Friday Faves 1.15

The week has come to a close, which means another Friday Faves.

1. The Sound by The 1975
The 1975 blessed us all with a single, The Sound, this week; that's all you really need to know. Listen to it here.

2. Nivea Men Post Shave Balm
So I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned this yet, but this stuff is GOLD as a makeup primer. I've used it for about a month and a half now and haven't used any other primer because nothing compares. I use it before foundation and it makes it go on beautifully. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, yeah it kind of smells like a man; but only for about thirty seconds. What makes this stuff ideal for priming the skin is that it contains glycerin. I've noticed my skin has actually improved from using this too. I got the idea originally from NikkieTutorials but I also saw that Niykee Heaton uses it as a part of her skincare routine.

3. Tollani Booties from Steve Madden
DEAR GOD I think I've fallen in love with a shoe. I just got them yesterday after ordering them online last week. These booties are so well made, so sturdy, so gorg. They're the perfect leather bootie and I can't wait to strut these around almost everyday. They certainly need to be broken in more but I'm struggling through the pain because I love them so much. I love them because they're so simple and classic; I can wear them for so many years. They're on sale too!

4. Who What Wear
Being a fashion junkie, blogger, and a fashion student, I have to be in the know about the industry just for my well being and peace of mind. To be honest, I don't check blogs regularly and/or sit on my laptop just browsing websites. So instead I follow Who What Wear on Twitter because it's a quick and easy way to be up to date on what's going on. I love the website because the articles are quick and to the point. If you're obsessed with the fashion world like myself, follow here.

5. Old Navy
Okay everyone, do not underestimate Old Navy. It has some amazing finds. I got trendy lace up flats there for $26 and a simple leather tote, perfect for school, for only $34. They have some quality athletic leggings that I also got a great deal on. Some things you kind of have to dig for and really look for. They have great printed pants, plaid skirts, and cute booties! They always have amazing sales randomly which is always a nice surprise.

Until Monday. XO.
PS: I move in on Tuesday, EEK. 

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