Friday Faves 3.25

This week's Friday Faves is a combination of all the things I've been lovin' the past two weeks.

W H I T E   J E A N S + J E A N   J A C K E T

I've been really looking forward to spring this week (although the weather doesn't seem to be adding to that excitement). I've been reaching for my white jeans (which I technically wear year round, shhhh) and been really enjoying styling them again. 
As for this oversized jean jacket I can't help but keep talking about, I'm loving the fact it's still been a little chilly out so I can wear it. I purposely bought it super oversized (x-large from J.Crew factory!) and I'm SO glad I did. I've had jean jackets in the past, but I could never layer anything underneath. I love the fit, distress, and wash of this jacket.

 M A K E U P   F A V E S
Woooohoo for my first flat lay pics!
Mac Fix+ has been in my arsenal of makeup for over a year now, but I recently played around and found a new way to use it! I've been experiencing dry skin/cakey foundation and I was getting really frustrated, as I do. I dot my foundation all over my face evenly distributing it then before I start blending it in with my beauty blender, I spray Fix+ all over my face! This way it's helping the blending process as well as preventing cakey-ness. I also set my face with this after I do powder, blush, etc. 
As for bronzer I was in a rut. I used the Anastasia contour kit, wasn't in love. So I went back to NYC 'Sunny' bronzer hoping I'd enjoy it again. Both for some reason slightly broke me out and were a tad orangey/didn't blend well. I happened to be on the ColourPop site and stumbled upon their bronzers, this one in particular. It's a moussey texture, like all Colourpop products, but I still apply it over my powder rather than just foundation like you do with most cream bronzers. It's surprisingly super blendable and a perfect shade for my (pale) skin. I recommend using it with a duo fiber brush. I really want to try Colourpop's eyebrow products soon!

Athens by NYX has been my absolute go-to lippie. It's always in my bag, no matter where I go. It's such a great everyday shade and one of those "your lips but better" colors. It's lightweight, easy to apply, and smells like cupcakes. I talked about it in my haul and didn't like it when I first got it, that's totally changed. I also wore it in this post.

C O C O N U T    O I L

Coconut oil is an all-year, all around favorite but I wanted to mention it solely based on the fact I got a new container of it (Wegman's brand like a true upstate NY gal). My main use for coconut oil is to remove my makeup; I start to massage it into my face when it is dry and it uplifts all my makeup, then I continue with my cleanser. I notice that sometimes it's 'residue' stays on my lashes/eyebrows and I've noticed they grow so much more! Long lashes and full brows, yes please. I also use coconut oil for my eczema that flares up here and there, I trust putting a natural product on it more than anything else. I love putting it on my legs after I shave as well! 

L ' O R E A L    E X T R A O R D I N A R Y   O I L   L I N E
I received the shampoo & conditioner in addition to this serum oil. Only brought home the serum for spring break which is why it's the only one pictured!
I was sent this line on behalf of Influenster and L'Oreal and I am loving it. I use the shampoo and conditioner everyday as opposed to washing every other day like I did with other products. This entire line really makes your hair look healthy, especially after using heat tools. I had dull, straw like hair for a while, but I've used this for about a month and it's almost reversed the damage. I really love this line! Thanks Influenster & L'Oreal for sending me these!

J U L I A   E N G E L x G A P

Last week I got to meet one of my longtime favorite bloggers, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam! It was so wonderful getting to meet her and chat about blogging. I've never felt more inspired! I took so much of what she said into consideration and decided to make some 'huge' changes to The Gold Dime; more of behind the scenes type things, so maybe you'll start to notice some quality changes. Julia was so incredibly sweet and polite (more beautiful in person!), and her husband Thomas was too! 


At the event I happened to run into (what're the odds in NYC?) some blogging gals! I saw Nicole from Empire Styles and Lexie from Lexie's Life! It was so nice seeing people I've interacted with so long from simply blogging and social media. I can't wait to meet up with them again as well as Jamie
It was also really special that I saw them and got to meet Julia mainly because when I transferred I wanted to be closer to 'connections' and 'networking' and this was just a small step into doing that.
Be sure to read Nicole's post as well as Lexie's recapping the Gap event!

I know what you're thinking. No this isn't a museum, it's my antique filled home.

As you might know, I'm home for spring break this week! So of course I had to mention 'home' as a favorite. I haven't seen my parents since January so it was a great little homecoming. I luckily don't have much school work to do this week so I've been loving simply just relaxing and hanging out at home, plus plenty of trips to Target.

Until next time!

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