Recap: 1st Week in Manhattan

So as many of you know, I recently transferred schools and I now reside in New York City. I've been moved in for a week so I thought I'd share my thoughts and feelings from the experience!

First sunset with my new view.

DAY 1: JANUARY 19, Tuesday
Move in day! It was absolutely exhausting having to move up to the 12th floor and especially when there was no one to help. My father had to park the car, my mother had to stand by all my stuff outside my dorm, and I had to lug and stuff my things into a tiny elevator. My parents didn't stay long because I've moved into dorm rooms before so I sent them off. I ventured out on my own to Starbucks then relaxed until we had meetings at night. I didn't do much this day except unpack, decorate, relax, etc. I did get kind of upset because this was the same day all my friends and my boyfriend were heading back to Oneonta; so that was sad and it felt weird not going back to something I know so well.

At the High Line.

DAY 2: JANUARY 20, Wednesday
We had meetings in the morning for orientation. I literally did not eat anything except almonds & coffee the day before so I desperately needed to go grocery shopping. I have an apartment style dorm so I don't have a meal plan which means I get to cook for myself. I only got a few things since I do have to walk about 3 blocks back to my building. My friends and I decided to venture down to Chelsea Market to see what the hype was about. I personally love the architecture of it and the uniqueness of the restaurants. After that, we ended up walking the High Line back to campus. I highly suggest checking out the High Line if you're a photographer or if you just want to see the city from a different perspective.

Broke out my Stan Smith's while running errands.

DAY 3: JANUARY 21, Thursday
This day of orientation consisted of our meetings pertaining to our major- to learn more about it, the staff, and possibilities at the college itself. Let's just say this day really solidified the reason I came to FIT. There are SO many amazing opportunities that this institution offers. A chance to work back stage at fashion week, internships with HUGE names, traveling with clubs to only increase your experience in your field... just to name a few. The professors were incredibly nice and so easy to talk to; they all truly care about our success and future. They all seem to call us colleagues rather than simply their students; there's a lot of respect going both ways. After my seminars I headed to the grocery store again to pick up some more items since we are expecting a storm this weekend.

David Zwirner's Gallery

DAY 4: JANUARY 22, Friday
My friend Jess and her roommate Becca (both from my old school!) and I headed to campus to attend a meeting learning more about internships and potential jobs. After the 30 minute meeting, David Zwirner's Gallery was our next stop. It was a really cool setup. We were starving at this point so we set out to find lunch and settled on a place called Just Salad - highly recommend, so yummy! Later that night I got to meet my older brother and his girlfriend, Conor, for dinner! It was so nice to see a little bit of home in the city.

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DAY 5: JANUARY 23, Saturday
The winter storm Jonas took over NYC and essentially everything was closed. Luckily I had an entire season of New Girl to finish all day.

We stopped into (what might be my new favorite store), Other Stories on Fifth.

DAY 6: JANUARY 24, Sunday
I was itching to get out of the building today after a long day of being snowed in. Jess, Becca, and I headed to brunch at Friedman's, so yummy and really reasonably priced. We ventured off to the Manhattan Mall, I needed another brow pencil from Sephora. We then headed up to Bryant Park to ice skate, but the rink was still really covered with snow, so that was a no-go. We walked around that area for awhile, eventually ended up going through Times Square, then back to the dorm. The rest of the day consisted of preparing for my first week of classes! Until the fire alarm went off not only at 1:30am but also at 6:45am and we had to stand outside for an hour... but whatever. (Insert rolling eye emoji)

My first bagel since I moved in, SO YUMMY. 

DAY 7: JANUARY 25, Monday
First day of classes! My day started at 9 am with an intro to the fashion industry class. Luckily my friend Jess was in it so it helped take off the nerves. My professor is actually the most interesting man I've met regarding fashion. He's worked all over; Bergdorf's, Barney's, Saks, etc. My next class was at 12, but that was cancelled probably because so many flights and trains were delayed so my professor couldn't make it. I met up with my friend Quinn from home after that. She showed me more of the campus that I haven't seen yet which was super helpful. Then we went and I got my first NY bagel since being here (YUM) a block or two away from our campus. I ended the day working out with Jess and Becca and here I am finishing this post.

What I've learned about the city so far:

  • Don't text while you're walking.
  • You NEED Hunter boots when it snows.
  • Starbucks is necessary twice on Mondays.
  • Walking 10-15 blocks to go somewhere is nothing in the city.
  • Bagels are God's gift to Earth.
  • FIT was the best decision I've made in a while and I'm so thankful that I'm here. Each day I'm even more thrilled with my choice to transfer. I'm so excited for what else it will bring.

I might do another 'Week in the Life' post regarding FIT and other NYC things! Let me know with a comment. xoxo.

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