Steve Madden x CollegeFashionista

This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend the Steve Madden event on my campus where Amy Levin, founder of CollegeFashionista, interviewed Steve himself.

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Being a style guru, we got front row to the action. I went with my friend and fellow style guru, Zoe! Everyone at the talk got the cutest lil' goodie bags under their seats.

Steve Madden chatting with Amy Levin at The Fashion Institute of Technology

Steve Madden is probably one of the most real, tells-it-how-it-is kind of guy; and to be honest I wasn't expecting it, but I loved him. I loved his enthusiasm, his carefree attitude, and he had no filter. It's refreshing (as Amy put it when we chatted after) to see someone in this industry act so true to himself. Instead of seeing famous industry entrepreneurs act polite and professional, which is great too, he really felt like you were talking to a friend just catching up. He chatted about working with Iggy Azalea (how it was a complete flop), dropping out of college, and even openly talked about his few years in jail.

Notebook, luggage tag, highlighters not nail polish (how cute?!, and a cute t-shirt that I can't wait to style!

The Long Island native started with $1,100 dollars in his bank account and turned out to be the fashion empire he is today. How inspiring is that?

After the super entertaining chat, Zoe and I parted ways for a few hours until we met up again for the after party held at the Union Square Steve Madden store.

Aisha, Sammy, and Amy at the after party in Union Square!

As a style guru, you don't usually get to meet the lovely ladies who direct CollegeFashionista. I was SO excited to get to talk to the girls who I've admired for so long (I've been a style guru for a year now!). Like I said on my Instagram, they're incredible mentors and I'm lucky to be apart of CollegeFashionista.

Fell in love with the Rust ones in the middle, purchased the ones on the right & figured I'd get more use out of them.

I couldn't go to the Steve Madden store after just meeting the man himself without buying a pair of shoes. I had my eye on these ones, but they didn't have my size unfortunately (wasn't meant to be right?) I had these in my hand in the rust color, but only left with these beauties, and I'm in love.

How gorg are they? If only they'd break themselves in.

It was a fun-filled day with CollegeFashionista and Steve Madden and I'm so thankful to have been apart of the action.

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