they will look when you're gone is a way to put a smile on their face. I used to write handwritten letters and put them inside the bottom of Mike's laptop case, then when he was on the bus home I text him and tell him to look there. For a gift one time I framed his favorite picture of us and put a note in the back of the photo, and the next time he said he missed me I told him to read it. Surprises don't have to be extravagant, just let them know you're thinking of them in tiny ways.

S N A I L   M A I L
The first thing I thought of once we were apart was to send him letters. I wouldn't tell him when I was, so when he checked his mailbox it would be a pleasant surprise. Piggy backing off that, send care packages. Pick up the free boxes at the post office, fill it with candy, a video game or movie your guy loves, pictures of you two, etc.

We're so lucky to live during a time where instant communication is so normal. I try and think of how my parents survived without FaceTime. Anyway, set up a time every night, every other night, whatever and make that your FaceTime part of the day. Even if it's 5 minutes, it's just nice to see them. When I'm walking in the city, it's extremely hard to text. Crosswalks, other people on the sidewalk, and for some reason I'm always carrying like 4 things. So when I walk home from campus, I call Mike. I call him when I walk to the grocery store, when I'm walking to the subway, when I'm procrastinating on homework, etc. He can't always answer but it's nice to try. To me, a phone call means a lot more than a text. It's nice to hear their voice and talk about your day instead.

Whenever I'm stressed, Mike offers to send a pizza to my dorm (I'm a sucker for a Domino's pizza). I haven't taken him up on the offer yet, but it's a great idea. Call their favorite take out place, pay for it over the phone, and have it delivered to them. This is another simple surprise you could do!

I'm really lucky to have someone like Mike; to be honest I don't know how I got this lucky (how does he put up with me???). The distance makes the time we spend together worth it. Of course I wouldn't wish a long distance relationship on most people, but there's ways you can make it easier. 
I hope you guys liked this kind of post, I like sharing things other than fashion/beauty every once in a while! xx

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