This past weekend marked the end of Michael's Spring Break and the end to the most stressful week of quite possibly, my whole college career. With that, I spent the weekend at Michael's and experienced all of my favorite things about Long Island. Those things include LI bagel sandwiches, tons of iced coffee trips, dinner dates, basically anything including Michael and some food. We also scored some great deals at the Tanger outlets (J.Crew specifically/obviously). Anyway, Saturday Michael wanted to go on an adventure. That adventure included an hour and a half trip to the east end of the island. We ended up in the cutest little port town, Greenport!

 It was finally warm enough to only have to wear my J.Crew field jacket

One of my favorite things to do when on the island is just sit on the dock and chat.

We went to a little cafe for coffee and a massive cinnamon bun (YUM), then walked around the quiet little town, venturing in and out of the little shops. 

If you saw on Snapchat (@shelbyshowell) you saw that Michael quite literally got on the ground to take pictures for me, hence the huge smile.

What a view :)
It was nice to get away for a bit and see an entirely new part of the island I've never experienced before. So lucky to have Michael and be able to explore new places with him.

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