1 Year Anniversary

One whole year of working on myself, working on broadening my fashion horizons, and ultimately one year of blogging on The Gold Dime! It's so weird to think just how far I've come and how much I've changed since the day I clicked 'publish' on my first post. Today I'm recapping a ~years worth~ of posts, changes, and feelings. Get a snack, it's going to be a long one.

If you didn't know, I started my blog when I was at a really 'low' point in my life. I had awful friends at the time, family issues back home, and my first thoughts of transferring set in; I truly was not happy at that time. To make the story simple and a little less depressing, I created this blog to keep my mind busy. I always loved talking about fashion and beauty, but I had no one to really talk to about it. It made me really happy knowing I had a way to express myself and talk about things I love. With the blog, I gained confidence and eventually got out of that major rut in my life. But even so, I've changed a lot from the beginning of my blog.

Black & White, July 2015

For the obvious changes, I transferred schools and have a whole new environment for myself. But with that, I found a new niche for my blog; New York City related posts. I definitely take many more fashion 'risks' compared to when I first started The Gold Dime, and I'm so proud of how far I've come in that sense. I don't get embarrassed/shy taking photos in public and don't hesitate to pose for an instagram photo. I've gotten so much more confident about blogging, whether that be promoting on social media or openly talking about it with friends, which I think is a huge step for all bloggers. Being proud of your work and speaking about it openly because you're comfortable about it makes blogging worth it. If you are afraid of what people think, then it takes the joy out of the whole process.

Mirrored Vision, May 2015

As for posts I pay more attention to detail. I crop/rotate fashion photos to make them look more 'professional' (if you will) and focus on good lighting, backgrounds, and so forth. I only recently started taking my own photos for things like Friday Faves and I feel like that really amped up my credibility. I used to be terrified to create videos but once I did start to, I've also noticed those posts get the most views & feedback. I found a way to incorporate other great gal pals in my posts whether it's with some links, a link up, or a full on interview. I remember when I first started posting I just posted whenever I was done editing them. Now I plan in advance and take more time with them. For majority of my time being a blogger I posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, no exceptions. Only in the past month have I told myself to relax and post better content rather than try to make the deadlines I made for myself. I still post on those days, but only when I have a post ready and/or have really good content.

Some of my favorite fashion posts I've done include this boho look, super summery look, buff check + bandana, the striped set, and this springtime look. I think as a fashion blogger, it's important to be relatable and relevant with your outfits, but when you take a risk it's more memorable and really ups your 'prestige' as a fashionista. In the past year I've certainly gotten more comfortable about styling outfits differently than I usually would and I'm more open minded to trying new things.

Regarding posts other than fashion, I loved my bandana video. I've honestly never been more proud of a project I've done. When I met Lexie, the first thing she said to me was that she loved that particular post and it really made my day. I was also really proud of how I explained my transferring of schools, which wasn't exactly easy. I got lots of feedback from that as well that made me proud of my decision and I was glad I shared it.

Blogging has really connected me to some amazing gal pals... and just last month I just happened to run into some in the city! I love Nicole, Jamie, Cristina, Lexie, Emily, Bethany, just to name a few. I love having a community of girls that I can relate to and share ideas with. Other than people I communicate with regularly due to blogging, I've had so many girls reach out to me for advice. I get Instagram DM's asking about majoring in fashion, messages asking how to do something for their own blog, and asking about a makeup product I've mentioned on my site. I love sharing advice with others and I'm so honored people even ask me for my own opinion. It's really rewarding.

Summer Colors, July 2015

My blog itself changed; remember when I was TheGoldDime.blogspot?! Talk about a dilemma when I changed my blog to it's own domain (so many malfunctions!). Any other blogger gal reading this knows how important that step is in the blogging world. I feel so much more professional/proud of my work. I like to look at my blog not only as a creative outlet but as a portfolio in a sense. By changing my website name I felt like anything was possible after that (cheesy, I totally get it, but kinda true).

When I started blogging I had no idea all the opportunities it would bring. I've worked with some incredible brands, such as Piko, Knock Knock, Shop Style, Trendly, Palmer's, The Newsette, and Stella & Dot. I'm forever thankful to have the chance to work with brands and create posts for them as well.

To finish off this post I just want to state  how much has changed from what I talked about in my very first post. I don't work at the ice cream stand back home, "New York City has my heart" has a whole new meaning, and if I'm being honest, I'm not much of a Starbucks fan anymore. I think for everyone, not just myself & my blog, it's nice to see how far we've come in a year. So much can happen, drastic or not, and it changes who we come to be. Look back at your journals, old pictures, your old agenda even, and see how much has changed & reflect on how far you've come; it's really nice to see.

Cool Tones, September 2015

I can't thank you all enough for reading my posts for the past year... your comments and feedback mean the world to me. I can't wait to write another year recap post next year and reflect on what has changed again. Cheers to another year and happy birthday to (my pride and joy) The Gold Dime! xo.

Spring Sweater + Skirt

My parent's were in the city this weekend Thursday until Sunday morning, and boy was that a treat. I loved showing them all the sights and great food this city has to offer. I showed them my campus, my favorite coffee shop, and other places I go daily so they can get a feel of my routine. I loved having them here and showing them the environment that makes me happiest. Seeing them leave Sunday morning was really sad, but luckily I only have a couple weeks left of school until I go home.
Anyway, here's what I wore to explore the city on Friday (no school for me because Passover). We went from Flatiron, to Wall Street, up to 5th Ave and Central Park, which if you're unsure, is quite a bit of ground. To say we were exhausted after walking all day was an understatement.

I love this sweater because it's loosely knitted, perfect for springtime weather. I love this sweater so much I have it in navy and white too! 

(Most of my outfit is from last year, unfortunately couldn't find exact links/sold out items)



Today marks the beginning of a new segment I’ve wanted to start for a few weeks here on The Gold Dime! I’m only one student, living in one part of the city, so I can only tell you so much about the city and what it has to offer strictly based on my experiences. I wanted to interview some amazing gals I know who go to other schools here in the city; so you can get a different perspective of what this incredible city is like. 

Today I'm starting with the lovely Emily who attends New York University! I know Emily from CollegeFashionista and we both share a love of The 1975 & coffee. 

Emily at Refinery29's 29 Rooms in Brooklyn.

Introduce yourself!
I recently just turned 20 years old and am a sophomore at New York University pursuing a double major in Journalism and Politics. Originally from New Jersey, I moved to NYC for school. New York has to be my favorite place in the world (granted, I’ve haven’t seen the entire world yet, but I know that New York is #1). I love creating stuff, whether it’s a blog post, a photo shoot with friends or a video to post on YouTube. I’m always thinking outside the box, or at the very least, try to. I’m not content with just sitting around and while I love relaxing, my week to week schedule is pretty packed. Stress and business are two of my favorite necessary evils.

Museum of Feelings, December 2015

What’s your major? What do you hope to be one day?
I’m a double major in Journalism and Politics. My dream job would be the creative director of any magazine or brand. But I would hope to land a job somewhere in the communications field at an amazing company after graduation and work my way up. I’ve done a few internships in the past and what I have realized is I won’t be content with looking at numbers in a spreadsheet for the rest of my life. While I could do it and I’m just being picky now, I know I would be more than content putting together and constructing something. 

East Village

Favorite part of being a student in the city?
Being a student in NYC is not the typical college experience, and that’s my favorite part. A lot of my friends who go to different schools talk about pep rallies and formals. While NYU does have those things, typically I am exploring outside the NYU bubble and getting to know the real NYC. Also, I’m never bored. After class, I can go to a top workout class or walk along the Brooklyn Bridge or to a word-known art museum. Not to mention, the food here is amazing. 

Fashion bloggers at NYFW.

Seeing Charlie Puth @ Webster Hall, 2015.

Least favorite part?
Sometimes it gets overwhelmingly lonely. It’s funny, you would think being in a huge, populated city, you would never feel lonely. But it’s kind of like when Jack’s Mannequinn said, "Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?”

Photoshoot from the Fall with friends

Favorite neighborhood and why?
I have recently fallen in love with the Gramercy area. I live quite far from my classes so I cut through here on my way to class. In the morning, it’s very quiet, while only being blocks away from the busy Flat Iron district. With headphones on and The 1975 playing, walking in 65 degree weather, it honestly doesn’t get better than that.

Signs in Saint Mark's

Coolest event you have attended so far?
This is really difficult. My most memorable was when my friend got a press pass, I being a +1, for The 1975 pop-up shop that happened at wallplay on Orchard Street for their new album. I got to meet the band and talk with them about their upcoming tour and album release. Really cool guys and I was completely starstruck. Also, the display they produced for their album was absolutely stunning. 

The 1975's Pop Up.

In the city for one day, what view do I have to see?
Head towards the Chelsea area and go to Le Bain at the Standard Hotel. Go outside on the fake grass and wait for sunset. You’re welcome. 

Emily's must-see view!

Best coffee/brunch place?
Veselka. It’s open 24 hours and they have everything. 

What’s a typical Saturday morning/night like for you?
I always try to wake up early on the weekends to get work done for school. So I typically wake up around 8AM and grab coffee and a quick breakfast before either camping out in a coffee shop or the library. I spend my day pretty much doing that. Unless I stay at my apartment and take some time to put away my messy clothes and do some laundry for once. I wish I could say I made exercise a priority, but I don’t, I just like to consume calories. Saturday nights are fun in the city. I’ll either have a potluck dinner party with friends or we’ll go out and explore, especially with food. 

Saturday Night with friends

I have to agree with Emily on the coolest event she attended. She was lucky enough to meet the guys, unlike me (still upset about it), but it was such a cool concept and the store itself was beautiful. A 24 hour coffee place?! Sounds like my heaven, can't wait to check that out. And Emily made a point how the city can be lonely, which I feel 100%. I've almost done an entire post on that; millions of people yet I find myself alone majority of the time. It really teaches you a lot about yourself and I think it's even more fun being alone while exploring because you can do whatever you want, when you want. 

Huge thank you to Emily for being apart of the first post of my new segment on The Gold Dime!

Don't forget to follow Emily on Instagram, Twitter, check her blog, and her YouTube!

April Playlist

I'm back with another playlist post! I love this one in particular because it's the perfect pre-summer playlist. Honorable mentions are Tycho (perfect for studying) and I've really been loving Skizzy Mars' new album. 

Happy listening 🌞
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Steve Madden x CollegeFashionista

This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend the Steve Madden event on my campus where Amy Levin, founder of CollegeFashionista, interviewed Steve himself.

Snapchat: ShelbySHowell - Add me to see behind the scenes of events like these!

Being a style guru, we got front row to the action. I went with my friend and fellow style guru, Zoe! Everyone at the talk got the cutest lil' goodie bags under their seats.

Steve Madden chatting with Amy Levin at The Fashion Institute of Technology

Steve Madden is probably one of the most real, tells-it-how-it-is kind of guy; and to be honest I wasn't expecting it, but I loved him. I loved his enthusiasm, his carefree attitude, and he had no filter. It's refreshing (as Amy put it when we chatted after) to see someone in this industry act so true to himself. Instead of seeing famous industry entrepreneurs act polite and professional, which is great too, he really felt like you were talking to a friend just catching up. He chatted about working with Iggy Azalea (how it was a complete flop), dropping out of college, and even openly talked about his few years in jail.

Notebook, luggage tag, highlighters not nail polish (how cute?!, and a cute t-shirt that I can't wait to style!

The Long Island native started with $1,100 dollars in his bank account and turned out to be the fashion empire he is today. How inspiring is that?

After the super entertaining chat, Zoe and I parted ways for a few hours until we met up again for the after party held at the Union Square Steve Madden store.

Aisha, Sammy, and Amy at the after party in Union Square!

As a style guru, you don't usually get to meet the lovely ladies who direct CollegeFashionista. I was SO excited to get to talk to the girls who I've admired for so long (I've been a style guru for a year now!). Like I said on my Instagram, they're incredible mentors and I'm lucky to be apart of CollegeFashionista.

Fell in love with the Rust ones in the middle, purchased the ones on the right & figured I'd get more use out of them.

I couldn't go to the Steve Madden store after just meeting the man himself without buying a pair of shoes. I had my eye on these ones, but they didn't have my size unfortunately (wasn't meant to be right?) I had these in my hand in the rust color, but only left with these beauties, and I'm in love.

How gorg are they? If only they'd break themselves in.

It was a fun-filled day with CollegeFashionista and Steve Madden and I'm so thankful to have been apart of the action.

Follow them on instagram, twitter, and my favorite, Snapchat (@Cfashionista), for the latest trends on college campuses and also to see when to apply to be a style guru yourself!

Floral for Spring

So funny - I bought these pants last summer and they fit a little too snug. Now after being at school and walking (EVERYWHERE) they fit perfectly! What's better than that? Of course, had to throw on my favorite jean jacket. Shop below.

Denim on Denim

Call it denim on denim or a Canadian tuxedo.. Here's my take.

May or may not look like I'm about to drop a rap album in the above photo.

From far away these boyfriend fit jeans look like a really light wash, but are actually 'seersucker' with some distress & bleach spots; making them my favorite pair of jeans.

Shop my outfit
Unfortunately had trouble finding exact links for particular items.. they're mostly all from last season!