Valentine's Day Gift Guide // #GalPalLinkup

Someone commented on my Instagram post that they wanted me to do a gift guide for Valentine's Day, but I honestly didn't think that was necessary. Then I figured there are so many people who don't want to just gift flowers and chocolates - so typical right? Where's the surprise there? So I decided to make this guide as creative as possible but still relevant. Whether it's for your single bestie, your boyfriend, or even for yourself I hope you find something perfect for the holiday. This post is also a part of the #GalPalLinkUp with Cristina, Cathleen, and Rachel!

I'm completely serious when I say to get your significant other/best friend a succulent for V Day. These guys live forever and they're SO easy to take care of. You water them once a week! Succulents are super trendy these days, so you're bound to find a cute container to put them in. They'll last way longer than your dozen roses!

I'm very into gadgets lately (I'm eyeing an iPad as my new one). I know tons of girls who just adore Polaroid cameras and taking memorable photos. Girls also appreciate really unique and cute phone cases, so I listed one that's somewhat Valentine's Day oriented but also great for reminding that someone about you each day. Beats are always a go-to gift whatever the gift-giving occasion may be. I promise they will never let you down! Perfect for studying, walking down the street, traveling, etc.


 Even before Mike and I were long distance, I always crafted cute things for him because he really appreciated those gifts more than the ones I could buy. Buy a really cute frame, 'nonchalantly' ask for their favorite picture of you both, and put it in the frame as a gift. If you're really feeling lovey, throw a note in the frame behind the picture and text them to open it; really a nice surprise, they'll love it. As for mason jars, ever heard of writing all your favorite memories with the person and throwing them in there? Tie a cute pink/red ribbon around it to make it more festive. Open it with them and read them all together! Letters are another favorite of mine. I use to make 'Open When' letters for Mike all the time. Buy some cheap letters and decorate them or some pre-decorated blank notecards. Do 'open when you miss me', 'open when I'm annoying you', 'open when you need to hear about my favorite memory with you', things of that nature. I never thought Mike would like them, but it's always nice receiving a text of a picture of a letter opened. 

Why not buy them something that will keep on giving? There's tons of monthly box subscriptions such as Birchbox (for him and her!), Ipsy, and Rocksbox. I also think Spotify is an awesome gift for someone because I don't know what I did without premium - so much more convenient. These gifts may not seem like much when you purchase them, but receiving a little gift each month is such a nice surprise. Thinking of Rocksbox? Sign up for your first month free, on me! 

Kate Spade is the perfect brand for shopping for your gal pals. Guys, this is great for you too because what girl wouldn't like all the cute sayings Kate Spade comes up with? Whether it's a cute tote she can take grocery shopping, a mug to have her morning caffeine fix, or a notebook to fill with all her great ideas, this is the brand to choose from. 

Still not satisfied? I know people hate giving gift cards because they think there's no thought involved in doing so. I personally LOVE gift cards. I get so happy knowing I don't have to spend my own money (sounds mean but it's true when you're broke living in Manhattan). Whether it's Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, or Sephora, a gift card is another one of those gifts that keep on giving. 
I also thought about all of those who cannot be with their significant other on Valentine's Day; you and your gal pal or your boy/girlfriend. Pick up a free box from your local Post Office, stuff it with their favorite candy, LOTS of letters and cute notes as if you were there, maybe a movie, and a gift that I listed from this blog post. It'll be nice to know you're still thinking of them even though you're not there. Put in a movie that you both have, call each other on FaceTime, and watch it together!
And lastly, when all else fails, jewelry. I know that I'm always like, 
"Oh hey Mike I just ADORE this Cartier bracelet. It's really nice. I like it a lot."
Yeah he'll roll his eyes and think I'm crazy but I still let him know for the future. What I'm trying to say is, if you've heard them talking about some sort of jewelry (or anything really) and you know they won't buy it for themselves, surprise them with it!

I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day! If not, hit up the candy sales on Monday. 
Let me know if you guys liked this gift guide and if you plan to do any of these! I'd love to know! Even Tweet me a picture! 

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