HOW TO: Get the best deals

My boyfriend Michael recently said how proud he is of me when it comes to looking for deals (at least he notices, right?). I NEVER buy full price items unless there's some sort of discount or it's at Forever 21. This tweet inspired me to write this post; I want to share some tips for shopping and getting the best discounts.

To my fellow (broke) college students, always ask whoever is checking you out if they accept student discounts. Most of the time it's at least 10%-15%. But always have your school ID with you for proof!

I shop online a lot and I never get through the 'checkout' section without deeply searching Google and RetailMeNot for promo codes. Most of the time websites are nice and make it well known which ones are valid at the time, but some are hidden codes! I always look for free shipping and seasonal promos when I search. Sometimes you're out of luck, but sometimes you can save a few bucks. I recently got my Steve Madden boots with free shipping and saved $11!

I especially make sure to wait for sales when it comes to J.Crew and Madewell. Typically everything goes on sale in stores in a matter of two months or so give or take. The only thing is you do risk missing out on it when it does go on sale, so always keep your eyes out! I got this Madewell coat super on sale as well as most of my J.Crew jeans.

This isn't necessarily saving you money, but it's saving your sanity. Ever had your heart set on an item or a size, then a store doesn't have it? Either check in the store a few times or check online everyday (even hourly sometimes) and see if it's back in stock. Most of the time people return things in stores and they pop up on websites a day or two afterwards. This is the case with J.Crew for example. Even better, some people return 'online only' things or items that are typically sold in stores in bigger cities to smaller stores and you might just happen to be strolling in that day and snag it. For example, my local J.Crew doesn't have all styles and varieties of various coats that the company produces. We get lucky when people return online orders because we get to see them in person and potentially buy it.

Sometimes simply calling the store and asking to waive the shipping fee works... occasionally. I know one time I ordered from Victoria's Secret, got the bill, and my mother said no way. She called them, found a promo code, and explained that she wanted free shipping. They waived it! Always be extra nice too ;) It's worth a shot!

Why not make money from your favorite company (only to just spend your paychecks there like I do)? The discounts you get are unbelievable. I know Michael Kors offers things half off to their employees. I like working retail because I get to see how certain items fit when customers try them on and I also get a sense of what sells best. The only down side is that majority of my paychecks just go right back into the company... Oh well!

I hope this helps you next time you go on a little shopping spree! xo.

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