Friday Faves 1.8

A few of my instagram pictures this week as well as Monday's post included this adorable floppy hat from Lord & Taylor. It's such a cute touch to a simple outfit and makes it look more pulled together! I can't wait to style it more as the season progresses! 

Back when I was on Long Island Michael had a small surgery, which meant I had some downtime while he napped and recovered. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I watched these videos for over an hour a day; I'm addicted! I made the cookie dough cups on Sunday and I don't know how I feel about them... I don't think you need as much flour as they say, if you plan on making it! Although I wasn't thrilled how they came out, it was super easy to make due to the cute videos they make.

So if you saw on twitter, I asked if I should start watching New Girl. My mom and brother have both watched it and raved, but I didn't see why. Well I was hooked 2 minutes into the first episode, which doesn't happen to me with most shows. IT'S SO GOOD. I love each character in their own special way. It's such a feel good show; I suggest you all get on Netflix right now and binge watch (which is what I've been doing all week..!)

Okay kind of a random favorite. Since I've been home with my mother, the queen of organic food and kale's number one fan, I have been trying to eat healthier. I also just got myself a Magic Bullet for my apartment in the city and I tested it out yesterday for the first time. I love smoothies because they're so simple to make and are actually really filling. Here's my favorite recipe that I've perfected this week:
{makes one serving, ideal for the magic bullet! 
Also, hover over the photo to add to your Pinterest boards!}

How about my first Photoshop creation?! ^ I got Photoshop for Christmas 
and I'm finally coming around to learning how to do it!

Not a lot of items this week, maybe I'll have some more exciting features next week!
Have an amazing weekend. XO.

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