30 Days in Chelsea

My last post regarding the city, 1st Week in Manhattan, was pretty successful and everyone seemed to love it. I thought I'd do my first month in NYC, a little differently than the recap post, but mainly just my thoughts.

Exploring 5th ave.

So I hadn't really had any classes yet when I wrote my last post, but I can tell you now that I'm obsessed with them. The professors at The Fashion Institute of Technology are incredible and so unbelievably interested in what you have to say, what you want to do one day, and how they can get you to that place. Every single staff member I have come in contact with (my advisor, the head of my department, all teachers) have been nothing but an amazing help and are really approachable, which I didn't get too much at Oneonta. I hate to 'bash' Oneonta... but the more I'm here at FIT, I realize how much Oneonta didn't provide the help or connections I needed to fully achieve what I wanted to do with my future. At Oneonta it was a hassle for anything regarding meetings with advisors, asking teachers for help, etc. I'm just really thankful to have professors now that truly make learning fun and are accessible when I need help. There have been classes that I don't want to end (and they're all already 3 hours long) because the teacher is so engaging and telling us the real deal about the industry.

Exploring the Flatiron District

Regarding the city itself, I can't get enough. Every errand I have to do is an adventure, I always see and interact with such interesting people - whether that be someone in a great outfit, or for instance the incredibly nice employee at the post office. On weekends I typically wake up and think 'what part of the city do I want to explore today'. Side note: I've also noticed that FIT is a very 'independent' school - everyone's doing their own thing and it's normal to do things by yourself. Sounds depressing, but it's so easy to do in a city and everyone has such different schedules. In Chelsea where I am, people aren't typically rushing to get places, so it's much more 'relaxed' if that's even possible in the city. I pass Madison Square Garden every morning and it's cool to see it lit up every time the Knicks play. Last time I wrote, I had NO idea how to navigate subways or walk around without using my maps app on my iPhone (talk about being obviously new to NY). The other day I got a little confused/dreadfully lost to the point where I walked around the same block about three times (ugh) but I found my way back to my dorm all the way from 5th and 57th, so talk about a hike. I later found out on the Health app for iPhone (thanks Quinn for showing me!) that I walked 9.4 miles... in 4 inch heels too by the way.

Don Antonio's

FOOD! I've been really good about not ordering food or going out for every meal (it's so easy to). I try to cook almost all my meals in my dorm. Typically if I'm buying food when I'm out it's just coffee. I've fallen in love with Just Salad/Fresh & Co. regarding salads/quinoa for lunch, and I've been to Friedman's for brunch. Pizza wise, I loved Don Antonio's on 50th, but I have yet to have the infamous $1 slices! One of my favorite foods is a bagel, and wow am I in the right place. I go to Brooklyn Bagel near school every Friday after my 8 am to treat myself. I plan to get to Brooklyn soon to try out the rainbow bagels I've been seeing all over the internet and I'm DYING to go to Dough Doughnuts! I also loved Bareburger, so many incredible options there - vegetarian ones as well.  I just tried Cafeteria yesterday and I can see what all the hype is about; it has jazzy lights that remind me of The 1975's music videos so obviously I was a fan.

So if you read all of this rambling on, first off thank you. Secondly if you take anything away from this post, it's if you don't like something in your life, you have the ability to change it. I'm not saying it'll be easy but if you feel strongly about something it doesn't hurt to at least try. I had no idea what to expect when I started to fill out my application to transfer, but I'm so glad I did. I almost gave up a few times (my transcripts didn't send, my acceptance letter came extremely late) but I'm so thankful I stuck through and stayed true to my decision. It was SO tough hearing people's opinions about it.. like why would I leave, what about Mike, 'I thought you liked Oneonta?' and so forth. I'd go through it again to see myself be as happy as I am right now.

A few weeks back I walked to Madison Square park and just sat there, huge smile on my face, because I was just happy I have that ability to go out into the city and explore. My boyfriend Mike even told me that I'm finally being who I really am without constantly worrying about what people think, like I did all the time in Oneonta. Here in the city I'm surrounded by the most creative, passionate people I've ever met. I'm complimented on my outfits rather than being asked 'why are you so dressed up?'. Everyone is so excited about their future and are genuinely happy to talk about fashion and what's going on in the city.

What I'm trying to say is, big or small, you have the ability to make a change in your life. You can improve your life, whether it's simply working out each day or moving across the country to start a new life. Life is short, do what makes you happy. I'm living proof of that after the past month and I'm so thankful.


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