Friday Faves 1.5

B A S E B A L L   H A T

I've been really into baseball hats lately, maybe because I love this one and my school, but that's beside the point. I love wearing them when maybe I haven't washed my hair in a few days and I just want to throw it up. My favorite way to style it is with a sweatshirt or a plain long sleeve tee, a leather jacket, some dark wash jeans/leggings, and some sneakers whether they be Converse or Stan Smith's. It's the perfect outfit for running errands or just going to class.


I have to say, these rock, and especially for the price. I love the smell of them because they're sea salt 'infused' and they leave my hair silky with a ton of volume. I also have afro hair if I let it air dry, but with these products it gives my hair pretty curls when fully dried. I highly recommend because of the price point!

S U N G L A S S E S   S E T  U P

I've been loving how I store my sunglasses lately! I used two command hooks, some striped string (I used two pieces of it and tied them together to make it sturdier) and that's about it! I also threw my delicate necklaces up there too. I love this because to me, sunnies are a great accessory, and by having them displayed I can pick the best one for my look. 


I haven't mentioned it lately but I've been loving my skincare routine. I decided to go more 'natural' product wise so I started to use African blacks soap since it's known to help acne and breakouts. I first start with the toner then take a cotton round to get off excess grease/dirt. Next I go in with the moisturizer afterwards. I love the fact the moisturizer works AMAZING under makeup! I do this morning and night, but if I want to do a mask I'll do that beforehand. The mask isn't the typical kind that makes it so you can't talk or smile, it feels more like a thick cream. It washes off so easily too so I don't have to scrub my face like I usually do with most masks. I highly recommend this line if you have oily/acne prone skin like me - it helped SO much! Also, reasonable prices (!!!)

 B E D / S T R I N G   L I G H T S

I never hung lights in my dorm until this semester and I have to say, I love them. When I'm laying in bed at night it's so nice to have them on. Whether I'm reading, watching Netflix, eating a midnight snack (happens a lot), it's nice having them on and they don't bother my roommate like the overhead light would. I also love how cozy they make my little corner look and feel. 
Oh and since The 1975 sign is in the pic, and if you didn't see on Snapchat (@shelbyshowell) I'M SEEING THEM IN MAY! I found a good seat so I had to get it. It'll be a perfect end-of-semester gift to myself. 


 For FIT, you have a TON of IDs. One for your room, one for laundry, school ID, and you gotta have credit cards/cash with you almost at all times in the city. I didn't want to have to constantly pull out a big wallet every time I need to show my ID and get into my buildings. This little guy (equipped with some pepper spray of course) is SO helpful. It's great to just grab and go when I want to grab groceries or a quick coffee down the street.

It has a key ring holder if you want to add to it. It has a clear front ID holder, plenty of card slots, and a part inside that also holds some cards and cash. 

 L O U I S   V U I T T O N  SPEEDY 30

This bag is essentially like my first born child. I don't use it all the time, but when I do, I fall in love with it. Why I'm mentioning it now is because if you live or if you're just visiting the city, this type of bag is perfect to carry around. It's small and you can hold it on your elbow or just in your hand. I like it because it's not an easy one to just put your hand in (aka people on the street) and keeps your stuff secure inside.

I tried really hard to start taking my own pictures for posts, hope you all enjoyed it!

* I received these products complementary of Influenster to test and review, all opinions are my own. 

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