Friday Faves 1.29

I can't believe January is already over?! This month FLEW by for me.
Anyway today I'm back with another Friday Faves post, a list of what I've been loving this past week!

Shea Moisture Dry Oil Mist with Sweet Almond Oil
If you're like me, you really neglect putting on lotion after the shower. I either never remember or I'm too lazy to even do it. I got this little guy at Ulta a few weeks back and I'm really loving it. The smell isn't overpowering, it's nice and sweet. I keep it in the bathroom near the shower so I remember and with a few sprits all over, I'm done! It's convenient and reasonably priced as well.

Fashion Institute of Technology
I mean, kinda self explanatory. I'm adjusting really well to the city life and I'm really glad I made the switch to come to this school. Read more about my first week in Monday's post!

& Other Stories
So I think I found a new favorite store? Although nothing will take the place of J.Crew; J.Crew will always have my heart. The other day Jess and Becca brought me in here but I had never heard of it. and I fell in love. I honestly don't know much about it but I just adored the layout of the store and the clothes were simple and easy to style (in a good way!). I think this will be my new place to get some neutral items, simple tee's, and even the bras we're really great.

Danielle from We Wore What
I have a new favorite blogger! Danielle is an FIT Alum, which is why I stumbled upon her blog about a month ago. I'm not exactly the same style as her, but I love how she wears simple things but accessorizes them really well. I love her makeup, her personality, everything. I also love the fact that she's really active on Snapchat! What really made me love her was the fact that someone asked why she doesn't really show her face and her response was "because it's about the clothes, not about me". 

J.Crew Sunglasses
I LOVE me a good pair of statement sunnies as you all know. Can you imagine how excited I was to see two of my favorite things combined? Thrilled. I think the Betty style is my favorite so far. Read more about them here and check out how gorgeous they are here too! (Remember students: use your student discount if these are a little out of your range!)

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see you all Monday, xo

Mad for Plaid

'Mad for Plaid' because it's a saying but also because Mike thinks I look really mad/mean in this post (oops)! I highly overuse this phrase but I have to say, this outfit is definitely my aesthetic; you can't go wrong with this look. Scored this Madewell coat super on sale after waiting all season to buy it. These are the flats I mentioned in my Friday Faves 1.15. My lip color is Tulle by Colourpop - highly recommend and you can't beat the price!


Recap: 1st Week in Manhattan

So as many of you know, I recently transferred schools and I now reside in New York City. I've been moved in for a week so I thought I'd share my thoughts and feelings from the experience!

First sunset with my new view.

DAY 1: JANUARY 19, Tuesday
Move in day! It was absolutely exhausting having to move up to the 12th floor and especially when there was no one to help. My father had to park the car, my mother had to stand by all my stuff outside my dorm, and I had to lug and stuff my things into a tiny elevator. My parents didn't stay long because I've moved into dorm rooms before so I sent them off. I ventured out on my own to Starbucks then relaxed until we had meetings at night. I didn't do much this day except unpack, decorate, relax, etc. I did get kind of upset because this was the same day all my friends and my boyfriend were heading back to Oneonta; so that was sad and it felt weird not going back to something I know so well.

At the High Line.

DAY 2: JANUARY 20, Wednesday
We had meetings in the morning for orientation. I literally did not eat anything except almonds & coffee the day before so I desperately needed to go grocery shopping. I have an apartment style dorm so I don't have a meal plan which means I get to cook for myself. I only got a few things since I do have to walk about 3 blocks back to my building. My friends and I decided to venture down to Chelsea Market to see what the hype was about. I personally love the architecture of it and the uniqueness of the restaurants. After that, we ended up walking the High Line back to campus. I highly suggest checking out the High Line if you're a photographer or if you just want to see the city from a different perspective.

Broke out my Stan Smith's while running errands.

DAY 3: JANUARY 21, Thursday
This day of orientation consisted of our meetings pertaining to our major- to learn more about it, the staff, and possibilities at the college itself. Let's just say this day really solidified the reason I came to FIT. There are SO many amazing opportunities that this institution offers. A chance to work back stage at fashion week, internships with HUGE names, traveling with clubs to only increase your experience in your field... just to name a few. The professors were incredibly nice and so easy to talk to; they all truly care about our success and future. They all seem to call us colleagues rather than simply their students; there's a lot of respect going both ways. After my seminars I headed to the grocery store again to pick up some more items since we are expecting a storm this weekend.

David Zwirner's Gallery

DAY 4: JANUARY 22, Friday
My friend Jess and her roommate Becca (both from my old school!) and I headed to campus to attend a meeting learning more about internships and potential jobs. After the 30 minute meeting, David Zwirner's Gallery was our next stop. It was a really cool setup. We were starving at this point so we set out to find lunch and settled on a place called Just Salad - highly recommend, so yummy! Later that night I got to meet my older brother and his girlfriend, Conor, for dinner! It was so nice to see a little bit of home in the city.

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DAY 5: JANUARY 23, Saturday
The winter storm Jonas took over NYC and essentially everything was closed. Luckily I had an entire season of New Girl to finish all day.

We stopped into (what might be my new favorite store), Other Stories on Fifth.

DAY 6: JANUARY 24, Sunday
I was itching to get out of the building today after a long day of being snowed in. Jess, Becca, and I headed to brunch at Friedman's, so yummy and really reasonably priced. We ventured off to the Manhattan Mall, I needed another brow pencil from Sephora. We then headed up to Bryant Park to ice skate, but the rink was still really covered with snow, so that was a no-go. We walked around that area for awhile, eventually ended up going through Times Square, then back to the dorm. The rest of the day consisted of preparing for my first week of classes! Until the fire alarm went off not only at 1:30am but also at 6:45am and we had to stand outside for an hour... but whatever. (Insert rolling eye emoji)

My first bagel since I moved in, SO YUMMY. 

DAY 7: JANUARY 25, Monday
First day of classes! My day started at 9 am with an intro to the fashion industry class. Luckily my friend Jess was in it so it helped take off the nerves. My professor is actually the most interesting man I've met regarding fashion. He's worked all over; Bergdorf's, Barney's, Saks, etc. My next class was at 12, but that was cancelled probably because so many flights and trains were delayed so my professor couldn't make it. I met up with my friend Quinn from home after that. She showed me more of the campus that I haven't seen yet which was super helpful. Then we went and I got my first NY bagel since being here (YUM) a block or two away from our campus. I ended the day working out with Jess and Becca and here I am finishing this post.

What I've learned about the city so far:

  • Don't text while you're walking.
  • You NEED Hunter boots when it snows.
  • Starbucks is necessary twice on Mondays.
  • Walking 10-15 blocks to go somewhere is nothing in the city.
  • Bagels are God's gift to Earth.
  • FIT was the best decision I've made in a while and I'm so thankful that I'm here. Each day I'm even more thrilled with my choice to transfer. I'm so excited for what else it will bring.

I might do another 'Week in the Life' post regarding FIT and other NYC things! Let me know with a comment. xoxo.

January 2016 Playlist

No Friday Faves today, instead I'm sharing my current playlist with you all. It's been so long since I've made one! I still wanted to continue doing playlist posts because I know I always love finding new songs from people.

Happy listening. XO.

HOW TO: Get the best deals

My boyfriend Michael recently said how proud he is of me when it comes to looking for deals (at least he notices, right?). I NEVER buy full price items unless there's some sort of discount or it's at Forever 21. This tweet inspired me to write this post; I want to share some tips for shopping and getting the best discounts.

To my fellow (broke) college students, always ask whoever is checking you out if they accept student discounts. Most of the time it's at least 10%-15%. But always have your school ID with you for proof!

I shop online a lot and I never get through the 'checkout' section without deeply searching Google and RetailMeNot for promo codes. Most of the time websites are nice and make it well known which ones are valid at the time, but some are hidden codes! I always look for free shipping and seasonal promos when I search. Sometimes you're out of luck, but sometimes you can save a few bucks. I recently got my Steve Madden boots with free shipping and saved $11!

I especially make sure to wait for sales when it comes to J.Crew and Madewell. Typically everything goes on sale in stores in a matter of two months or so give or take. The only thing is you do risk missing out on it when it does go on sale, so always keep your eyes out! I got this Madewell coat super on sale as well as most of my J.Crew jeans.

This isn't necessarily saving you money, but it's saving your sanity. Ever had your heart set on an item or a size, then a store doesn't have it? Either check in the store a few times or check online everyday (even hourly sometimes) and see if it's back in stock. Most of the time people return things in stores and they pop up on websites a day or two afterwards. This is the case with J.Crew for example. Even better, some people return 'online only' things or items that are typically sold in stores in bigger cities to smaller stores and you might just happen to be strolling in that day and snag it. For example, my local J.Crew doesn't have all styles and varieties of various coats that the company produces. We get lucky when people return online orders because we get to see them in person and potentially buy it.

Sometimes simply calling the store and asking to waive the shipping fee works... occasionally. I know one time I ordered from Victoria's Secret, got the bill, and my mother said no way. She called them, found a promo code, and explained that she wanted free shipping. They waived it! Always be extra nice too ;) It's worth a shot!

Why not make money from your favorite company (only to just spend your paychecks there like I do)? The discounts you get are unbelievable. I know Michael Kors offers things half off to their employees. I like working retail because I get to see how certain items fit when customers try them on and I also get a sense of what sells best. The only down side is that majority of my paychecks just go right back into the company... Oh well!

I hope this helps you next time you go on a little shopping spree! xo.

Dressed up Flannel

Are you all sick of my buffalo check flannel yet?

Unbutton a few bottom buttons & tie your oversized flannels to make them more tailored and fitted. I love this new wrap skirt I got from Madewell - classic yet casual!


Friday Faves 1.15

The week has come to a close, which means another Friday Faves.

1. The Sound by The 1975
The 1975 blessed us all with a single, The Sound, this week; that's all you really need to know. Listen to it here.

2. Nivea Men Post Shave Balm
So I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned this yet, but this stuff is GOLD as a makeup primer. I've used it for about a month and a half now and haven't used any other primer because nothing compares. I use it before foundation and it makes it go on beautifully. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, yeah it kind of smells like a man; but only for about thirty seconds. What makes this stuff ideal for priming the skin is that it contains glycerin. I've noticed my skin has actually improved from using this too. I got the idea originally from NikkieTutorials but I also saw that Niykee Heaton uses it as a part of her skincare routine.

3. Tollani Booties from Steve Madden
DEAR GOD I think I've fallen in love with a shoe. I just got them yesterday after ordering them online last week. These booties are so well made, so sturdy, so gorg. They're the perfect leather bootie and I can't wait to strut these around almost everyday. They certainly need to be broken in more but I'm struggling through the pain because I love them so much. I love them because they're so simple and classic; I can wear them for so many years. They're on sale too!

4. Who What Wear
Being a fashion junkie, blogger, and a fashion student, I have to be in the know about the industry just for my well being and peace of mind. To be honest, I don't check blogs regularly and/or sit on my laptop just browsing websites. So instead I follow Who What Wear on Twitter because it's a quick and easy way to be up to date on what's going on. I love the website because the articles are quick and to the point. If you're obsessed with the fashion world like myself, follow here.

5. Old Navy
Okay everyone, do not underestimate Old Navy. It has some amazing finds. I got trendy lace up flats there for $26 and a simple leather tote, perfect for school, for only $34. They have some quality athletic leggings that I also got a great deal on. Some things you kind of have to dig for and really look for. They have great printed pants, plaid skirts, and cute booties! They always have amazing sales randomly which is always a nice surprise.

Until Monday. XO.
PS: I move in on Tuesday, EEK. 

STYLE ICON: Gigi Hadid

I've been extremely interested in street fashion the past few months and it's definitely impacted my wardrobe lately. One icon I look to constantly is Gigi Hadid. She shows off effortless style that is also comfy and reasonable. The model also sports lots of neutrals, which is ideal for any wardrobe.

There's something so effortless about a white tee, jeans, and a leather jacket. Gigi pairs some statement sunnies with this look, which is probably my favorite element in the outfit.

Adding to the 'essential neutrals' as I was saying previously, I love how she rocks this statement white coat. Having a simple outfit is fine when you throw on a head-turning coat over top of it. White Adidas are my latest favorite style craze; they're simple but look so great with any outfit. I love pairing a dressy element, such as a blazer, with sneakers and jeans. (I just got Stan Smith's that I'm SO excited to style!)

As for beauty, Gigi seems to always be glowing. Try a bronze/golden highlighter to achieve her glow. I also adore the look with a bright blue toned lip and the statement shades (as you can see in my picture on the right side of my blog ;) ).


So what we can learn from Gigi is that neutrals are key to an effortless wardrobe. It makes it easy to create tons of looks with a simple few pieces,  rather than hoarding tons of clothes that you may only wear once. Continue to keep it simple when incorporating bold colors and statement pieces. Beauty wise, glowy skin is the way to go. Golden toned eyeshadow, bronzer, and highlighters are key for a Gigi inspired look.

Like this 'style icon' post? I was thinking of doing one for Olivia Palermo and Blair Eadie. Let me know in the comments down below for who you'd like to see!


Trendy Elements

I titled this look 'Trendy Elements' cause really, it has everything that's been trendy lately. Leather leggings, the floppy hat, and the faux fur vest. I love this look how it's essentially all black, but the popover from J.Crew gives it some life. Any color shirt underneath would look fab with these elements!


Friday Faves 1.8

A few of my instagram pictures this week as well as Monday's post included this adorable floppy hat from Lord & Taylor. It's such a cute touch to a simple outfit and makes it look more pulled together! I can't wait to style it more as the season progresses! 

Back when I was on Long Island Michael had a small surgery, which meant I had some downtime while he napped and recovered. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I watched these videos for over an hour a day; I'm addicted! I made the cookie dough cups on Sunday and I don't know how I feel about them... I don't think you need as much flour as they say, if you plan on making it! Although I wasn't thrilled how they came out, it was super easy to make due to the cute videos they make.

So if you saw on twitter, I asked if I should start watching New Girl. My mom and brother have both watched it and raved, but I didn't see why. Well I was hooked 2 minutes into the first episode, which doesn't happen to me with most shows. IT'S SO GOOD. I love each character in their own special way. It's such a feel good show; I suggest you all get on Netflix right now and binge watch (which is what I've been doing all week..!)

Okay kind of a random favorite. Since I've been home with my mother, the queen of organic food and kale's number one fan, I have been trying to eat healthier. I also just got myself a Magic Bullet for my apartment in the city and I tested it out yesterday for the first time. I love smoothies because they're so simple to make and are actually really filling. Here's my favorite recipe that I've perfected this week:
{makes one serving, ideal for the magic bullet! 
Also, hover over the photo to add to your Pinterest boards!}

How about my first Photoshop creation?! ^ I got Photoshop for Christmas 
and I'm finally coming around to learning how to do it!

Not a lot of items this week, maybe I'll have some more exciting features next week!
Have an amazing weekend. XO.

Snow Bunny

Finally some snow stuck around and it made the perfect back drop for some photos! I love wearing my Hunter boots in the snow because I can battle the elements without a worry of getting my socks/jeans wet. I LOVE this cableknit sweater from J.Crew - this is the one from last week's Friday Faves. Hope your New Year is great so far!