Why I decided to transfer

When I started applying to transfer back in September people were really confused. I love Oneonta, I love my friends there, I love that my boyfriend Michael is a two minute walk from my building. Our campus is gorgeous, downtown is so quaint, I really have no complaints. But I still felt like I was missing out on something; a part of me longed for more. 
I've never done anything in my life that's actually scared me and I've never come so close to something I've wanted so strongly. I felt like if I was going to do something that made me feel "scared" now is the time to do it, when I'm young. The city had always been in the back of my head each day since I started at Oneonta (Even though I was in the 3+1 program with F.I.T. already). I felt as though my fashion classes here weren't as rigorous as I thought they would be / weren't preparing me for the cut throat aspect of the industry I was going into. Don't get me wrong, I had some amazing professors and learned valuable information here, I just wanted more. I remember calling my mom after my first fashion course saying "Maybe i'll transfer early" and she told me to do what feels right and makes me happiest. So, here we are today.
I also feel so far away from opportunity where I am now, to be honest. It seems like it's the best for me especially with a fashion blog, my interactions with brands like CollegeFashionista, HerCampus, and The Newsette, and ultimately to be a fashion major in one of the fashion capitals just sounds right. The internships, the networking, it just seems that's where I need to be at this age.
The Fashion Institute of Technology is what I feel will get me to achieve my highest and most wildest dreams and it's right in the heart of it all. No, I didn't transfer because I hated my college, I truly do love it. I transferred because I want to grow as an individual and as a professional. Call me crazy, but I feel as I'm only helping myself for my future. I feel as though I gained a lot from my year and a half at Oneonta; I came here for a reason. I met Michael, I met amazing friends who join me at F.I.T. next year, and I got to get a real college experience on a traditional campus. Oneonta will always be remembered positively in my mind no matter what. And of course I plan to visit all the time! 
It's been a long, stressful process trying to transfer but I'm so excited to finally tell everyone that I am attending F.I.T. in the Spring. I cannot wait to start another chapter of my life and finally see what I have been missing. Thank you to everyone for their unconditional support and positive messages while I was applying! All the positivity means the world to me! 


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