Friday Faves 3.11 + Update

I have been so busy this week; so much so that I missed a post. If you've been a long time reader, you might have realized that I post on MWF. I took a pass on Wednesday because I'm currently not only in prime midterm time, but my boyfriend is also home on Long Island for his spring break (who was the genius behind that scheduling?) So I've been juggling studying and making time to see him. In addition, I'm on the hunt for internships (YAY)  as well as figuring out what classes I have to take over the summer since the transfer messed up some credits. For the first time in a very long time, The Gold Dime was put on the back burner. I also promise to post more fashion posts featuring myself after I'm home for spring break starting the 18th of this month.
ANYWAY, onto some favorites from this hectic week!

M A N   R E P E L L E R

I'm not sure if I've talked about Leandra Medine (ManRepeller) on my blog before, which is shocking, because she's honestly everything I aspire to be. Her personality is impeccable, she's hard working, and knows style. I wish I could put together outfits the way she does. 
Anyway, I'm currently reading her book and I can't put it down. My mom sent me this as a surprise in the mail and I was THRILLED. I love how she writes which makes this such an easy and enjoyable read. It's a book that you will literally laugh out loud reading. I was so happy to have it on the hour train ride to Michael's house! If you're really into fashion and the industry itself, check out It's essentially my homepage to my internet browser. 

 A C U R E   S K I N C A R E

Acure? More like A CURE TO YOUR SKIN PROBLEMS! (That's me trying to be funny incase you didn't catch that.) My friend Jess introduced me to this brand and I love it because I've seen almost instant results. 
I get body breakouts (which is why you rarely see any v necks here on The Gold Dime, if we're being honest) and the clarifying wash has tremendously improved them, within one use! The radical resurfacing lotion is for dark spots and I use it before my moisturizer morning and night. The night cream is so nourishing to the skin; I wake up feeling like I have a new face. The face wash takes all my makeup off with a refreshing scent (I use it with my clarisonic). 
Overall, I'm really loving this line. It's organic, which I feel 100x better using, and I really see results! I buy my products from

 B U G   E Y E   S H A D E S

I got these bad boys a while back but I've recently become obsessed with them again. I love them because they're huge and essentially no one can see where I'm looking.
Want to people watch while walking down the streets of Manhattan? These are your best bet.
Another reason I love them is because ever since I moved to the city my eyes get SO watery when I'm walking around due to the wind. Because these are so oversized they shield my eyes and spare me from crying every time I leave the building. I'm officially that person who wears sunglasses when it's overcast, basically nighttime, etc. because of the windy streets of NY.
Basically, these are great. And only around $6 from Forever 21. Unfortunately I can't find the exact link, but these are similar.

B O B B I   B R O W N   S H I M M E R  B R I C K S +  K A T  V O N  D   P A L E T T E

How great is Brooke? She sent me 6 of the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks because she remembered I wanted them! She also sent me this incredible eyeshadow palette from Kat Von D that I'm falling in love with. My mom raved about it for months and now I see why. Super pigmented and easy to blend shadows! The shimmer bricks are great for multi purpose; when I use it I mix Bronze and Rose to create a bronzey blush. And since they are shimmer, I skip highlighter. Basically this product substitutes 3 different ones - and saves you time.

In case you didn't see me freaking out on Snapchat (ShelbySHowell)

Thanks so much to Brooke for thinking of me!

I promise to have more exciting posts next week once I get a better at juggling 1,000 different things at once - Wish me luck.
xoxo. Until next time.

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